flickr photo of the day : blossom.

"Under the Weather" by whitneybee.

this is halloween.

Be prepared for a whole slew of Halloween posts for the month of October. It is my favorite holiday and I get quite excited over all the paper goods, treats, and decorations.

1. happy halloween cards - set of 5 ($16), 2. Halloween A7 Flat Letterpress Invitation, Box of 8 ($18.50), 3.
Fill-In Invitation, Skull & Bones
($16.95), 4. Cat Invitations - 8 Ct ($9.99), 5. Ghoul's Delight ($3), 6. All Hallows Eve, Original Acrylic painting ($95), 7. Happy Halloween - Postcard ($3.30), 8. Pin the Tail on the Scaredy Cat Game ($12.95), and 9. trick or treat greeting ($3)

thought of the day : i can imagine.

"Note to Self" from the portfolio of Alex Strowski.

sweet pockets.

I am far from being a smoker, but if you are one, these portable ashtrays are completely adorable and handy. As it says in the description, let's keep those butts off the street. ($16 from shopmodi)


poppies and paris : two things i love.

1. Poppy Mouse Pad from Fabulous Stationery ($8) and 2. "Paris" City Print from Binth ($22)

thought of the day : autocomplete.

"You autocomplete me", found in this set from shaderlab (check it out to see more fabulous text).

etsy finds of the week.

1. Wolf Dream from Lizzy Stewart ($16), 2. Stranger to Affection from Untamed Menagerie ($18), and 3. Raccoon print 5x7 from Berkley Illustration ($8)

4. Scarf Bunny Journal from Argyle Whale ($10), 5. Acorn folded cards (set of 4) from Dozi Design ($10), and 6. The Tulip Skirt from Chakra Pennywhistle ($40)

7. Agaetis byrjun (part 1) from Shawn Stucky ($100), 8. Tiny Friend - Gocco Print from KidsHaus ($25), and 9. Striped Moleskin from Bees Knees Industries ($12)

flickr photo of the day : autumn is here.

Untitled by hrsmithjones.

amy butler design : dishware.

One of my favorite pattern designers, the talented Amy Butler, just recently teamed up with dishware giants Mikasa to create her own line of tableware. The results are gorgeous and and can be seen/purchased both on Amy's site and on Mikasa's.


photographs of cupcakes.

It is no secret how much I adore cupcakes. This morning I awoke with an urge to visit a nearby cupcake shop, so we drove off to SusieCakes, an extremely cute bakery in Calabasas, California (I am currently vacationing in my previous home of Los Angeles). After thoroughly enjoying a beautiful frosting-filled red velvet cupcake, I was inspired to come back to our room and look through photographs of them by some of my favorite food photographers. I thought I would share some of my favorites for you to enjoy (now go eat a cupcake!)

thought of the day : no other way.

"And After All, There's No Other Way" by Elisabeth Moch.

flickr photo of the day : thinking of you.

"I Think of You Day and Night" from Dawbis.

now i know my a-b-c's.

1. Animal Alphabet Poster - Pink/Blue ($40), 2. Calender 2009 ($4.99), 3. M Card ($5), 4. Letterpress Monogram Cards ($16), 5. Dubai Personalized Stationery ($55), 6. 2” X 6’ Double-Sided Alphabet Sticker Roll ($4.99), 7. Periodic Table Congratulations (Cg) ($3.50 single, $12 set of 6), 8. Shoo Fly Print ($35-$165), 9. My ABC's Bookplates ($8), 10. Binth Alphabet Poster ($85-$375), and 11. Monograms (price unknown)


thought of the day : paint that shit.

Atmosphere Shirt from The Giant Peach.

heidi merrick : perfection.

Am I crazy to say that these just might be the most perfect clothing I have ever seen? I think that if I could pick out any wardrobe in the world, it would be these styles. I am in love.

Fall 2008 collection by Heidi Merrick. (found here)


flickr photo of the day : rain.

"When the rain comes" by Olivia Bee.

things i'm loving : monday morning edition.

And so, I am back. No more vacations for awhile! Here are a few things that I have had my eyes on this week...

Above: 1. Fontaine Dress ($650), 2. Amy Smyth Fill-In Invitation, We Cook You Eat ($17), and 3. L'Enfant sugar bowl ($30)
Below: 4. Draper's Cabinets, Set of 3 ($3,495.00), 5. Favorite Color Card ($3), and 6. D&AD ASDA Lunchboxes (not for sale)

thought of the day : a good investment.

Cordial Invitations by Keetra Dean Dixon. (Be sure to check out the rest of her work - it's fabulous.)


weekly favorites.

Since I haven't been updating, here is a big list of other great reads and bits of inspiration. Enjoy and I will see you on Monday!


be right back.

Just a short one, about a week. I have things piling up around the house and a trip to get ready for, so I am going to take time for "real" life. I will still be updating Bread & Honey every couple of days. See you in a bit!


mary emma hawthorne.

I just came across the artwork of Mary Emma Hawthorne and I find it to be completely beautiful. She creates gorgeous paintings and collages on objects like wooden panels and boxes with subjects like birds and beasts. Please take a moment to visit her wonderful portfolio- it's quite a beautiful thing.

flickr friday : signs of fall.

Because it is right around the corner.

flickr friday : signs of fall.
1. A tinge of Autumn, 2. apples, 3. little autumn treasures, 4. Untitled, 5. apples, 6. Beautifully delicate, 7. Autumn is a second spring where every leaf is a flower, 8. Water The Flowers, 9. signs of fall, inspiring me, 10. autumn flower cards, 11. pumpkin pie pumpkins, 12. Fall Silent., 13. Autumn Girl 2., 14. Who needs orange?, 15. Fall Tree Doll - Small, 16. Celebration of Apples


flickr photo of the day : love birds.

"My birds" by R E P T I L I A.

david bromley.

I must say that I am completely and madly in love with these wood cut-outs by David Bromley. I really love everything he creates, but these top them all in my book.

thought of the day : mondays.

"i hate mondays" by Ryan Jacob Smith.
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