Cutest teapot ever? I really think so. Thank goodness they ship worldwide. (£27)


flickr photo of the day : film.

Untitled by Öykü Öge. (See also: tumblr & portfolio)

collections : back to school.

It's time to go back-to-school, whether you're a college student or have children of your own, which sadly means one thing... summer is almost over. But oh well, at least there are some fabulous school supplies to covet.

1. Caught On Camera Tape Dispenser ($21.99), 2. Pencil Dispenser ($18), 3. Vintage Children's Spelling Book ($10), 4. Diamond Notebook (£4), 5. chip, magnetic paper clip holder by alessi ($57), 6. Vintage Metal Workers Lunch Box ($30), 7. Glad to Adhere It Tape Set in Red and White ($8.99), 8. slate chalkboard easel ($124), 9. 1970s Crayons (£7.50), and 10. Düller Croquis Notebook ($18)


thought of the day : helvetica.

"No Helvetica in Westend," a poster design from Stefano Agabio's photostream.


Someday, I really need to go to New York's Jazz Age Lawn Party. It has been going on bi-annually for six years and every time I see photographs posted from it, I deeply yearn to enjoy it myself. Really, what can be better than a day of dancing, fabulous vintage ensembles, jazz, old-fashioned cocktails, and sunshine? I desperately need to book myself a trip next time.

(Photographs above from: From Me To You, The Sartorialist, Metromix New York, Les Yeux sans Visage, WWD, and Village Voice.)

a birthday wish...

...to my lovely mom, the best mother one could possibly ask for. You're the tops.

"Mother, the ribbons of your love are woven around my heart."


flickr photo of the day : merry-go-round.

"South East England, film" by lucie777.

Have a lovely weekend, everyone!

terribly smitten...

...with another pair of glasses from Vintage 50s Eyewear. Aren't they just the prettiest things? ($165)

beautiful women.

The fabulous Rebecca Miller has a newly-designed website with images I had never seen before. She's one of those photographers I never get tired of. And oh, those women she photographs... gorgeous.


thought of the day : love/hate.

"I hate you, You love me!," an adorable illustration by Chilean artist Daniela Henríquez.

things i love thursday.

Just ten things that I'm feeling rather enamored with this muggy Thursday evening...

1. pride and prejudice book clutch ($325), 2. Raven by Ingibjörg Hanna Bjarnadóttir (£36), 3. vintage 1950's SUMMER PICNIC checker rosebud dress ($97), 4. berry sweets ($12.95), 5. Lens Get Gorgeous Ring ($9.99), 6. Recycled Cotton Tote Bag: Fruits & Veggies ($20), 7. PINK ELLA FOOSBALL TABLE ($4,750), 8. Culinary Tools Poster ($26), 9. Beach Tee ($32), and 10. 5 Monster Bookmarks (£5)

flickr photo of the day : color.

Untitled by mariehochhaus. (See also: website)


I grew up spending plenty of time at the beach. As a kid, I was constantly taken to Malibu beaches in southern California where we would picnic and bask in the sunshine all day. Then from age 10 on, I lived in beach houses on the sand until I moved out as an adult. So it makes perfect sense that I am very frequently drawn to nautical items, from style (sailor-style apparel is my favorite) to homes, even tattoos (I have a big anchor on my arm and plan to get an old-timey mermaid someday.) Since I have no real plans of moving back to the coast, surrounding myself with stripes, anchors, and vintage beach items makes me happy.

Sources (from top to bottom): House To Home, Design*Sponge: Lara Collins, Lonny, Apartment Therapy, Johnny Miller, Design*Sponge: John Canale, House To Home, Lonny, Design*Sponge: Beach Cottage, Christine Rudolph, and Polly Wreford.


thought of the day : destination.

"You Can Go Your Own Way," a letter press slogan on an antique map from Amy Rice Art. ($40)

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Really loving the complete and utter simplicity of this bag from Vetted. Sometimes things just look better stripped down to the most basic designs. (sadly currently out-of-stock)


flickr photo of the day : le chat.

"her cat" by laura makabresku. (See also: blog & shop)

collections : the roaring twenties.

On Saturday, I happily sat in a movie theater and watched Midnight in Paris, which not only did I thoroughly enjoy, but it also once again reignited my deep love for the early twentieth-century. I get so captivated by the music, art, style, and crazy soirees... ah, those golden twenties.

1. Silk Husbands and Calico Wives Movie Poster ($13.49), 2. Silent Passageway Dress ($119.99), 3. The Very Best of Cole Porter ($10.65), 4. Art Deco Vintage Bracelet Art Deco Jewelry Pot Metal 1920s ($115), 5. In with the Nouveau Earrings ($12.99), 6. Fashion Sourcebook 1920s ($45), 7. Antique Settee ($3,995), 8. 1920s naughty magazine "Hot Dog Masquerade" ($20), 9. vintage 1920s dress / indigo blue velvet ruffles and bows flapper dress ($118), and 10. 1927 HMV Gramophone Model 101 in Black (£1150)

ice cream clouds.

Check out: the ever-inspiring Nikole Herriott's ice cream clouds tutorial (beautifully illustrated by Melinda Josie.) I think a perfect world would be filled with plenty of ice cream clouds, don't you?


thought of the day : it could very well be true.

"Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy," a positively brilliant quotation by the great Benjamin Franklin, displayed artfully on a 5x7" print from Felt & Wire Shop. ($8)

oh, dear...

...I'm pretty sure that this is made for children, but I want it bad. Enough to spend money I don't have and try to squeeze my big adult-size head through it. Somebody stop me... (£35)

ten images of inspiration : there's more to life than books you know, but not more.

While flipping through this book at work yesterday, I came across this quotation: "bella cosa far niente, which translates as "it's beautiful to do nothing." These warm summer days, I am wishing for lazier days in bed or the bath with stacks of books beside me. Most of the time, I'd much rather have my nose in a book than out partying.

Sources (from top to bottom): Abby Powell, Flickr: autumnlove, Randi Brookman Harris, Flickr: Anna Ristucuccia, f2 Images, Cori Kindred, Flickr: Jackson Sherry, Maria Alexandra Vettese, Flickr: allie bishop pasquier, and Alice B. Gardens.
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