on to the weekend...

It is late and I am quite tired, but I wanted to wish you all a lovely weekend! I will be camping in our beautiful Northwest scenery in the company of good friends, spending time with my toes in the river. What about you?

(above photograph by Simon Filip, via Black*Eiffel)


thought of the day : ending.

"It'll End In Tears," a 5 x 7" gocco print on patterned paper by Treatzone for Little Paper Planes. ($10)

decorated france.

When illustrator Camilla Engman was vacationing in France earlier this month, she took these photos of a town preparing for a party. Aren't they beautiful? I would be quite happy if cities in America did something like this.

recipe boxes.

I am continuously in awe of everything that Anna Bond designs, but these Heirloom Recipe Card Boxes might just be my favorite creation yet. Each box is handcrafted from trees that were destined for landfills through a 3-month process, then screen-printed with two different design options. For a baker like myself, this would be one of the best gifts I could think of. ($120, available for pre-order)

collections : campout.

Tomorrow we are heading out to go camping for the first time in a really, really long time and I am bursting with excitement. If all goes well, I think I might have to squeeze in one more camping trip before the summer is over.

1. Sun Jar ($40), 2. Opinel Knife ($16), 3. Isis Plate Set 8" ($32), 4. Sleeping Bags (£55), 5. Miner Tent ($290-$355), 6. Wood LED Flashlight ($50), 7. Barbeque Bucket (£23), and 8. HELP I CUT MYSELF ($4)


flickr photo of the day : falling.

"FALL fall fall....." by bamsesayaka.

yellow and black.

Totally loving this studio that Bloesem recently featured, especially the one above. I had never really thought of the color combination of yellow and black for inside the home, but this makes me really consider it. (See also: Studio Aandacht)

thought of the day : you are beautiful.

"Thank You Too," a complete set of 2 booklets, 2 postcard books and a stamp inside a nice gift box from Third Drawer Down. ($115)


still in love with...

every shot that Edwin Tse takes with his camera. That man truly knows how to capture a stunning portrait. It never gets old- he's one of my very favorites.

flickr photo of the day : portugal.

Untitled by eiikii.


I'm really loving these loafers from Refinery 29 and designed by Dieppa Restrepo. So simple and cute. ($208, on sale)


ten images of inspiration : black and white...

...without black and white film. It's a color combination I so frequently post about, but oh well. Sometimes repetition is a good thing.

Sources (from top to bottom): THUSSFARRELL, Jessica Hische, Aorta, Rebecca Williams, Johnny Miller, Nubby Twiglet, Elizabeth Weinberg, Marimekko, and Lane Coder.

thought of the day : make.

"Make Love," an origami love poster from Field Trip. ($15)


hello weekend.

Ah, I'm glad the weekend is finally here. It's been a rather tough week, so I am looking forward to spending time with friends and just lounging around the house. And baking, something with chocolate and peanut butter perhaps?

What are your plans for the weekend? I always like to hear.

(above photo from Fudge Magazine, via Black*Eiffel)

apparel & accessories collection : blues and whites.

Yet again, I have the ocean on my mind...

1. vintage 1980's SEASIDE striped bow blouse ($35), 2. Through the Wire Headband in Blue ($16.99), 3. Effervescent Magnolia Necklace ($42), 4. Blue & White China Dress ($135), 5. Contrast Nibbled Sleeve Tee ($40), 6. Seersucker Bill Wallet ($49), 7. Denim Lace Bra ($32), and 8. Azure (£16.50)


flickr photo of the day : old neptune.

Untitled by brianwferry. (See: the blue hour.)

interior inspiration : time pieces.

I love clocks. I really do. I don't know what it is about them, but I'm always yearning to buy more. I tend to lean more towards antique ones, but modern ones are fabulous too. The way into my heart? Just buy me a big beautiful clock and I'm yours.

Sources (from top to bottom): jj Locations, Domino Magazine, sfgirlbybay, Tobias Harvey, Petra Bindel, jj Locations, Design*Sponge: Matte Stephens, LivingEtc, Jen Fong, LivingEtc, and emmas designblogg.


bunny tote.

One of my closest friends absolutely adores bunnies and it tends to rub off on me, so this bag just makes me smile. Just look at how dapper he looks. (£80)

thought of the day : never.

"NEVER LEARN NOT TO LOVE," large-scale vinyl wall art from Third Drawer Down. ($145)

combining my love...

of bakeries and old trailers- since I saw this post on Oh Joy I haven't stopped dreaming about my own bakery. Especially one inspired by the colors and interior of a 1964 restored vintage Shasta airflyte trailer. Perhaps someday my dream might become a reality. Perhaps. (see: Enjoy Cupcakes.)


ten images of inspiration : birthday.

Today I am celebrating my official twenty-eighth birthday, but I wanted to at least get one post in today. Also, I wanted to say a "thank you" for all the birthday wishes- you people are the best. Happy Birthday to all of you that share your birthday with me (and a very merry unbirthday to the rest!)

Sources (from top to bottom): Paul Barbera, Flickr: danske, Rifle Paper Co., Abby Powell, THUSSFARRELL, Shona Heath, THUSSFARRELL, Cheri Messerli, Frieda Maria, and Nikole Herriott.
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