apparel & accessories collection : farm girl.

I spent all day Saturday farm-hopping. It was the first hot weekend of the season in Portland, so I was quite blissful to be sitting in the sunshine, drinking apricot ale out of mason jars, listening to ukelele, eating fresh-picked strawberries, and looking upon miles of fields and trees. Every once in awhile it really hits that I would be quite a happy farm girl- baking my pies and singing songs on a huge old porch. Just as long as I could look cute doing it.

1. Chambray Dot Loose Dress ($280), 2. CITRUS CHECK SHIRT (£59), 3. pinny, fig daisy old blue (£26), 4. Ledbrook Dress (£69), 5. my only sunshine swiss dot tier dress ($34.99), 6. Candid Chronicles Boot ($54.99), 7. Natural Straw Plaited Trilby ($44), 8. AG Tomboy Crops ($168)


  1. Mmm apricot ale out of mason jars... that sounds like it should be a photo/scene out of Martha Stewart magazine :) I love those boots!

    with love,

  2. those jeans look like perfection


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