spring color week : greens.

I always get excited when one of Jan's color weeks comes around. I love arranging some of my favorite photographs and artworks by color and sharing them in little groupings. Today marked the start of Spring Colors Week, so I will be sharing five images according to the shade of the day for the next five days. Enjoy, and play along too!

Sources (from top to bottom): Abby Powell, pia jane bijkerk, Amy Borrell, Annette Pehrsson, and Maria Alexander Vettese.


  1. these are such pretty images! love the colors!

  2. Yay spring color week! Is it really time already? We must be on the same page - I posted something with lots of green on my blog today too! :)

  3. absolutely I love your color week. Green images are perfect.

  4. Defiantly the right color for the beginning of the spring...:-)
    Beautiful images!

  5. I love greens. So inspirational!


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