ten images of inspiration : random bits of beauty.

Goodness, what is going on here? Every year, while back home in Los Angeles, I have all sorts of trouble posting on here. Not only do I have very limited access to a computer (it's true: I still don't own a laptop), but the chaos of the holidays becomes all too time-consuming and overwhelming. Please believe me when I say this though: come the end of the week, when I am back home in rainy Portland, posting will be constant. For now though, I am going to do what I can. Today? Random bits of beauty from some truly talented photographers. And one more thing: I hope you all had a lovely Christmas!

Sources (from top to bottom): Lieke Romeijn, Ashley Anthony, Viktor Vautier, Billy & Hells, Anna Hatzakis, Elizabeth Weinberg, Anna Dykema, Baron Wells, Amalia Chimera, and Annette Pehrsson.


thought of the day : please.

"please have snow and mistletoe," a HELVETICA FOR THE HOLIDAYS postcard from Suffragette. ($2.50)

I must say, I am terribly sorry for the few quiet days on here. I am back home for Christmas and haven't had any access to a computer. I hope you all have been dealing with the chaos well!


a happy weekend...

...to all of you! If you're like me, you'll be getting all of those last-minute presents purchased and wrapped. Or just baking a whole lot of cookies. See you Monday!

(above photograph by Chris Craymer)

guest post : (inspired by) stephin merritt & the magnetic fields.

(The following post is by a new Design is Mine contributor, my dear friend Christopher Williams. From time-to-time, he will be posting his favorites for style and design inspiration. Hooray for finally having a male guest blogger!)

To celebrate the release of "Strange Powers", the documentary about Stephin Merritt and his band The Magnetic Fields, I've chosen some items that (to me) carry a touch of Mr. Merritt's personality and signature themes that run through his songs.

Pour yourself a nice stiff drink, que up your favorite ABBA vinyl, and enjoy.

1. 69 Love Songs Vinyl Boxset ($99.98), 2. Chaplin ($38), 3. Original Gin, 4. Yes, a Voyage to the Moon is Possible! ($49.99), 5. Mandolin -10 different woods ($1200), 6. Greeting Card, Just Arrived in New York City ($4.95), 7. THE MAGNETIC FIELDS ($25) and 8. Stephin (price unknown)


It's true- as much as I truly adore pretty and feminine items, I sincerely appreciate well-designed, snarky pieces. Maybe it's due to the fact that (surprise!) I have the mouth of a sailor. So please, Santa, can I have this oh-so special Cheers Mother Fucker flask for Christmas? ($50)

flickr photo of the day : triangles.

"bunting" by Stephanie Congdon Barnes. (See also: 3191 Miles Apart)

interior inspiration : festive reds.

'tis the season for an abundance of reds. Since it happens to be my favorite color, I tend to love seeing it everywhere. Bring it on!

Sources (from top to bottom): LivingEtc, Daniel Farmer, Marie Claire Maison, Design*Sponge: Max & Linda, Marie Claire Maison, LivingEtc, and Guido Barbagelata.


thought of the day : bits and pieces.

"Walker arts," a photograph from Portland's own Sarah Fuller.

so entirely smitten...

...with this Royal Tenenbaums-inspired illustration by Argentinian artist Maxim Dalton.



It may sound strange, but I happen to be a very frequent "meow"er. Whenever there is a lull in a conversation, or if I'm just feeling like it, I meow. Now, thanks to Geoff and Anabela of fieldguided, I can meow in a variety of different languages. Buy the bag here. ($15)


flickr photo of the day : ocean.

Untitled by liza dedova.

there's more to life than books, you know...

...but not much more. I fell in love with these books when they first came out, but my passion has been reignited with seeing them displayed in bookstores all over for the holidays. Be sure to check out Coralie Bickford-Smith's (the designer of the covers) truly inspiring portfolio.


flickr photo of the day : bow.

"Marie-Jeanne" by Laurence.

bright and beautiful patterns...

...by Chilean textile designer Karen Barbé. See also her gorgeous and inspiring blog.

collections : (inspired by) mad men.

Due to the fact that I am throwing a Man Men-inspired holiday party this weekend, it seemed only fitting to create a collection influenced by the show. Oh, Mad Men, you are one stylish program.

1. 1952 Smith-Corona 'Sterling' Portable Typewriter (£645), 2. Tidy Plaid 60s Wiggle Dress ($60), 3. eames soft pad group - management chair ($1,849), 4. 1960s Rototherm Teak Cased Desk or Wall Thermometer (£210), 5. Red with Black Stripe ($88), 6. New York ($19.99), 7. vintage 1960s CAMEL wool car coat ($58), and 8. 1956/66 Bakelite Telephone GPO 312L (£575)


thought of the day : thread.

"The Thread That Binds Us," an illustration print from Small Talk Studio. ($16)


ten images of inspiration : wintertime fun.

First of all, I'd like to apologize for the couple days of silence. My to-do list is a mile long and I definitely need some training in the art of time management. This time of year brings with it a whole lot of chaos. But, as shown above, it can bring a whole lot of joy and beauty. What are your favorite wintertime activities?

Sources (from top to bottom): Kyle Johnson, Abby Powell, Flickr: nat*, Stefano Azario, Anna Ådén, James Moes, Tamara Muth-King, Youngna Park, Flickr: Kate Pulley, and Allthebeautifulthings.
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