pretty little french sweets.

I am now craving delicious baked confections thanks to this print by Rachel Saldaña, aka buttons magee. I have adored her work for quite sometime, but this is one of my favorite photographs so far- I cannot ever resist a gorgeous picture of colorful desserts. ($10)


  1. Hi Summer!

    These looks so scrumptious.

    Sorry to post here on your blog but I've emailed you a couple times regarding your ad rates (in response to an email I received from you) you probably received a large response but I was just wondering if my email got lost amongst them or perhaps even went to spam since I haven't heard back from you yet.

    Still very interested and ready to invest some money into advertising my little blog.

    Apologies to keep messaging you about it.

    Have a lovely week!

    oh, hello friend.

  2. the pinks are just lovely...it all looks so sweet :)

  3. Hi Summer!
    I'm leaving a comment on this post mainly because it is your latest, but also because I love beautiful food - when it also happens to be delicious, that's almost divine.
    I must say - your blog captured my attention for hours today - the quality of the posts kept me coming back for more.
    One more great feature is your huge linkList - imagine how much time I spent exploring just a few of them! You have provided me with a great quantity of great quality blogs and sites.
    Thnak you!
    ;) at http://brasovstyle.blogspot.com/

  4. Aaaah… my heart is palpitating – I'm so excited. I love this picture!

  5. Those macarons are too yummy looking. Looks like I'm going to have to raid the kitchen now in the search for something sweet ;)


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