rose & radish : perfect gifts.

I often find myself amazed at just how wonderful Rose and Radish is. In my opinion, every single item that they sell is beautiful, unique and would make a lovely addition to any home. So, what better place to find spectacular gifts this season?

Above: Tamar Mogendorff Mushroom ($54), Atelier Lzc Vessels Serigraph ($223), and Laura Normandin Large Embellished Bottle ($213).
Below: Lightly Rosie Coaster ($101), Jorine Oosterhoff Mad Hatter ($250), and Something's Hiding in Here Mustache Envy Charm ($9).


  1. I just bought that mushroom! I can';t wait for it to come in the mail. I hope you would consider highlighting the shiny squirrel for your holiday gift guide. Please come by when you get the chance.


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