apparel & accessories collection : stripes.

If there is one pattern I love as much as plaids, it is stripes. There is just something so classic (and French) about them.

1. Two Tone Striped Minidress ($230), 2. Anchors Away Striped Thigh High Tights ($10), 3. Stripe High Waist Short (£28), 4. Striped Slit Side V Coverup (£20), 5. Footless Thigh Leggings ($49), 6. Marc by Marc Jacobs 693172 ($250), 7. portland constantine ($350), and 8. Yankee ($15)


  1. Oh those high waisted shorts! Sadly, my preg body will not be sporting those this season!!

  2. i love the marc jacobs shoes with the face! so awesomely quirky.

  3. omg this post is evil! so many cute and tempting things i can't afford wahhh!
    man i love kate spade's overpriced and adorable clutches/wallets/bags

  4. Very cute, I so love this trend every time it comes around


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