I grew up spending plenty of time at the beach. As a kid, I was constantly taken to Malibu beaches in southern California where we would picnic and bask in the sunshine all day. Then from age 10 on, I lived in beach houses on the sand until I moved out as an adult. So it makes perfect sense that I am very frequently drawn to nautical items, from style (sailor-style apparel is my favorite) to homes, even tattoos (I have a big anchor on my arm and plan to get an old-timey mermaid someday.) Since I have no real plans of moving back to the coast, surrounding myself with stripes, anchors, and vintage beach items makes me happy.

Sources (from top to bottom): House To Home, Design*Sponge: Lara Collins, Lonny, Apartment Therapy, Johnny Miller, Design*Sponge: John Canale, House To Home, Lonny, Design*Sponge: Beach Cottage, Christine Rudolph, and Polly Wreford.


  1. I do like a splash of nautical styling - looks so clean and fresh.

  2. I adore the first photo! The wood counter and sinks are stunning

  3. great collection, love the bright white, wood, and fun stripes that come with a nautical theme!

  4. love the nautical theme, makes me feel like i'm on a cruise ship or in a relaxing beach house..love the baby blue colors and the stripes and the carpet with the dots in the 3rd pic is so cute and fun! :) thanks for sharing!!


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