flickr photo of the day : in london.

Untitled by ludwigwest.

leather bows...

...strung on long chains: the Hello I love you necklace from ulala. So pretty. ($24)

ten images of inspiration : red and black.

Good afternoon! I hope you all had a very lovely winter weekend. I am starting the week off with photographs/artwork featuring my favorite color combination: red & black. It's very much a classic duo, one I don't think I will ever get sick of seeing...

Sources (from top to bottom): Rebecca Miller, Lilian Liem, Anni Leppala, ezgi polat, Valeria Cherchi, The Black Apple, James Moes, Aya Brackett, Billy & Hells, Wai Lin Tse.


gifts of love.

For Valentine's Day, I would love to give tiny handmade or vintage presents to my friends and family, and I think this classic gifting kit would be perfect in making each one look special- don't you? ($30 from terrain)


thought of the day : rainer maria.

"Let Life Happen to You," an origami paper print from Orignaux moose. ($19)

collections : sticks and stones.

1. Long Handled Tasting Spoon Set ($38, currently out-of-stock), 2. Binchotan Pumice Stone ($14), 3. Faceted Chunky Stone Bracelet ($110), 4. Moustache Pencils ($14), 5. tree ring holder ($9.95), 6. Pierres Graphiques 2011 ($100), 7. Handmade Scottish Stoneware Salt and Pepper Pinch Pot (£4.50), and 8. Woerther 3 mm Wooden Pencil ($39.90)

color me red...

...in these vintage cranberry flats from sponsor Becky Drolen. Completely perfect for Valentine's Day? I'd say so. ($35)


flickr photo of the day : tallinn.

Untitled by pruginko.

interior inspiration : cutesy retro.

This has always been one of my favorite interior styles- lots of pretty vintage items, a bit of fifties and sixties kitsch, candy-like colors, and cute feminine touches. It's definitely a look I usually go for in my home.

Sources (from top to bottom): Sasa Antic, LivingEtc, Design*Sponge: Elisabeth Dunker, New House of Art, Patric Johansson, Airspace, Design*Sponge: Lisa Congdon, Melissa Kaseman, Design*Sponge: Darling Clementine, Emily Henderson, and Country Living


thought of the day : well-designed.

"designed for each other," a mug featuring a quote from Pride and Prejudice from Brookish. ($16)


I think I want each and every item from Hindsvik. So many unique and lovely handmade & vintage items for the home... I'm smitten.

(Pictured above: Vintage Ship Vessel Print 22, $12; Large Black Wooden Ampersand, $125; and Rustic Wood Display Shelf, $75)


flickr photo of the day : inspiration.

"notebooks" by tiny happy (See also: shop).

stripes and diamonds...

two geometric patterns I always seem to be drawn to: Striped Shift Dress (currently out-of-stock) and Neon Diamond Print ($15)

and i'm back.

From Alt Design Summit, that is. As I mentioned, it was a truly marvelous experience, and I cannot wait until next year. The above photograph is from the oh-so fabulous Kate Spade suite party, where the lovely Megan of not martha posed with me in Angela + Ithyle's photobooth. So much fun, I tell you.

I hope you all enjoyed the weekend- now onto the week!


ten images of inspiration : the ladies of alt.

I know that it's been a silent week on here. I have been completely consumed with Alt Design Summit, which has proven to be one of the most inspiring events I have attended. All the bloggers, industry folks, and sponsors have been so genuinely kind and knowledgeable. I feel like I have learned quite a lot and have made quite a few new friends. So, to end the week, I'd like to share some original photographs, projects, and creations from ten of this year's speakers. Have a lovely weekend and I'll see you Monday!

Sources/creators (from top to bottom): Ashley Meaders, Dwell Studio, simplesong, Lisa Warninger, Creature Comforts, frolic!, Oh Joy, Creative Thursday, not martha, and Simply Grove


alt summit.

Good afternoon, readers! I hope you are all enjoying your 3-day weekend. I just wanted to mention that tomorrow I will be heading off to Alt Design Summit and couldn't be more excited! I will be speaking/moderating a panel on Big Creative Companies & Social Media with some fabulous folks from Martha Stewart and Dwell Studio. I am completely overwhelmed by the amount of design/lifestyle bloggers attending and cannot wait to meet each and every one of them. If you will be attending, let me know- see you there!


thought of the day : freedom.

"Free Your Mind," a simple and beautiful print by the Wheatfield. ($15)

interior inspiration : silhouettes.

Inspired by the bathroom I posted yesterday, I spent a portion of the evening seeking out more homes using silhouettes as wall art. It's no secret that I am rather obsessed with them (enough to have one tattooed on my arm), and now I think it's time to spread the love to a special wall of my home.

Sources (from top to bottom): Design*Sponge: Alexandra Hedin, Creature Comforts, LivingEtc, Poppytalk, Inside A Black Apple, Roland Bello, Flickr: Creature Comforts/Domino Magazine, Design*Sponge: Office, The Selby: Sally Singer, and David Prince.
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