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If you haven't noticed, it's been quite some time since I've really written a post on here. Design is Mine is, for the most-part, a place for me to share all the images/art that inspires me continuously. Not many words are needed for that, and I usually like it that way. But today I am going to share something about my life at home that I have been meaning to share with the online world for awhile.

I am the mother of a total tech geek. And no, he's not some teenage boy with glasses who spends too much time indoors playing on the Internet. He's barely five and he loves technology more than almost anyone I have ever known.

London, my youngest son, has always been different. I don't mean that in any kind of negative way; in fact, it's what I love most about him. I absolutely adore his older brother of seven who is witty, sarcastic, helpful, and totally my little helper (which is tremendously appreciated as a single mom.) But in most ways, he's your typical boy. He loves playing Wii games, play fighting in his underwear, collecting action figures, rewatching Star Wars over and over again, and splashing around in water whenever he can.

London, however, has never been that kid. He taught himself how to read at age 3 from studying books, flashcards, and all those obnoxious singing baby toys. He collected anything that had to do with numbers and the alphabet, from pillows with words on them to Scrabble tiles to about 5,000 of those colorful plastic magnetic letters. Notebooks were filled with scribbled words that he put together and things that looked like strange codes (random numbers and letters that went on for pages and pages.)

Then he discovered Apple. No, not the fruit, but the multinational corporation. It all began when I got my first iPhone. He was awestruck. Riley, his brother, saw the appeal as well, but his liking didn't come near to that of London's. London, through asking about a million questions, discovered that this fruit-named company had been around for years and he didn't even know about it. I taught him about iPods and Macbooks, and showed him pictures online of upcoming products. And let me tell you, this ignited something in him. He was absolutely obsessed.

So fast-forward to today and parts of our home look like tributes to Apple and various technology. Nintendo, Google, YouTube, and occasionally Windows have been turned into objects crafted with his little hands and huge imagination. I can count at least 50 iPhone and iPods made out of paper, icons and applications built out of LEGOS, and cardboard laptops and broken keyboards filling his toy bins and bookshelf. It's strange, sweet, and what exactly makes him the little techie that he is.

And now that all that has been explained, I would now like to unveil a new project: Little Techie. A place for me to share the creations and moments that go along with living with a 5-year-old Apple-loving, technology-talking, icon-drawing boy. Enjoy!


  1. I have the same child. I look forward to seeing the new feature!

  2. This is too sweet for words. I've already shared your link with with a (grown-up) tech Geek friend of mine!

  3. I would love a (future) geeky son - the world is bound to become more and more technologically advanced and those in the know will do very well for themselves.

    And I love the name London for a boy!

  4. He could be the next Steve Jobs. Watch him carefully.

  5. Your blog is always inspiring, and a go to destination for me, and this post is no exception.
    The creativity of kids never ceases to be a source of wonder for me.
    I love "Little Techie"!

  6. I love this oh-so much! My girlfriend's 3-year-old daughter is just like London, and my gf and I want to have a kid or two more in the future. I'm definitely bookmarking Little Techie.

  7. lovely post and lovely blog, girl! can't wait to read more! :)

    love, rach.

  8. This reminds me of myself as a child. I used to scribble notebooks and papers full before I knew how to actually wright. I taught myself to read early and ALWAYS loved technology. I built devises out of Lego, made cardboard laptops, cardboard robots and took apart many broken radios and other stuff. Londons little creations was SO FUN to watch and made me truly happy. Your lucky to have such a clever little tech geek for a son. I'm sure he'll invent, create or develop something amazing one day!

  9. I should show this to my sister
    she would love it my nephew Harry likes to make objects from paper too - weaponary!!! yep guns, machine guns, grenades, rifles, hybrids.

    Her house is littered with paper arsenal that would put the super powers to shame all carefully constructed from paper and tape.

    I think she would probably prefer your sons interpretation of paper object.


  10. I love this, and it totally reminds me of my 5 year old son and my 5 year old self ;) After looking at all his creations I was inspired to make a DIY iPhone as part of a project I'm currently working on, then, all of a sudden I see in the background of the pic where he's searching for DYI inspiration...MY feltiPhone! Ha!

    The new DIY is still in progress, but I would LOVE to send it to him when it's complete with your permission. My email is nevadominique@gmail.com

    Here's to amazing little boys! You are a blessed mamma, he's just wonderful!

  11. This makes me so happy! My boyfriend is a techie [like woah] - so I can only imagine what raising one would be like! Can't wait to hear more :)

  12. So cute..I love to hear about such wonderful activities. Scrabble helpers can help to improve scrabble skills.

  13. Love your post. I'm a single mom as well, and I have a similar child. Eden taught himself to read&write at age 3. At age 5, he was writing stories and illustrating them (he's a very talented painter and sculptor).

    He's 21 years old now, just finishing his army service (mandatory here in Israel). In a couple of months, he's going to study linguistics at Tel-Aviv University.

    My younger son Shay (16) is an honor student, excelling in science & math.

    Go figure. Is it something we feed them? LOL

    A bit late for us, but will recommend "Little Techie" to others. Thanks!

  14. what an amazing little boy

    he may well be the new era steve jobs - how amazing would that be

    what a pleasure to see a child so keen on something so scientific

    has he watched the big bang theory yet !!



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