apparel & accessories collection : blues and whites.

Yet again, I have the ocean on my mind...

1. vintage 1980's SEASIDE striped bow blouse ($35), 2. Through the Wire Headband in Blue ($16.99), 3. Effervescent Magnolia Necklace ($42), 4. Blue & White China Dress ($135), 5. Contrast Nibbled Sleeve Tee ($40), 6. Seersucker Bill Wallet ($49), 7. Denim Lace Bra ($32), and 8. Azure (£16.50)


  1. of course that denim bra is so adorable!
    xox alison

  2. how beautiful! love the nautical trend. how could you not feel good wearing these?! i will be hoping that i can find these labels in England...do you know if they ship abroad? great blog :)
    City Girl x
    ps please check out my blog!


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