thought of the day : joy.

"A Thing Of Beauty," a new limited-edition print (based on a passage from John Keats) from the folks at Keep Calm Gallery. (£38)

if i could fit...

...into this teeny-tiny vintage dress, I wouldn't think twice about swooping it up. Oh, the satin piping, tiny buttons, and simple bow... it's 1950's perfection! And on sale. ($39)

ten images of inspiration : pieces of the past.

There are plenty of modern things I absolutely adore but at heart, I am much more of a vintage gal (and by old/vintage I mean pre-1965, not pre-1995). Nothing seems to get my heart swooning more than antique treasures and curiosities... old letters, china, photographs, tiny figurines, etc. I've always been told that I should have been born in another era.

Sources (from top to bottom): Johnny Miller, Abby Powell, Hilda Grahnat, Flickr: ethanollie, burcu avsar, Jaimi Holker, Alissa Hunsaker, Kim Ficaro, pia jane bijkerk, and Keri Herer.


thought of the day : live.

"Live and Let Live," an 8x10" print from Baltimore's Small Talk Shop. ($20)

the way into my heart...

...is with a gorgeous pie plate, just like this one. For a baker like myself who believes pie can solve major problems, this might be one of the most beautiful things I have seen. ($38)

(Via Design Crush)


Being a deep lover of kitties and film photography, this is by far my new favorite tumblr. "girls & cats, cats in soft focus, cats on film, dream cats." A dream-come-true for me.

(Above photographs from Flickr users Simply Stardust, it's whatevskies, Lauris Love, pinkparakeets and Dj Munnskol.


flickr photo of the day : freckled.

"juno" by Jula Mint. (See also: tumblr)

collections : taking a road trip.

Oh yeah, it's officially summer and all I can think of is taking a mini road trip with my camera in tow. Any Oregon/Washington suggestions?

1. Bonny verde wayfarer Vintage Sunglasses ($39), 2. yuketen backpack ($356), 3. Fancy and Fresh Water Bottle ($22.99), 4. Lavec LT 002 Vintage Toy 35MM Camera W/50MM Lens ($19), 5. I Was Here ($16.99, currently out-of-stock), 6. Loop Motor Lodge, 8x10 Metallic print matted to 11x14 ($55), 7. marco polo 5x7 ($15), 8. Tiffin Tin (£14), 9. Heartaches - Patsy Cline (Cassette 1985) ($9.99), and 10. Can Opener ($18)

a love of oxfords.

Why oh why are these vintage oxfords two full sizes too big for me? They are the kind of classic shoes I dream of. Becky always finds the best stuff. ($40)


thought of the day : the truth.

"sometimes," a print design from LA studio ashkahn. (available for purchase here)

camera charm.

How lovely is this filigree camera ring by hello, friend? It's just so unique and feminine, and also quite affordable. I want. ($15)

flickr photo of the day : colored.

"rainbowjars" by lisa s | dressform. (See also: website)

interior inspiration : on a farm, in the country.

Yes, I'm still totally on the farm/country kick. I think the summer does it to me... I get romantic images of picking berries and listening to ukelele & drinking sweet tea on a big wooden porch. Maybe I'm just a little ole country girl at heart.

Sources (from top to bottom): NY Times, Design*Sponge: Rebecca Wood, Hus & Hem, Airspace, David Giles, house to home, David Cleveland, Wayne Vincent, Design*Sponge: Nancy Lendved, Polly Wreford, Inspace, and house to home.


thought of the day : youth.

"You're only young once," a screen-printed card from London's Our Shop. (£3.50)


I cannot even tell you how happy I am that summer has finally arrived. It happens to be my favorite season (no, not just because I am named after it)- I just soak in the warm weather, tiny vacations, cold drinks, and lazy days. Tonight I will celebrate the solstice with homemade margaritas on the back porch. Anyone else?

(above images by Elsie Larson, wolfie & the sneak, and Harpy)

flickr photo of the day : sunshine.

Untitled by petimaj. (See also: portfolio)

an austrian couple...

...painted on glass and framed. I have such a deep love for these kinds of vintage pieces: available from Bows & Bandits. (€24)



...is the word I would use to describe the photography of Ezgi Polat I have featured her work in my collections many times, but thought she deserved her own little spotlight since she is one of my favorite photographers these days. Dreamy, I tell you.
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