Ever since becoming engaged back in March, Appy Couple has been my favorite discovery. Not only can you make a totally stylish wedding website, but they also include something so modern and fun: your own wedding app that all of your guests can download for free onto their smart phones. Cool, right?

Appy Couple is also so right on spot with organization and getting involved with your guests and wedding party. It stores R.S.V.P's, photographs, information on all events leading up to the ceremony, detailed background on how you met and who is a part of your big day... as well as giving a spot for friends and family to leave notes and sign a virtual guestbook.

One more thing: as a major design and color nerd, I have fallen madly in love with how many gorgeous and playful designs there are to choose from. Many of them come with outfit and color inspiration that match (see above), and you can choose styles based on your favorite hues or themes.

Thanks, Appy Couple for helping with the stressful wedding planning process! You guys are awesome.

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  1. this is amazing! Thanks so much for introducing me...the style options are adorable.


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