flickr photo of the day : beach ball.

"Summertime" by new.brighton.

collections : unique objects.

Today I am in the mood for not-so-everyday objects. I sometimes dream of having our home full of them...

1. best wishes. green ($12), 2. Wing ($160), 3. Vintage European Medals ($150), 4. Filigree Skull Money Box ($275), 5. Black Magic Drapes ($25), 6. One Day Princess Tiara ($30), 7. 1929 HMV Gramophone Model 101 in Black (£875), and 8. Cutting Board - Stage ($32)


thought of the day : greatness.

"others are great but you can be greater," a pen/bunting window display by Scottish artist Jen Collins.

isn't it romantic?...

This dress, that is. I would say so and I am yearning to wear it to a cocktail party or autumn soirĂ©e. (£49)

ten images of inspiration : for a friend.

Today one of my dearest friends in the world moved from Portland to Minneapolis and I am quite heartbroken about it. So here are some images that remind me of her/our friendship in one way or another. Angie, this one's for you- you're gonna be missed.

Sources (from top to bottom): Vintage Vogue, Fifi Lapin, Ganelina Natasha, Jassy-50, Hello Bettie!, Brian Ferry, Launce Philomene Olivier, Amy Nieto, Mary Robinson, and James Dean Lives.



Wow, the weekend really snuck up on me this time. It has been a very long, hectic day, which means it's been rather quiet here, but I wanted to wish you all a fantastic weekend. Here's to mild days, good friends, and relaxation!

(above illustration by Design is Mine sponsor Julianna Swaney)


positively dreamy...

...is how I would describe the photography of Elisabeth Toll. Those tones are just too pretty for words.

baker's delight.

Since I am terribly obsessed with baking pies, this pastry board is perfection. Not only is it pretty to look at, but is quite useful (it features markings for rolling pie crust to fit a variety of pie pans.) I want. ($44)

thought of the day : try.

"Try Hard Every Day," a piece by London-based artist William Edmonds.


interior inspiration : chalkboard paint (long overdue).

It was recently brought to my attention that with all my archives of interior inspiration posts, I somehow never did a chalkboard paint round-up. I totally missed the boat on that one, but here it is, long overdue. And might I add that it is still I trend that I am seriously smitten with.

Sources (from top to bottom): i gigi, Design*Sponge: Asia Gwis, sfgirlbybay, Frederik Vercruysse, Ideal Home, Design*Sponge: Whimsy & Spice, The New York Times, Julian Wass, emmas designblogg, The Selby: Anne, Aimee & Nathan, and the late Domino Magazine.

flickr photo of the day : still summer.

"pops." by stephaniecb (See also: blog).


collections : shapes of gold.

I am seeing gold everywhere lately... and I'm loving it.

1. Triangle Cascade Necklace ($115), 2. Terzani Magdalena One Light Pendant ($2,080), 3. Flawed Diamond Necklace ($395), 4. Gold Sequin Stripe Pillow ($28), 5. Gold Moroccan Leather Pouffe (£149), 6. Naldina Bracelet (£24), 7. Gold Leather Dictionary ($172), and 8. Gold Gilded Symbol- @ (£12.75)

thought of the day : stay.

"Love Note (#9)" by the ever-talented Dawbis (See also: Flickr).


classic hawaii.
boat flag.
beach relaxing.
not color corrected at all.

Just thought I would share some of the recent photographs I have gotten back from our Hawaii trip. All of them were taken with Kodak 800 film and my recently purchased 1978 Minolta Rokkor Hi-Matic camera. I love those blues.

(More photos in my photostream, which will keep being updated)


a place to sleep.

Last night, I slept in my own bed for the first time in ten days and it felt mighty nice. As much as I truly loved our trip to Hawaii, I'm happy to be back in my favorite city.

And speaking of good places to sleep, how lovely is the idea of a wedding tent? This couple ended their wedding day by shutting their eyes in this gorgeous, little-white-lights-lit cloth tent. Perfect.

(via 100 Layer Cake)


flickr photo of the day : a thank you...

...to all my truly wonderful guest bloggers this week (including Heather, who took the above photo). You ladies made my time away a whole lot easier. Thank you.

I have boated from Maui to Lanai, where I am now with my family up in the Hawaiian mountains and country, surrounded by horses, lakes, and stunning gardens. Tomorrow will be our last full day on the islands, then home to Portland we go on Sunday.

It's been a grand vacation and I hope everyone has had a wonderful week, as well as a great weekend ahead. See you Monday!

guest bloggers : abby try again.

I am so thrilled to be posting here on Design is Mine. Summer always has the best picks for local and hand made things so now that I'm down in Texas I thought I'd share a few of my favorite Texan hand made items...

apple box $30 from Miss Natalie

market tote $15 from Johnson's Backyard Garden

cutting board $38 from AHeirloom

pillow cover $32 from Leah Duncan

lucky bowl $22 from Paloma's Nest

vintage gardening book $16 from You're In Maine

Thanks for having me, Summer!



guest bloggers : heather smith jones.

Hello. This is Heather Smith Jones here. I am an artist and instructor and have just authored my first book Water Paper Paint, Exploring Creativity with Watercolor and Mixed Media which is being published by Quarry Books and will release January 1, 2011. Thank you Summer for inviting me to guest post while you're on vacation, we hope you're having a super time!

One of the features I really enjoy about Summer's blog are her "flickr photo of the day" posts. So I thought I'd share a few film photos from my recent beach vacation, in which I spent a good amount of time simply gazing at the sky and ocean. There's just something about being at the beach that calms and refreshes, don't you think?

And this season when I haven't been gazing at the surroundings, working, and/or gardening, I've enjoyed reading and would like to also share a few of my picks:

The Shell Collector by Anthony Doerr, an exquisite set of short stories by one of my current favorite authors.

The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake by Aimee Bender, which was so enthralling I read it over one weekend.

Half-broke Horses by Jeannette Walls, an amazing tribute to the life and perseverance of the author's grandmother.

Will you share too? What is one of your recent favorite reads?

Thank you Summer and Design is Mine readers for letting me visit today!

Take care,

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