thought of the day : courage.

"Go Forward with Courage," an archival print by Jen Ray of Corduroy, one of my favorite Etsy shops these days. ($30)

for the morning...

...stunning photographs by Julia Hetta to start the day. So very dreamy.


flickr photo of the day : pink.

"Somewhere, somehow I started consuming eggs and sporting the color pink" by Amy Nieto. (See also: website & blog)

ten images of inspiration : summertime weddings.

It may very easily be the girl in me, but I can sometimes be such a sucker for a good wedding. Since I truly love outdoor gatherings, my favorites of the weddings I have seen tend to occur under the sun in the summertime. Cold fruity drinks, bunting, sundresses, paper fans, and beer are all a plus.

Sources (from top to bottom): Josh Goleman, Once Wed: Ali + Evan, our labor of love, Love Me Do, Design*Sponge, Josh Goleman, Beaux Arts Photographie, James Moes, Once Wed: Jordyn + Bradley, and Feather Love Photography.

sword + shield.

Feeling rather taken with these earrings made by Small Adventure this afternoon. Simple, but totally unique and sweet. Their shop is packed with an abundance of creative goodies. ($20)


thought of the day : gotta live.

"Skies," a digital print based on a D.H. Lawrence quotation, created by Scotland's Lizzy Stewart. ($33.65)

interior inspiration : päivää finland!

This week I seem to be going through another one of my strong Scandinavia obsessions. I can't stop thinking about bold contrasts, color pops, modern furnishings, and little bit of quirkiness, all frequently seen in Scandinavian interiors. These homes in Finland are tickling my fancy right now.

Sources (from top to bottom): Apartment Therapy, Design*Sponge: Jutta Rikola, Sarah Sjögren, The Style Files, Road Trip in Finland, Rachael Smith, emmmas designblogg, Plaza, Plaza, Mindre, and Design*Sponge: Vesa & Riikka Sammalisto.


flickr photo of the day : into the sun.

Untitled by valerie chiang. (See also: photo site & blog)

Have a lovely weekend, folks! I'm crossing my fingers for my kids & myself to feel better and some sweet birthday celebrating. Enjoy yours!

i must mention...

...that I love every illustration of kris atomic. I have been following her work from quite some time and it never fails to inspire me and make me smile. This one is no exception. (£20)

thought of the day : simple words.

"Merci Beaucoup," a pretty print of a pencil & watercolor illustration by Amy of CAKE WITH GIANTS. ($30)

(See also: portfolio & blog)

a new zealand home.

Oh yes, I am truly loving this new Selby tour of the home of Auckland artists/directors Karen Inderbitzen-Walller and Delphine Avril Planqueel. So much personality, great design, and the good kind of clutter. (See also: Karen's blog)


flickr photo of the day : pure summer.

Untitled by Nemanja Knežević. (See also: portfolio)

six lovely things...

...catching my tired eyes, as I sit home on a Wednesday night, sick as a dog. Thank goodness for pretty things to cheer me up.

1. Porcelain Coyote Skull ($175), 2. Bat for Lashes ($65), 3. Wall Tray - Islid (£33.50), 4. Oui Adore this Cardi ($54.99), 5. 4 Original Papercut PRINTED PATTERNS. Ready to cut by yourself. 4 Heart Silhouettes ($10), and 6. Feline Fine (£10)


thought of the day : lost and found.

"Thanks For Finding Me," an illustrated greeting card from Brooklyn's King Popcorn. ($2)

ten images of inspiration : happy birthday...

...to me. It's currently the tail-end of my 29th birthday. I have had better ones (I'm currently mighty sick), but am looking forward to a weekend of celebrating. Another year older... here we go.

Sources (from top to bottom): le train fantôme, saratops, lobster and swan, Jessica Shaver, Lissy Elle, Amy Atlas, Mariana Powell, Frieda Maria, Jessica Wilson, and Rebecca Thuss.
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