hello, saturday.

It's officially the weekend, thank goodness. These next couple of days I plan to: peruse estate sales, sit in coffee shops, take photobooth pictures, use up a roll of film, drink beer, and warm myself in a cheap movie theater. What are your plans?

(artwork above by Amy Borrell.)


thought of the day : today.

"Today I Choose Love," a polaroid by the ever-lovely Cori Kindred. (See also: photostream and vintage shop)

interior inspiration : light and dark.

I love the look of contrasting shades- bright whites/lights with dark elements, especially in homes. It seems to make every accent more eye-catching (plus, who could argue with the classic combo of black & white?)

Sources (from top to bottom): Freunde von Freunden, Patric Johansson, LivingEtc, Shoot Factory, Design*Sponge: Lizzy Janssen, pia ulin, LivingEtc, Shoot Factory, Per Magnus Persson, Inspace Locations, and Freunde von Freunden.


the perfect jacket?

Yes, I think it just might be. Classic, stylish, and with floral lining to boot. (£132)


flickr photo of the day : mouth-watering.

"pink cake" by Darling Dexter. (See also: Whitney's website)

collections : the fabulous forties.

I hope you all enjoyed your long weekend. Tonight I am listening to Bing Crosby & The Andrews Sisters, which led me to search for pretty 1940's finds. Aren't they all just lovely?

1. Stunning 1940s Cocktail Dress ($149), 2. 1940 Raeths 12" Black Slated Globe (£695), 3. 1940's photo Young woman dancing in yard ($2.75), 4. Metal Flour Bin ($368), 5. Vintage Drugstore Salt Petre Canister - 1940's ($21.50), 6. Avant Garde Black Feather Fascinator ($25), 7. 1947 Bakelite Telephone GPO 332F (£645), and 8. VINTAGE STONE MUSHROOM STOOL ($595)


happy three-day weekend.

Ah, I do love Fridays. I shall leave you with the above video from Kate Spade. It's just so sweet and dreamy, I can't stop watching it. See you on Monday Tuesday!

(Link via oh joy!)

thought of the day : start.

"What Are You Waiting For?" a silkscreened/acrylic painting by the great Trey Speegle.

ten images of inspiration : an escape.

Currently dreaming of: a short escape. Packing up the car or hopping on a train to the coast or countryside. Bringing nothing but a few loose dresses, a stack of books, and a couple of film cameras. Spending time in a bed and lying on grass or sand. I'm ready for a little break and a couple days of discovery.

Sources (from top to bottom): Alicia Bock, Flickr: J├Ârdis!, Nicholas Haggard, Margaret Durow, hula seventy, Maria Alexandra Vettese, Louise Hatton, Wai Lin Tse, A Sense of Place Photography, and Salva Lopez.


sweet simplicity...

...in this perfect everyday utility pack from Smith + Butler. I love things that will just never be out-of-style. ($110)


flickr photo of the day : pink hair.

"my brain is exploding. trying to make sense out of nonsense..." by shades of mediocrity.

apparel & accessories collection : ruffled layers.

Ah, the romance of ruffles. I adore when they are piled on top of each other, like soft layers of tissue paper...

1. Premium Terracotta Chiffon Ruffle Bolero ($90), 2. Twinkle Shooting Star Blouse ($316.50), 3. randi ruffle skirt tank dress ($396), 4. KAPOW! WOW! Tulle ruffle neck piece ($106), 5. higher than heaven ruffle vest ($49.99), 6. chiffon cascade skirt ($59.99), 7. Premium Taupe Wool Ruffle Shorts ($105), and 8. Memphis Style Dress ($134.99)

thought of the day : funny feeling.

"Never too late," another typographic beauty from the folks of Friends of Type.

interior inspiration : floral art.

I know, I know- such a girly post, but I now have my own room and have gone with very (vintage) feminine style for it. One of my favorite parts is a wall of old floral art hangings that I have been collecting- it just makes me happy looking up at it when I wake up in the morning.

Sources (from top to bottom): Freunde von Freunden, Design*Sponge: Elisabeth Dunker, James Merrell, jj Locations, Wary Meyers, Livingetc, Anson Smart, Paul Barbera, and Rachel Whiting.


flickr photo of the day : above oregon.

Untitled by dejvicka.

positively in love with...

...the artwork of Australian paper cutter/illustrator/painter/designer Luci Everett. Everything is just too darn pretty. (See also: Luci's shop and blog.)

a silhouette cake...

...as featured last month on Poppytalk. I think I might just have to duplicate this idea for my next party.


love in the photobooth.

Whether it's friendly love or romantic love, I love how photobooths are perfect in capturing a fun moment in time with someone you adore, as well as an instrument for expressing your love. Once again, Happy Valentine's Day folks- je vous adore tout.

Flickr sources (from left to right, top to bottom): girlhula, Alicia, Mary..., cori kindred, girlhula, Christian Montone, moxiee, and signs and wonders.
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