It's definitely the traveling time of year, whether it be to international locations or just tiny road trips to a different city in your state. This summer, I plan on heading to the coast, as well as a longer trip to NYC next month- I can't wait for either. There's something so fulfilling about little (or big) vacations. Let's go!

1. Suitcase Yourself ($89.99), 2. Principle Reading Glasses By A.J. Morgan ($34.99), 3. Stars Travel Card Holder ($9.68), 4. La Sardinia - Sea Pride 35mm Wide Angle Lens Camera ($59.99), 5. BRIGHT PINWHEEL WATCH ($40), 6. Travel Stub Diary ($14.95), 7. Beach Sounds Portable Speaker ($40), 8. Snappy Trails Picnic Throw ($32.99), and 9. Large Car Medium Tote ($235)

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