interior inspiration : pops of pink (furniture).

Oh, how I love pink. I know it can sometimes be hideous and all too girly, but a large portion of the time I find it so sugary sweet and completely retro. Sure, pink walls can be a little too much, but pink furniture? Color me smitten.

Sources (from top to bottom): house to home, Carrie Can, The Selby: Hunt Slonem, house to home, Chris Everard, house to home, Shootfactory, Flickr: Smile And Wave, Jonathan Adler, Sasa Antic, Rue, and Shootfactory.


  1. Those chairs in the last photo are beautiful. A touch of pink in an elegant, simply decorated room in black and white looks so refreshing.

  2. Loving every one of these images!

  3. i'm right there with you! i love these images


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