it's back.

-I am really, really loving Victoria's new Separated at Birth series.
-Also from Victoria, an incredible sneak peek.
-A cat with chronic bitchface.
-When it comes to hard liquor, dark spirits are my favorites.
-I'm looking forward to perfect weather.
-Oh, House Industries, I love you.
-I can't wait to make this fruit crumble.
-Beautiful peeks at some beautifully-designed hotels.
-I would *totally* throw a party like this for my cat.
-It's a fact: I need this shirt.
-Beautiful antiques.
-The Smiths are my favorite band, hands down.
-My life is lacking cloud-shaped donuts.
-Kristina makes me yearn to go to Iceland.
-Style for a rainy day (of which Portland has many of.)

Have a lovely weekend, everyone! (above photograph by Nacho Alegre)


  1. I'd go with you to Iceland. In your suitcase. Just sayin'.

  2. The whole house industries thing - very cool! :) I saw that earlier this week and was so happy!

  3. It's a very wet and cool morning here in Queensland, Australia. If (and that's a big if) I were to venture out today, I'd love to don any of those rainy day fashions. Particularly that Marimekko doodley umbrella. Thanks for sharing these fun links! xo sarah

  4. YAY I have always loved "the best of the week" and I'm glad it's back!!! :D


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