where france yet again rocks my world...

because there are shops like this. Really, can you get any sweeter? I would happily take one of everything. (Psst, the shop creator runs a blog too and it's also terribly adorable)

thought of the day : bad romance.

"you and me can write a bad romance," from notebook doodles, one of my favorite inspiring blogs these days.

collections : well-rounded.

1. Aqueduct Necklace ($14.99), 2. Kristian Vedel Birds ($52), 3. Tabletop Terrarium, Small ($168), 4. DOMESTIC WALL VINYLS- CHROMA By Ich&kar ($92), 5. meadow sunshine - wood floral bird pendant necklace ($20), 6. scalloped elegantine skirt ($45), 7. Cross Hatch Stem Mug ($16), and 8. Blowing Bubbles Dress ($64.99)


flickr photo of the day : snow skirt.

"tutu-rose" by Eleonore Bridge.

interior inspiration : a pretty assortment.

Why hello there! I apologize for being one day late from when I promised I would return, but oh these holidays- they took a toll on me. This past week has been a flurry of traveling, baking, seeing family, and gift-giving. What have you all been up to? I would love to hear.

Anyways, here are some random lovely interiors that I adore. Enjoy!
Sources (from top to bottom): Roland Bello, Camilla Engman, Emma Thomas, Per Ranung, Skona Hem, Richard Powers, JJ Locations, Dan Duchars, Anna Kern, Karin Bjorkquist, ink on my fingers.


thought of the day : a goodbye.

"Bon Voyage," a handmade tag from Pie Bird Press' shop. ($3.50)

And off I go! This afternoon we are heading to California for the holidays, so I am taking a short break from here. I promise to be back to blogging on Monday, but until then: Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! xoxo.


flickr photo of the day : a serious mushroom.

Untitled by cori kindred, who always rocks my world.

bonjour, par-ee!

I'm very much loving these "Paris 'je t'aime" images stylized by the great Camille Soulayrol. They pull the strings on my Francophile heart.

ten images of inspiration : winter wonderland.

I was hoping on getting around to posting these yesterday, on the first official day of winter, but these days are getting busier and busier as Christmas approaches (especially since we're heading out of town for a fair amount of time starting tomorrow.) Anyways, as much as winter is my least favorite of all seasons (I always get rather sad during this time of the year), I do find a certain amount of beauty within it. How about all of you- do you love or dislike these cold months?

Sources (from top to bottom): Abby Powell Thompson, Flickr: clumsy bird, Ofer Wolberger, Riitta Ikonen, Cig Harvey, Alicia Bock, Katie Kingma, Lane Coder, Jacqueline Veissid, and Flickr: camil tulcan.


thought of the day : togetherness.

"We Are Each Other," from the ever-talented Christopher David Ryan's photostream.

monday morning music : holiday magic.

Good morning! Did you all have a fabulous weekend? Apparently, it seemed to be the weekend of major holiday partying, which included our yearly Christmas party. Let me tell you, it was such a blast! Stay tuned for photographs...

And since I am now majorly deep in the holiday spirit, today's Monday morning song is one of my favorite Christmas songs: the oh-so-wonderful combination of David Bowie and Bing Crosby (really, does it get any better?) I hope it brightens up your Monday morning...


flickr friday : twinkle, twinkle.

flickr friday : twinkle, twinkle.

1. Untitled, 2. light you up, 3. fairy lights, 4. Untitled, 5. Untitled, 6. Untitled, 7. Untitled, 8. making christmas, 9. ., 10. more more lights!, 11. Glow, 12. (5) Christmas window light diptych, 13. 180/365 Tries to keep it all inside, 14. white christmas, 15. ineedhumanheat, 16. Christmas Light Bokeh

cozy knits.

Just plain lovin' these hand-knitted accessories from London-based Chinti & Parker. I think I could live in them all winter long. (£36-£76)

(Via simple + pretty)

frieda maria.

Whenever I am in the need for a heavy dose of inspiration, I frequently turn to the portfolio of Dutch stylist Frieda Maria. Her work is just so creative and absolutely stunning, like a breath of fresh air.


thought of the day (and some news) : spark.

"Let an unexpected spark," a large print (13 x 19") from Jen Renninger's Etsy shop. ($39.99)

And also, do you know what that spark for me was yesterday? Finding out that Design is Mine was listed as #11 on The Times' list of the 50 of the world's best design blogs. In the world. Seriously? I have been walking on a cloud. Thank you so much readers for spreading the word and continuing to read/look every day. I am beyond grateful.

flickr photo of the day : golden garland.

"from celine" by fieldguided.

but as long as you love me so...

...Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!

barn-8x12 signed fine art photograph
($27), 2. Dramatic Snow Queen Collar ($125), 3. Singular Snowflake Ornament ($9.80), 4. Recycled Cotton Tote Bag with Dual Handles- January, A Year of Good Reading Ahead ($17), 5. Snow Globe Frame ($6), 6. Happy Snow Rubber Stamp ($7.50), 7. Kate's Paperie Gift Wrap Roll, Origami Green Snowflakes ($11.95), and 8. snow at first sight ($24.99)


a sweet treat...

from Sweet & Saucy Shop. I love silhouettes and cookies, so this is a perfect combination. I just might have to try to make my own sometime.

interior inspiration : science lab.

There is something I truly love about eccentric homes, especially ones filled with vintage oddities. It's rather inspiring when people break away from conventional modern design and fill their homes with old treasures and items that can be both ugly and beautiful at the same time. My favorites are usually the spaces filled to the brim with specimens, test tubes, old dusty science books, and taxidermy (which even as a vegetarian, I have a deep love for.) Science rules!

Sources (from top to bottom): New York Times, Melissa Kaseman, The Selby, Design*Sponge: Katarina Andersson, New York Times, Design*Sponge: Uxus, James Merrell, Johnny Miller, New York Times, and Christine Rudolph.
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