flickr photo of the day : pottery.

Untitled by Chillhiro.

samantha hahn illustration.

Beautiful and fashionable illustrations by illustrator, crafter, pattern maker, and teacher Samantha Hahn.

etsy finds of the week.

1. Rain Drop Hoodie by Kaching Design ($60), 2. Watch Your Letters by Michele Maule ($150), 3. Spring Showers by CS Designs ($45), 4. Whooos There Limited Edition Print from Presto Bingo ($35), 5. Homemade Mary Jane Shoes from Bobilina Studio ($70), and 6. Tempest in a Teacup from Courage My Love ($20)


today i am loving...

White flowers on pink backgrounds. Just because.

Lily Ballerinas (£49.00) and Tree Flowers Print ($12)

mint and vintage.

I'm spending this rainy Tuesday afternoon watching old cartoons with my son and looking at these pretty, pretty clothes and accessories from Mint & Vintage.

Above: 1. Debardeur Poupinette, 2. Genuine Pink Rose Necklace, 3. Gilet Bouquet

Below: 4. Dragn Wings T-shirt, 5. Marshmallow Eau de parfum, and 6. Bodil Cardigan

bread & honey : a new weblog.

I am quite excited about posting this. Within this past week, my friend Alice and I decided to put our love of food and productivity in the kitchen to good use: we have created a food blog. Bread & Honey is a place for us to write about and share our experiences food, be it cooking, baking, tasting, buying, or just plain enjoying it. If you have time, please comment and let us know what you think!


tara donne.

The work of Tara Donne truly inspires me. Tara is a "long limbed and graceful" photographer who resides in New York and takes photographs of her favorite things: food, travel, and friends. She has had a number of impressive clients including Domino, Martha Stewart Living, Cookie, and Real Simple. Each one of her images is just so beautifully shot- oh, how I love them.

flickr photo of the day : happy house.

"Happy House" by Chrissie White.

muted blues and greens.

These colors just remind me of early spring.

1. Chiffon Tie Neck Top ($34.50), 2. Lady of the Manor Wallpaper ($88), 3. Poppy Earrings ($15), 4. Giraffe Boy with Kite Print ($40), 5. Ice Maiden (£10.50), and 6. Chinese Lantern Cardigan Sweater ($72)

a thank you & pretty plates.

First of all, I would like to say a big "thank you" for the comments and emails regarding the new layout. It makes me so happy to read all the kind words- I appreciate all of you more than I can say.

Second of all, look at this beautiful dishware I just came across at Deschoulieres! I just adore the simple and darling utensil designs.


new layout!

Just a quick note before I end things here for the weekend: I just whipped together a simple new layout that I hope you enjoy. The font used for the header is by the oh-so talented graphic designer Blake E. Marquis (thanks to Emily for the link!). This layout also features a small "about" section on the side.

Have a good weekend everyone!

flickr photo of the day : think.

"All you need to do is think" from *Zara.

three paper businesses i am loving.

1. Gryphon Stationers, 2. Dauphine Press, and 3. Pikku

flickr friday : springtime.

Oh, how I am craving it here in Portland.

(Click here to view larger version)

1. Thursday Joy, 2. Umbrella, 3. Lollies, 4. ***, 5. picnic bunny, 6. If you are going to see one short story this season..., 7. strawberry tart, a little too much corn starch, 8. Untitled, 9. Untitled, 10. 2/20, 11. Morning Blue, 12. Coloring Easter Eggs, 13. Party at Ground Zero, 14. Sara holds the spring.., 15. mondays are for color, 16. Untitled


things i love thursdays.

1. Mibo Clacket Lane Wallpaper ($125), 2. Hickory Silk Lampshade ($110), 3. No-Knead Bread Recipe (photo from here), 4. Esme Earrings ($28), 5. Blue Roses- Original Illustration ($125), 6. "I Am Not A Paper Cup" Ceramic Cup ($20), 7. Creme Brulee Fragrance ($5-$39.50), and 8. Myth & Legend Cardigan ($128)

new feature : flickr photo of the day.

"wednesday of the bokeh... and happiness" by *etoile*.

sweet paul.

Sometimes I get completely lost on Sweet Paul, the food/design weblog of food and interior stylist Paul Lowe. The photographs and sets on there are completely breathtaking- his recent Vanilla post happens to be my favorite. Such perfection.


ceramic design by emily alston.

I am madly in love with the work of illustrator/designer Emily Forgot, or Emily Alston. The above pieces are from her Playground Plates collection and are available for purchase in her shop (£35 for set of 3). So very lovely.

catherine campbell : water girls.

I am constantly in awe of the beautiful artwork of Catherine Campbell, a.k.a. my folk lover. She posted the above painting today, which is for the La Femme show at Nucleus Gallery, and I am actually quite sure it is my favorite one she has done yet. Isn't it just gorgeous?

More from Catherine: her Etsy shop and her flickr photostream.


50 ways to help.

If you are interested in learning new small ways that you can help become a little bit greener, the folks over at Wire & Twine compiled a fabulous list of 50 Ways to Help the Planet which can be seen here. I am definitely going to start working harder on living more eco-friendly, since I feel like I have been slacking off a bit lately. I hope you all do the same!

eco-friendly children.

Good afternoon everyone! I apologize for not posting yesterday- both of my boys have been sick with the flu so I haven't had much time to spend on my computer. Luckily, they both seem to be feeling much better now. Speaking of my boys, London, my youngest one, is one year old today! This year has gone by so quickly and I really cannot believe it has been a whole year already. Since both his birthday and Earth Day occur on the same day, I thought it would be nice to do an eco-friendly kid post featuring some of my favorite sustainable and/or organic baby and children's items. So enjoy and Happy Earth Day!

1. Twin Fitted Sheet in "Supercharged" ($98), 2. I Eat My Veggies Onesie & Lap-T ($22), 3. Bobux Sport Shoes ($29), 4. Kids Spork ($4), 5. "Yard" Snake ($36), 6. Argington Fuji Toy Box ($420), and 7. Celery Furniture Lullaboo Changing Table ($945)

8. EcoTots Coat Rack ($108), 9. Organic Baby Blankie ($25), 10. Organic Build A Bot Onesie ($24), 11. Amenity Nursery Wall Prints - Woods Deer ($99), 12. Kids Giza Table ($170-$252), 13. Carrot ($6), and 14. DwellStudio Baby Crib Bedding -Motif ($350)

15. Cariboo Activity Gym ($160), 16. Fauna Kids Hoody - Black Lightning ($88), 17. Stuffed Seal ($56.95), 18. Nest Pack Toy Bag ($36), 19. White House (£33.95 GBP), and 20. Stella McCartney for LeSportsac 'Mum' Tote ($350)

21. Cardboard Appliances ($42), 22. Spaceframe Sculpture Kit ($199), 23. Cameo Bunny- Organic Cuddle Pillow ($72), 24. Via Toy Boxes- 3 Pack ($204), 25. Flock Jumpers ($28), 26. Motosolino ($99), 27. Natural Wood Fire Engine ($19.99), and 28. Argington Babylon Adjustable Highchair and Cushion ($198)


flickr friday : photobooths.

Because I just can't ever seem to get enough of them.

(Click here to view larger image)

1. something old....., 2. photobooth friday, 3. My Dad, 4. photobooth friday: vogue, 5. making faces, 6. automatfoton, 7. weddingmarch, 8. photobooth friday, 9. Untitled, 10. raul andres @ dino's wonderwheel park, 11. Photobooth 2/5/07, 12. photobooth friday: in hiding, 13. photobooth friday (1), 14. en el fotomatón de Kastanienallee con Mario, 15. Untitled, 16. Untitled

alicia carrier's food photography.

My friend Alice just recently updated her food photography portfolio and it is lovely. She has such a talent for still life photography- her food images are captured in such beautiful natural lighting and are so eye-catching. (P.S: Quite a few things I have baked are up on there!)

I have mentioned it before, but can view more of Alice's work on her flickr page and purchase prints here.

etsy finds of the week.

1. couture dress design from redheather ($25), 2. Dublin XV. aka Boland s Mills Ltd from Vladimir Longauer Photography ($100), 3. Handmade Ferris Wheel Popup Card from vida.zakka ($50), 4. Stove in Blue from Robin Clare ($60), 5. Tea Party Invitation from Cheer Up Cherup ($31), 6. Yellow Spring Flowers from Lana Dashevsky ($25), 7. Bookshelf 10 from jane Mount ($50), 8. Typewriter Necklace from crumpet cake ($20), and 9. Earth Day Shirt from Every Little Counts ($25)


things i love thursdays.

1. Skylark Tray ($65), 2. "Lunchbox" Birdfeeder ($84), 3. Owl Pitcher Plant Postcard ($5.50), 4. Stem Scribble Zip Wallet ($79), 5. Possession ($69 AUD), 6. Mario Batali Dutch Oven ($89.95-$109.95), 7. Baggage Check Travel Journal ($27), and 8. Portland Map Tote ($15)

marcio simnch photography.

Absolutely breathtaking images by photographer Marcio Simnch. There is such a beautiful softness to them.

three potato four.

Every once in awhile I will revisit a shop that I haven't looked at in awhile and fall completely in love with it all over again. This is the case with Three Potato Four which has been linked all over the past couple of days because of their Action Against Hunger Milk Bottle Program. It is just such a lovely little shop filled with so many one-of-a-kind beauties.


springtime is in the air...

Especially in this beautiful artwork by some of my favorite illustrators!

1. Amy Ruppel, 2. Susie Ghahremani, and 3. Saelee Oh

4. Lisa Congdon, 5. Jinnie, and 6. Marisa Haedike

7. Christopher Silas Neal, 8. Marjorie Liucci, and 9. Jen Corace

10. Souther Salazar, 11. Camilla Engman, and 12. Wonting

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