brand spanking new.

A brand new ultra stylish version of Design Is Mine will be available on November 10th. I apologize for the wait, but be ready for a lot of lovely goodness!


waldo pancake.

Waldo Pancake's packaging designs are too fabulous for words. So darn creative, silly, and totally adorable. Check out his flickr photos for more inspiring images.

atelier : wire chandelier.

Via Design Milk:

This Neo-Baroque inspired wire chandelier by Atelier is absolute perfection!


pink loves brown : paper airplane!

The paper airplane suitcase gift set from Pink Loves Brown contains their paper airplane stationery (set of 10), a matching set of 6 blank cards, and a blue paper suitcase. The stationery can be personalized, and the whole set even arrives with a brown satin bow... such style!

pretty plates and 8 random things.

The ever-so inspiring Heather of Creature Comforts and Wren Eleven just added these completely adorable vintage decorative mini-plates to her shop, Wren and Chickadee. I love 'em!

Speaking of Heather, I found this "8 Random Things" entry on her website, so I thought I would go for it, since I never really write many personal things about myself on here, which I hope to change over time.

No. 1
I have been: a lifeguard, a babysitter, a health food store manager, a secretary, a massage therapist, a shipping manager for a cd company, a cashier at a bookstore, and an office assistant. I am now a mum/baker/blogger/illustrator.

No. 2
I like to pretend that I love the outdoors, but I would much rather be in a nice hotel in a city than in a tent in the woods. I have discovered that I am not the outdoor type.

No. 3
I am always having an internal struggle between being a total cynic and an idealistic romantic. I can never find a balance between the two.

No. 4
I suffer from: migraines, fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety, insomnia, chronic sinusitis, and a mitral valve prolapse. I try not to complain often.

No. 5
My favorites include:
Movies: Amelie, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Breakfast at Tiffanies, and Wet Hot American Summer
TV Shows: Sex and the City, Freaks & Geeks, Project Runway and Grey's Anatomy.
Musicians: Of Montreal, Belle & Sebastian, The Smiths, The Finches, Camera Obscura, Mates of State, and Rainer Maria.
Other Things: the color pink, fanciful desserts, Harry Potter, beautiful design (obviously), French pastries, outdoor food markets, people who have amazing personal style, earl grey tea, dark chocolate, and vintage clothing.

No. 6
I have horrible and disgusting habits. They range from peeling split ends and fingernails to reading celebrity gossip late at night.

No. 7
Ever since I was a teen, I have claimed (very strongly) that I never wanted to have children. Ever. Then I fell in love and suddenly changed my mind. I have two children by the names of Riley and London. I absolutely adore them.

I despise melted cheese, close-minded individuals, traffic, radishes, Hummers, suburbia, 80's fashion, cliques, eggs, crowded buses, the smell of seafood, and a large portion of southern California.


things i am lovin'.

Things I am very much in love with these days:

violet : bubble box.

A super-cute gift idea from Violet: the "best bubble" box, painted and crafted by hand. A perfect little place to store tiny treasures.
Via Fashion is Spinach:

These photographs are from a fashion spread in a recent issue of Korea's Vogue Girl. I love seeing beautifully-designed images like these- such vibrant colors and fabulous clothing, with a total 60's pop feel to them (click here to view larger images).

giggle : art time easel.

These modern and innovative easels from giggle are new and quite good lookin'. They are ecologically friendly, made from real wood that's formaldehyde-free and with a 100% nontoxic water-based finish. Splendid!
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