miha matei.

I came across the photography of Miha Matei the other day when Jen of Simply Photo mentioned her, and I have to say, I am in love! As many of you know, I am a complete sucker for beautiful food photography and always seem to find myself extremely excited when I find a new photographer who excels at the art of it. Along with food, Miha photographs people, places, and objects in gorgeous colors and lovely lighting. Such beauty.

new from lisa congdon.

Loving these gouache/ink/vintage paper art pieces from the ever-talented Lisa Congdon. They just became available in her Etsy shop: hurry, they might not last long!

daily style.

I fully admit that I completely stole this idea from the wonderful Ez. This morning she posted about her realistic daily style, which was so nice to see from a blogger I admire so much. There is something I love dearly about getting little glimpses of the personal sides of other design bloggers, since usually all we get to see are images and words involving products and other artists/designers. So, I decided to do the same and show my readers what I realistically wear on a normal day (which is usually spent in front of the computer, baking, taking care of two small children, and taking little walks around our Portland neighborhood). Yes, some days I dress up in more eye-catching clothing like vintage dresses and big heels, but most of the time I live in jeans and flats and much prefer comfort. I encourage other bloggers to do the same- I (and I'm sure many others) would love to see! (Please note: these are not actually pieces I own - I usually don't spend much money on clothing- I am obsessive thrifter! It is just to give an idea of my daily style).

things i'm loving : monday morning edition.

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. Mine was a nice lazy one spent at home with my husband and the kids, which is my favorite kind of weekend these days. Anyways, here are some pretty products I am loving this Monday morning.

1. PPQ Dress (£60.00), 2. Fringe Dot Transparent Printed Glass Vase ($49.95), 3. Beehive Birdcage ($325), 4. Fornasetti Tray Cutlery Gold on Malachite ($890), 5. 1930s Vintage Opticians Lens Pendant Necklace - Flitter ($20), and 6. Swan and Duckling Tote ($30)


flickr fridays : beautiful objects.

Perfectly lovely.

(Click here to view larger picture)

1. collections } saucers, 2. whitevases, 3. i love my yellow, i do., 4. 73/366, 5. Untitled, 6. thanks flickr friends, 7. happyeaster, 8. inspiration board, 9. thrifty part I, 10. 341, 11. my favorite jewelry, 12. an imaginary cup of tea , 13. the petal series: note cards, 14. thrifted: catherine holm fondue pot, 15. things, 16. blue_030708sm


Pretty, pretty aprons from India Rose and Anthropologie. Because, really, can you ever really have enough?

things i love : fridays!

Since I was quite busy all day yesterday, I am one day late on this. Next week everything should be back on schedule.

1. Eucalyptus Print Dress (£23.00), 2. Antique Skeleton Key Necklace ($12), 3. White Resin Tea Light Holder ($10), 4. Eames Wire Chair - with Seat Pad ($829), 5. Hello Lucky Soiree - Set of 10 ($15), 6. 6-Piece Multi-Color Melamine Bowl Set ($19.99), 7. Cuckoo Clock (£15.00)

brocade blog.

Exciting news: the creative folks behind Brocade Home now have a beautiful design blog! I urge all of you to take a look and add it to your bookmarks. They are masters of gorgeous design and obviously have a great eye for ravishing things: brocade design etc.

six lovely etsy finds.

(Oh, how I love Ez for linking to this fabulous application for creating rounded corners!)

1. Growth - Print from Hollabee ($10), 2. Retro Colors - 4 Mini Pillow Boxes from Field & Sea ($5), 3. Silhouette No. 1 - Woolen Brooch from NightjarBooks ($10), 4. Letterpress Card - Birthday Girl Holding Balloons from Sweetbeets($5.50), 5. Sweetheart Wrap Dress from Emily Katz ($188), and 6. LOLZ Painting in Vintage Frame from ArgyleWhale ($45)


whoo loves you?

How cute is this new owl wallet from Gama-Go? It's made from baby-soft vinyl and is printed with an embossed design. I recently saw their owl design on this mug, which I posted about a week or so ago- so darn sweet. ($24)


little paper planes : artwork.

I always love the selection of artwork available from Little Paper Planes. There are so many beautiful pieces I would love to hang on our walls at home.

Art above by Ashley G., Not Too Pink, Lisa Congdon, and I'm Smitten.

things i'm loving : monday afternoon edition.

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter! Mine was filled with lots of family, crazy kids, too many sweets, and a whole lot of food. It was the first one in awhile that actually really felt like a holiday (we had been laying low on Easter for the past few years).

Things might be a little quieter on here this week. My fabulous cousin is staying at our home for the next five days, so I shall be a bit busy. So anyways, happy belated Easter and welcome springtime!

1. Dandelion Scarf in Blue ($13), 2. The Petal Series Fine Art Notecards ($15), 3. Death Wish Self Portrait Mirror ($150), 4. Decals ($14.95), 5. Jelly Bow Front Flats ($183), and 6. Sundew Shower Curtain ($88)


corners of bloggers' homes.

Lately I spend a large portion of my time online looking at corners of people's homes. Few things are more inspiring than taking peeks into the apartments and houses of others, seeing how each person creates a space that is their own. So it is no surprise that I completely adore seeing the homes of my fellow design bloggers, the people who have strong eyes for all things aesthetically pleasing. Here are a few of my favorite corners from the homes of Holly of Decor 8, Ez of Creature Comforts, Grace of Design Sponge, Victoria of sfgirlbybay, and Anna of Door Sixteen.

(For more pictures of Holly's home, click here)

(For more pictures of Ez's home, click here)

(For more pictures of Grace's home, click here)

(For more pictures of Victoria's home, click here)

(For more pictures of Anna's home, click here)


brocade home : interiors.

I would love to know who does the room designs for the Brocade Home catalog. Every time that I receive my copy in the mail I am in awe of how beautifully designed every space is. I love seeing all the creative touches in each room: framed letters and numbers, tea sets placed around bedrooms, shelves filled with monochrome pieces, frames and mirrors strung on cables, etc. So inspiring and inventive. Here are some of my favorites from the recent catalog.


pretty little things.

1. Dot Print Dress ($381), 2. CanCan Parasol (£89.99), 3. Click Magnets in Feathered Friends ($12), 4. Bow Doily Necklace (£17.50), 5. Vanity Top Mirror on Stand ($12.99), 6. Lollia Soaps ($10), 7. Girl With Flowers in Her Hair Print ($20), and 8. Satin Elasticated Ballet Shoes (£22.00)

eugene & louise bakery.

I am completely blown away by these overly adorable marzipan creations by the Belgian trio of Eugene and Louise Bakery. I really cannot believe these were made entirely of sugar and ground almonds.

And just look at their sweet chocolate packaging! (Thanks to Greg for the link!)


singgih kartono radios.

Aren't these radios designed by Singgih Kartono fabulous? They are so unique and well-designed, plus they are also socially and ecologically friendly.

"...the two-toned wood Magno radio is handmade by Indonesian carpenters in areas with high unemployment. Singgih wanted to manufacture a product that was at once sustainable and socially beneficial. Made of sustainable harvested wood, the cases for the radios are made by craftspeople who could apply their skills to more than just making simple souvenirs. The radio plays not only AM/FM and two shortwave bands, but is also MP3 ready."

Available at Design Public, $200-$300.

monday morning : more things i love.

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. Mine was filled with lots of fun and laughter with my husband's family and now I am ready to start a full week. Oh yes, and Happy Saint Patrick's Day everyone!

Above: 1. Cotton Shirt Dress ($242.50), 2. Brookfield Canisters ($85-$105), and 3. Owl Mug ($12)

Below: 4. Big Blueberry Bear (£22.50), 5. Petite Pennants: Love ($6), and 6. Girls Print ($20)


flickr friday : greens.

Because Saint Patrick's day is only a few days away.

(Click here to view larger picture)

1. Peepamania., 2. Mint Oreo Truffles, 3. New Prints - Coming Soon, 4. pretty egg shells, 5. 56/366: Little things..., 6. 3, 7. Tree, 8. scarf from martha, 9. clocks 3, 10. a look in the mirror, 11. payless?, 12. Oo, 13. pear, 14. Zesty Lime Macarons, 15. muffins, 16. 167

magazine inspiration.

I spent last night browsing through through home magazine websites, getting lost in beautiful interiors. One of my favorite things in the world is looking at photographs of well-designed spaces- I could easily do it for hours. I thought I would share some of them for a bit of Friday inspiration. Here are some of my favorites from Domino, Martha Stewart Living, Elle Decor, and O at Home.


things i love thursdays.

1. Tetrad Flat Shelving ($750), 2. Calligraphic Hand Lettering by Betsy Dunlap, 3. Mini Chandelier ($69.50), 4. Daydream ($125), 5. Rite in the Rain All-Weather Notebook ($6), 6. Zakka Frames (Price unknown), 7. Rectangular Village Pillow ($40), and 8. Circle Stitch Photo Album ($40)

camilla engman : cooking.

Oh, how I love this lovely image that Camilla Engman posted on her Flickr page today. It is such a perfect illustration to hang in a kitchen (especially for a baker like myself). Love!


I am quite sick today, curled up in bed with tea and my laptop. I thought it might be nice to post some perfect sick-day items that I would love to have with me right now.

Above: 1. Cotton Wrap Cardigan (£260.00), 2. Japan Fleur de Geisha Tea (11€), and 3. Brick Quilts ($80-$435)

Below: 4. Holly Golightly Sleep Mask ($14), 5. DarkGrey with People Pillow ($98), and 6. Pom Pom Mini Hottie (£49.00)


philip karlberg.

Some striking photographs taken by Swedish photographer Philip Karlberg who has done work for a number of magazines, including Elle Decor, Wallpaper, and Plaza. They're so stylish and sharp, I love them.

etsy : fifteen more good finds.

1. Trees with Bugs from Porcelain and Paper, 2. Love Nest (Pearl) from Luxe Deluxe ($32), and 3. Giddyup from Magic Jelly ($18)

4. Mixmaster Sterling Silver Necklace from Ball & Chain ($60), 5. Industrial Felt Vase from Joshua Stone ($330), and 6. Poppy Flower Pin from Mogwaii ($18)

7. Original Textile Stitched Wearable Art from Cathy Cullis ($90), 8. Flower Garden Screen-printed Fabric from Of Paper and Thread ($15), and 9. Blue Green Birds on White Chandelier Print from Jaime Derringer ($18)

10. Vitality Print from JellyBeans ($12), 11. Make Your Own Vase Popup Card from Vida Zakka ($5), and 12. Protect the Trees Please from Yellow Canoe ($49)

13. Body - Map Collage from Selflesh ($20), 14. Have A Slice Earrings from Green Thumb Designs ($4), and 15. Bunny Girl from Badbirds ($20)

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