collections : a pirate's life.

Tonight's collection theme was actually inspired by the song I was listening to when I sat down at my computer... but really, it's hard not to adore pirate-esque treasures.

1. emerson embassy ruffle coat by Pink Martini in camel ($167.99), 2. Traveler Coffee Table ($998), 3. Black Cats Eye Stone Ring ($18), 4. RECYCLED ARMY CANVAS CIRCULAR RUG ($125), 5. Compass with Lid ($12), 6. Antique Chandelier ($2995), 7. Anchors Away (£9.50), 8. Antique Field and Marine Binoculars with Leather Covering ($89), 9. UNG DRILL Mirror ($39.99), 10. "LOOKING FOR TROUBLE" Scrimshaw Horn Box ($32), and 11. Raise the Sails Boot ($59.99, currently out-of-stock)


  1. Love this look! A little rough but totally cute.

  2. nice selection! i was happy to see the theme but... no dress. i'm looking for a "pirate style" dress so if you think of something, let me know :)


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