above image found here by the lovely Andrea.

I am taking a breather until after Thanksgiving. I have a lot of cleaning, prep work, and cooking to do for the holiday. I hope you all have a very beautiful week filled with a whole lot of good food and company. Xoxo.


flickr photo of the day : lace.

"lace" by aliciabock.

things i'm loving : monday night edition.

Cheers to the beginning of a new, holiday-fun-filled week!

Above: 1. Camilla Engman Ribbon (€1.60), 2. CAP FERRET T-LIGHTS OR HURRICANE LAMP (£18.50), and 3. antique frame calendar ($24)
Below: 4. Pretty Leaf Trivet (£15.50), 5. Rosette Blouse (price unknown), and 6. elf candleholder ($5.95)

thought of the day : yes.

"Needlework Pattern, No. 2" from Etsy seller Rookery. ($16)


best of the week.

Not so many this week. I am quite behind on my Google Reader...


etsy finds of the week.

etsy finds of the week.
1. Alphabet Notebook from oh so good ($12), 2. Backyard from carvingmyinitials ($20), 3. Let It Snow Print from Hello Handmade ($20), 4. YUMMY BEET LETTERPRESS CARDS PACK OF 8 WITH ENVELOPES from Yee-Haw Industries ($16), 5. She'll be Apples - Silk Screen Print from Naomi Murrell ($55), 6. Pair a french blue ballet slippers over locket dejour. Couture version. from Jacqleen Bleu ($32.50), 7. Back to School Daily Checklist Sign from K is for Calligraphy ($15), 8. tree card from little paper bird ($12), and 9. Blue and White Striped Old Fashioned Lady Silhouette from K Zukowski ($10)

lace wallets.

I am quite enamored with these lace wallets by Makr that Alyson just posted. Such an interesting use of fabric and leather. ($150)

flickr friday : i am thankful for...

(Read the titles)
flickr friday : i am thankful for... (read the titles)
1. Portland, Oregon, 2. The beauty of kids, 3. love, 4. dessert, 5. laughter, 6. baking, 7. Kiss, Kiss, 8. harvest season, 9. Sleep, 10. Snuggle Time, 11. my home, 12. A good book and a cuddle., 13. *friendship*, 14. coffee break, 15. neighborhood, 16. Family


things i love thursdays.

things i love thursdays.
1. Heartbird Cafe Apron ($35), 2. doileez ($25), 3. snow-cone with aqua blue lining ($40, currently sold out), 4. Normann Copenhagen Pot For One Flower ($15.99), 5. Chocolate Pie Chart ($20), 6. Libeco Camp Bed Linens ($46-$405), and 7. Innermost Petit Fours Plate ($26)

thought of the day : wishin'

"wish you were here" by Liam Devowski (view his flickr photostream here)

anthropologie : monogram collection.

anthropologie : monogram collection.

Since I am a girl who loves letters and type, it is no surprise that I am madly in love with Anthropologie's Monogram Collection. I adore seeing it all lumped together.


flickr photo of the day : reach.

Untitled by bobbydoherty.

cold-weather fashion.

1. Lyell, 2. Jumelle, 3. CarolAnn Wachter, 4. mociun, 5. Le Train Bleu, and 6. Dorothy Lee.

currently obsessing over...

This cupcake stand by Whitney Smith ($58) - I forgot just how much I love her work.

a lovely thanksgiving table.

Eight days away! Goodness, the holidays are creeping up so suddenly.

a lovely thanksgiving table.
1. Gourd and Pumpkin Filled Candleholder ($3.99, sale), 2. Simrin Botanical Napkins ($48), 3. Persimmon Dinnerware ($100), 4. Hibiscus Napkin Rings ($40, set of 4), 5. Tres Tray Tray ($88), 6. Wood Placemats ($25), 7. Nature Runner ($42), 8. Roost Botanic Pumpkins ($19.80), 9. "Botanical" stem with leaves ($170.35), 10. Amber Flatware ($238.16), 11. Whale Tongs ($44), and 12. Sense Dish ($130)


thought of the day : sorry.

From Jessica Williams's "Little Messages" series.

flickr photo of the day : monochrome.

"Blue (365/203)" by JenniPenni.

par avion.

I just spotted this par avion clutch purse by kate spade over on the lovely blog small souvenirs. I must say, I think I'm in love. ($95)

things i'm loving : monday morning edition.

Hello friends! I hope you all had a marvelous weekend. Mine was quite nice- a trip to the farmers market, ice cream outings, and getting to meet the lovely Abby and Andrea (I really hope we can get together soon!). And now, a new week, most likely filled with a large amount of baking, blogging, and party-planning.

1. Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With String ($8), 2. Teal Sparrow Dress ($59), 3. Collection N.4 Card Set ($25), 4. answer wheel ($16), 5. Owl Lineup Belt Buckle ($24), and 6. Glittered Wreath Kit ($13.49)

heather smith jones : etsy update.

heather smith jones : update.
It was nice waking up to see that one of my favorite letterpress artists, Heather Smith Jones, just updated her shop. I always love her simple prints and soft colors.


best of the week.


things i love thursday.

things i love thursday.
1. Navy Silk Lace Insert Dress (£45.00), 2. Publique Living PaperWood Circles Gift Wrap ($5), 3. le klint lk102 ($332), 4. silence print ($11), 5. Snowy House Large ($65), 6. Cupcake Headband ($35), 7. Belle Ingenue Canvas Tote Bag ($20), 8. Invincible Summer Calendar 2009 ($12), and 9. SCRAP WOOD TREE - string-tie gift tags - pack of 6 ($4)

kim cornelison.

I love when I rediscover a website I bookmarked long ago. While going through my old photography links, I came across the beautiful website of Kim Cornelison, an editorial photographer who spends her time between Minneapolis and Des Moines. Everything is just styled and photographed so nicely.

thought of the day : tarts & tea.

"I would serve you tarts and tea" by Linzie Hunter (Lyrics from "London Bridge Song" by Joni Mitchell. Original image here.)


holiday cards part one : sets.

It almost seems way too early to post these, but the holidays really are sneaking up quickly. I realized this afternoon that I will be sending out our holiday cards in a little less than a month. So soon! Where on earth did fall go?

1. Pomegranate (Set of 8, $15), 2. Happy Holidays (Set of 12, $18), 3. Holiday: Mixed Box (Set of 5, $12.50), 4. holiday laurel (Set of 6, $14), 5. Rudolf (Set of 10, $15), 6. rockin' holiday cards (Set of 10, $14), 7. Gingerbread House (Set of 6, price unknown), 8. be merry be bright (Set of 10, $34), 9. heart globe (Set of 10, $14), and 10. Gumdrops Boxed Holiday Greeting Cards (Set of 10, $16.95)


flickr friday saturday : rest.

Sorry for a rather quiet couple of days. I have been quite exhausted and lethargic, what I believe to be a mixture of sickness, needy children, and leftover Halloween candies. My plans for the weekend? Plenty of rest.

flickr friday : take a rest.
1. rest your head, sun, 2. the weekend, 3. sunday morning - 8 .03 .08, 4. relax, 5. at rest, 6. 104/365 , 7. have yourself a little cute FUTAB, 8. extravaganza, 9. just in time, 10. Day 228/365........relaxing, 11. rest, 12. Monday, 13. {pause}, 14. my view of bed rest with kiki, 15. Weekend Equals Rest, Unless You're Wicked, 16. First FUTAB

I wish you all a restful weekend as well. xoxo.

friday finds (even though it's technically saturday already).

1. "Draw your own" Bag ($18), 2. With Needle and Thread Print ($15), 3. Something's Hiding in Here Truly ($4), 4. ribbon tie ballerina (£89.00), 5. Kitchen Pads ($29.50), and 6. Keep Calm and Carry On Rugs (£445.00)


flickr photo of the day : believe/change.

Can you tell the obvious theme of today?

"Baltimore: BELIEVE and CHANGE" by Bill A.

today, today.

I really hope that all of you are voting today or have voted already (here in Oregon we have the luxury of being able to vote by mail weeks ahead). This is such an important day in history and I urge you all to be a part of it.

vote today!
1. Vote Tee ($16.90), 2. Vote! Bumper Sticker ($0.99), 3. Feel Good & VOTE! Soap ($8), 4. Patriotic Vote Tote ($10.90), 5. Sunglasses Vote Tee ($14.99), 6. "Smart Women" Elect To Make A Difference Mug ($12.95), 7. Vote Screenprint ($15), 8. My Vote Rocks Tee ($9.99), and 9. Voter Ribbon - No. 1 ($12)

thought of the day : change.

I know this quotation is quite overused, but it seems perfect for a day like today. Available in many different forms from Quotable Cards.


things i'm loving : monday evening etsy edition.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween/Day of the Dead weekend. I dressed as Alice from Alice in Wonderland and went trick-or-treating with the kids (photographic evidence here), as well as having a get-together with friends and family.

Anyways, here are some fabulous Etsy creations to start the week with!

1. home is where the heart is 8 x 8 from scissorspaperglue ($15), 2. the green leaves pillow from the little stitch by parkersewn ($32), and 3. Colorful Tin Globe from Ladies & Gentlemen Vintage Shop ($60)

4. Victorian Gothic Human Tooth Cameo Pendant Necklace from Loved To Death ($70), 5. Moustache Hankerchief - Grey Gingham from Avril Loreti ($16), and 6. Alphabet Stamps (Medium) - Japanese from good-ness ($15)

7. Ceramic Strawberry Pink Cupcake Cookie Jar Container W/ Cherry On top from fruit fly ($49.99), 8. Yellow Fuzzy Hoodie Scarf with Kitty Cat Ears from Sky Creation ($20), and 9. Ornament 4 from Sarah Ogren ($9.50)

10. goldenrod cowl skirt from liza rietz ($235), 11. Solid Ivory Scrimshaw Ring, Whaling Scene from Linda Layden ($34.50), and 12. 25 Vocabulary Cards from Magpie Mary ($2.50)
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