collections : vintage reds...

...just for the mere reason that I like them a whole lot.

1. size 8 red leather zipper ankle boots ($79), 2. Red transparent Round Vintage Eyeglasses ($29), 3. To Stop The Bus Poster (£75), 4. vintage 1950's ROSE RED lace collar scallop dress ($68), 5. Vintage Felt Pennant "Henry Ford Museum, Dearborn" ($19), 6. Vintage 1949 Action Brand Coca Cola Picnic Cooler with Bottle Opener ($129), 7. Italian made candy apple red weekend travel bag ($325), 8. Antique NOS F. C. Castelli No. 101 Childs Red Metal Rocking Chair ($99), and 9. vintage 60s wool jacket, tomato red coat ($32.20)


  1. I want the lot! So lovely, beautiful and rich. Love it x

  2. adorable selection. i wouldn't mind to have all of them!
    you know.. :)

  3. I loved that travel bag and that coat! Nice blog, by the way :)

  4. love those glasses and the coat. this color is amazing.


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