the most lovely knickers.

Really, aren't they just perfect? I am a major sucker for patchwork and girly details, so these ones take the cake. Available here by Makool Loves You, $46. (Psst Portlanders, did you know they have a brick & mortar shop here now? I need to pop in!)

flickr photo of the day : morning light.

"Waking up" by Laurence 2.

Good morning everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Mine was rather low-key, spent passing time with good friends. Anyway, here is to a new week (and psst, a new header and color scheme on here.) Happy Monday!


ten images of inspiration : photo styling.

I still sort of get amazed that certain people get to style scenes for photographs. For a living. Sounds like a complete dream job. Really.

Sources (from top to bottom): Robyn Glaser, Sam Grigg, Sophie Brown, Christine Rudolph, FriedaMaria, Atlanta Bartlett, Rebecca Thuss, Twig Hutchinson, Stephanie Hanes, and pia jane bijkerk.

postal press.

Some more postal love and blogger goodies for you today: My friend Alyson of Unruly Things has finally unveiled her new project/shop, Postal Press! I was lucky enough to see some of her products at the summer social and let me tell you, they are beautiful. If you're a postal nerd like I am or just love pretty paper and craft items, please go check it out. You've done good, Alyson!

etsy finds of the week.

1. The Loveliest Sailor Nautical Tank from BeckyDrolen Vintage ($20), 2. Custom Silhouette Pillow - 14x14 from le papier studio ($30), and 3. Vintage ship in the bottle from Ukraine from Spacejam's Vintage ($25)

4. Hexagonal - Stainless Steel from brevity ($60), 5. 12, memorandum from et al., etc. ($10), and 6. The Portrait 5x7 Fine Art Print from The Light Fantastic ($10)

7. Custom Heart Sampler from Miniature Rhino ($55), 8. Elefant parade. Set of 6 letterpressed note cards from Salt & Syrup ($18), and 9. 8x10 Miracle of Five from f2 images ($25)

flickr friday : feeling neutral.

flickr friday : feeling neutral.

1. Untitled, 2. morran and the smoker print, 3. Lotta, 4. no witty quote, 5. Untitled, 6. Untitled, 7. Untitled, 8. Untitled, 9. the three little figs, 10. _MG_0067 copy, 11. Los habitantes del muro..., 12. Untitled, 13. Untitled, 14. plunge, 15. palette, 16. Untitled


thought of the day : grow.

"Growing Up Fast," a hand embroidered birthday card from Alison Shanik's shop, King Popcorn. ($7)

oh joy for chronicle books.

I was so happy to see these in person at New Seasons yesterday- Joy of Oh Joy! has just released a line of stationery through Chronicle Books, which is now available for purchase right here. I have always loved Joy's paper styling, plus she has an amazing eye for beautiful design, so I was not surprised by how gorgeous each product is. Truth be told, I am tempted to purchase at least one of everything.

flickr photo of the day : oh, deer.

Untitled by welcome, ghosts.

collections : the postal service.

1. Telegram Mailing Labels ($22 for 25), 2. I Love Mail ($6), 3. Postalco Notebooks ($14), 4. Letter Writer's Alliance Address Book ($14), 5. This and That Stationery Set ($22), 6. 10 Retro Inspired New Airmail Envelopes ($4), 7. penmanship stationery (price unknown), and 8. a blue sea palms, a sunshine girl, wrapped up in a banana leaf letter of love from india ($30)


anna moller photography.

Such stunning photography by New York artist Anna Moller. I completely adore her subjects and compositions. (Via Simply Photo)

daydreaming of owning...

each and every single pair of shoes from Anthropologie's current collection. Hey, a girl can dream can't she?


etsy finds of the week.

1. the magnificent flying cats from Dan Bob Thompson ($15), 2. the key holder from Mary's Granddaughter ($135), and 3. Skycab, no. 2, 6x9 Metallic Print Matted to 11x14, Edition of 50 from Roadside Photographs ($35)

4. Swallow from Jantze ($45), 5. One for you, one for me. (Popsicle) from Threefold ($6), and 6. houdini romper from Lulufinder ($95)

7. Three Little Lady Buns Cross Stitch Buttons from The Pin Pals ($18), 8. shy rabbit - original photograph from bricolagelife ($12), and 9. Vintage King wooden bowling pin from Mechanical Stag ($28)


ten images of inspiration : braided.

This has been a season of fairytale-esque folky braids and I have been completely loving it. They are just so romantic and feminine- I could happily wear a different one every day.

Sources (from top to bottom): Flickr: danske, Urban Weeds, Erica Shires, julia (via Unruly Things), Charles Dujic, Flickr: colleen yancy, Chloe Aftel, Gemma Booth, Flickr: Anna Kharina, and Erin Jane Nelson.
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