pretty homes and a happy weekend.

Just some pretty spaces to start off the weekend... I hope you all are enjoying it!

Sources (from top to bottom): Lonny, NY Times, Marie Claire Maison, Jim Franco, Lonny, and Emily Henderson.


thought of the day : discover.

"patience...," another beautiful written quotation (by Galileo) from the notebook doodles.


Totally loving these bookspine bookmarks from Jack Spade. They make my nerdy self swoon (set of 8, $6).


ten images of inspiration : best friends.

Tomorrow afternoon my best friend from my youth arrives here in Portland. We were the kind of friends that were completely inseparable for years, spending every day and night together- listening to music, sneaking cigarettes, and sharing notes & journals. It's been twelve years since we've seen on another. Twelve years. I am excited to be with my old bestie again. Very, very excited.

Sources (from top to bottom): Flickr: signs and wonders, Mary Wells, Anna Hatzakis, Tamara Muth-King, John Kernick, Anna Moller, Flickr: signs and wonders, Brigitte Sire, Jane Roarty, and Mary Robinson.

loving the idea...

...of a wedding pie instead of a cake, especially since I believe in the world of desserts, pie reigns supreme. Bonus? Having it topped with handsewn woodland creatures.

(from Elsa & Tyler's wedding as photographed by K. Miller)


thought of the day : if not with you.

"Musings Tray," available for purchase here from Anthropologie.

more geometric beauties...

...this time from Amsterdam-based artist/designer Louis Reith. I've gone totally shape-crazy lately.

apparel & accessories collection : spring florals (for men.)

Not only do I love when a man has great style, but I also love a man who will wear floral prints with pride. In a world of solids and plaids, it's nice to see some spring flowers.

1. Tie from Good Heavens (price unknown), 2. Rodarte Roy Orbison Sunglasses - Blue Floral ($220), 3. FLORAL CHECK WALLET ($20), 4. Floral Print Shirt (£145), 5. Guy de Jean Short Umbrella Floral ($95), 6. Steven Alan Bow Tie ($78), 7. Printed flat cap ($100), 8. i am wildflowers in the summer ($15.50), and 9. Printed-silk Dachshund toy ($270)

flickr photo of the day : feathered.

"arrows" by Citrushearts. (See also: shop)


thought of the day : fill.

"FILL MY HEART WITH SONG," new artwork by CASTLE, made from felt on white vintage linen.


Must check out: Mariam Sitchinava's photography. I'll tell you, it was extremely tough to pick just five images to post... they are all so gorgeous.

(See also: photostream & shop.)

oh, this dress...

...is like a dream. It might just be one of the best vintage dresses I have ever seen. Why, oh why, must it be so far out of my budget? ($510)


flickr photo of the day : iceland.

Untitled by krisatomic. (See also: portfolio & blog)

lotta nieminen.

I am truly loving her use of colors and shapes- it's like a breath of fresh air. I'd gladly have these illustrations blown up huge on the walls of my home.

thought of the day : grammar.

"dear people of the world," a clever letterpress card from Pittsburgh's Sapling Press. ($4.50)

(via all over the blogosphere)

one fall.

So I know this post isn't necessarily design-related, but it does have to do with art, in film form, and truly some of the best people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. At this moment, my friend Carl is filming a local documentary not exactly about wrestling, but about the struggles and dreams of one man...

"In the 1970’s and 80’s, the professional wrestling scene exploded in Portland, Oregon with the force of a piledriver. Fans packed small venues to witness weekend warriors doing battle between the tattered ropes of makeshift wrestling rings. But once the sport skyrocketed nationally - launching mammoth promotions such as WWE - the Portland scene quietly fizzled and faded. At least at the surface.

In a town that was widely known for featuring talented up and coming wrestlers, Portland wrestling never actually went away. In fact, the wrestling scene in the Pacific Northwest has remained steady and prolific after all these years, and is still gaining momentum.

Partially in thanks to one “Carl The Mailman”.

Carl Fondelheit is an actual mailman, who hoofs his mail route in the Hollywood district, and all the while, for the past 2 ½ years, has been filming what will be his first feature length documentary film, “One Fall”.

“One Fall” is a character-driven piece following Dan Closser: By day, a Portland tow truck driver, but by night, a struggling wrestling promoter on the brink of financial collapse. Dan “The Man” pulls out every move, while chasing his hopes and dreams of turning his bush league promotion of wannabe professional wrestlers into a roster of world renowned superstars.

His journey is cut short at every turn: Family hardships, endless injuries, a wrestler suicide, leaving Dan “The Man” with only one way out: To lead 16 wrestlers in breaking the Guinness Book record for the longest, non-stop wrestling event.

The recurring themes in “One Fall” will resonate within anyone who has dared to dream about finding success down the road less traveled."

The crew of One Fall

I urge you all to take a look at the project page to view the film's teaser trailer, as well as donate anything you might be able to (hey, even a dollar helps.) I swear, this is a great thing to be a part of... let us continue to support creative artists and dreamers.

(above photographs by Kimi Kolba and Ann McGarry)

interior inspiration : build me up, buttercup.

I'd like to apologize for the rather quiet week over here. I have been swamped with projects and obligations, as well as spending yesterday with a bad bout of food poisoning. Today I am still feeling rather overwhelmed, but much better health-wise. I thought that we all could use a little mid-week cheering up, so here are some soft and cheery buttercup yellows around various homes.

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