the weekend is upon us...

and I am ready for it. I hope you all have some fabulous plans, even if they just involve delicious snacks and a good book in bed. Enjoy yourself!

(photograph by Jon Bergman)

flickr friday : vintage is best.

flickr friday : vintage is best.

For the most part, I do believe it is true.

1. vintage 03, 2. Untitled, 3. vintageportraits, 4. flutter, 5. Vogue, 6. Vintage Paris, 7. still life with seeds, 8. vintage yellow oxfords, 9. happy monday, 10. Dear John {series} :: stay, 11. postcard8, 12. Lillian Gish , 13. Berry Hat, 14. The Human Body, 15. Silhouette, 16. Eiffel Tower at Paris - Color-foto by Trans World Airlines

paper collection : cards for your mum.

Just a little over a week until Mother's Day...

1. no. 1 mom ($4), 2. Heart Border Mother’s Day ($6), 3. Frills For The Heart (Mum) ($8), 4. Calligraphy Card for Mom ($5.50), 5. Flower Bunch Mother's Day Card ($3.50), 6. "hero" ($3.50), 7. Special Mothers Card ($4.50), and 8. Dear Mom Mother's Day Card ($4.25)

thought of the day : we're crazy.

Lyrics from my favorite Best Coast song ("When I'm With You") as drawn by the great Chris Piascik.


floral beauties...

from one of my lovely sponsors, Ruche: floral field of ruffles dress ($46.99) and marlee tea party jazz sneakers ($54.99).

interior inspiration : black and white.

Easily one of the best color combinations in fashion, design, and interior decorating. It rarely fails to look stylish and just plain cool. I am too much of a color lover to go fully black & white in my home, but it is by far one of my favorite looks.

Sources (from top to bottom): Varpunen, Anna Kern, emmas designblogg, STUDIOILSE, LivingEtc, Floroom 2, Michaelis Boyd Associates, Frank Features, Paul Barbera, and Martin Lof.


flickr photo of the day : inside a book.

"paris paris!" by crystalclears.

collections : gothic at heart...

because, truthfully, I am quite a bit.

1. Velvet and Vintage Lace Collar (£40, currently sold out), 2. Spider Crop Vest ($32), 3. Vintage Lace II ($95), 4. Black And White Skull Scarf (£12), 5. Anatomica Skull Necklace ($20), 6. Mercury Bottle ($98), 7. Nurse, I Need You - articulated paper doll set with 16 silver brads ($15), and 8. Millionaires Row Heel ($149.99)

bunny love.

How great is this bunny rocker by Playsam? I love traditional rocking horses, but I think I might love this even more. Those Swedes sure know how to create a good design. ($220)

thought of the day : we humans.

"Pieces," another lettering piece from this set by the great Sarah Gardner.


ten images of inspiration : a love of stripes.

I apologize for the quiet day on here. I am feeling a little under the weather and ended up spending a large portion of my day curled up under the covers in bed (which, I have to say, was marvelous.) But here are some lovely images containing many, many stripes to end your Tuesday.

Sources (from top to bottom): Abby Powell, Flickr: hannah karina, Wayne Pate, Brigitte Sire, Sandra Juto, Shona Heath, Leanne Shapton, Roland Bello, Josh Goleman, and Nicholas Haggard.


flickr photo of the day : cat love.

Untitled by yuli.bow.

howdy, mates!

I am totally loving these stylish and adorable prints from the new shop Howdy Mates. I think that first one is calling for me to purchase it soon. ($5-$18)

apparel collection : into the sun.

Even with another rain-filled week ahead, I can just feel the sundress weather in the air. And you know what? I am excited.

1. Striped Shirt Dress ($272.25), 2. Copacabana Dress ($52.99), 3. Ditsy Regatta Print Strappy Sundress ($368), 4. Stripe Linda Pleat Dress (£150), 5. High Seas Dress ($138), 6. Broidery Hook and Eye Sundress ($70), 7. Eskell Josette Dress ($284), and 8. Arles Market Dress ($288)


very happy weekend.

And I am off! I wish you all a grand weekend with some abundant sunshine and good people. See you on Monday!

(above illustration by Sandra Juto)

flickr friday : a birthday cake...

flickr friday : a birthday cake.

...for many of my loved ones. This is always a special week in my life since it means quite a handful of birthdays of some truly fabulous people in my life. A big "Happy Birthday" to my son, my brother, my uncle, and two of my dear friends.

1. Untitled, 2. Eat cake, 3. Untitled, 4. Untitled, 5. Untitled, 6. late-night practice, 7. Untitled, 8. happy confetti cake, 9. Untitled, 10. my best cake, 11. hg, later today., 12. Untitled, 13. Birfday Cake, 14. cakes, 15. Untitled, 16. cut the cake

thought of the day : i miss it.

"I Miss Your Stupid Face," a folded note card from near modern disaster. Truth-be-told, I am not much of a romantic- I am much more a sort of playful teaser, so this is the kind of card I would buy someone I love. Don't judge me too harshly. ($4)

madly in love with...

the unique and lovely patterns by Danielle Atkinson of Australian clothing label Milk From A Thistle.


flickr photo of the day : natural light.

Untitled by Nicholas Kennedy Sitton.

collections : eco kids.

In honor of today both being Earth Day and my youngest son's birthday (he turned three today!), I created this collection of stylish and adorable eco-friendly kids items. Happy Birthday London and Happy Earth Day everyone!

1. Horse Dream Ring ($56), 2. Classic Wooden Airplane with Pilot ($12), 3. Forest Learner Bike by Like-A-Bike ($329), 4. sailing boats ($28), 5. tree branch blocks ($40), 6. Organic 12 x 16 Pillow in "Supercharged" ($27), 7. Play Food Biofino Ice Cream Cone Venezia ($12.59), 8. Classic Wooden ABC Blocks from Uncle Goose ($33.99), 9. Red Teddy Bear (£36), 10. Troll Doll Stroller with Cushion ($260), 11. Dog Foundling ($32), 12. Plan Toaster ($28), 13. Kidsonroof Mobile Home ($32), and 14. Resin Elephant Bank - Aqua from Dwell Studio ($77.99)

thought of the day : good health.

"Be Well," a limited-edition screenprint by Betsy Walton. ($20)


like a dream.

The work of NYC photographer Joanna Van Mulder always manages to blow me away. She manages to create such a lovely little dream world in each of her photographs.

stamped with love.

I am quite in love with this Par Avion scarf, designed by Inca Starzinsky. It reignites my deep love of mail art. ($295)

interior inspiration : neon pops.

With it already being one month into spring and a mere two months until summer, I am thinking that I might be needing some more color in my life. It is the time of year for the boldest and brightest of colors, although I love them most when they come in little pops.

Sources (from top to bottom): LivingEtc, Design*Sponge: Ombline de Kersabiec, Rachael Smith, Nicolas Matheus, Lucas Allen, LivingEtc, Inspace, Nicolas Matheus, LivingEtc, Design*Sponge: Malene Charles, and Rachel Whiting.
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