hello weekend.

Ah, I'm glad the weekend is finally here. It's been a rather tough week, so I am looking forward to spending time with friends and just lounging around the house. And baking, something with chocolate and peanut butter perhaps?

What are your plans for the weekend? I always like to hear.

(above photo from Fudge Magazine, via Black*Eiffel)


  1. I'll be restoring my 1970's cruiser bike today, and at an outdoor wedding reception tomorrow. There will be a pool and pony rides, so its far from average!

  2. Dinner @ Downtown and then see fireworks! Apparently there is a "Festival of Lights" going on here! :)

  3. today is Marks birthday...so we'll spend a lot of S/S-time on/in/near the water! and that includes ice cubes in drinks..;-)

  4. Trying to survive the ridiculous east-coast heat wave! Was going to go biking with my housemate but today is an extreme heat advisory per the national weather service, so we did an indoor nia class together instead! Tonight is movie night... (:

  5. i want to keep the weekend going! gonna have dinner with some family tonight and relax.

    happy weekend.

    hope you stop by and say hello!


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