flickr photo of the day : hush.

Untitled by chloe elise.

it's just one of those days...

when being transported within the pages of a toast catalog sounds quite nice.

thought of the day : disconcerted.

"Let Us Not Be Disconcerted," a limited edition print from Julianna Swaney's shop. ($30)

interior inspiration : a good place to sleep.

So yes, if you haven't noticed from the lack of posts, I am still sick. Thankfully though, I am slowly getting better and the bad symptoms (terrible body aches and throbbing headaches) are being replaced by not-so-terrible ones (a runny nose and a lingering, somewhat annoying cough.) I really hope to be fully recovered by this weekend, since Halloween is one of my favorite days of the year. Wish me luck.

Also, thanks everyone for the "get well" messages- you readers are the best. Really.

So, here's a post, finally. A round-up of beautiful bedrooms that I would be more-than-happy to lay my sick body in and fall into a deep sleep. Because that is what fall and winter are all about.

Sources (from top to bottom): Twig Hutchinson, Gemma Comas, A Cup of Jo, Per Ranung, Tina Tyrell, LivingEtc, Debi Treloar, The City Sage, Sandra Lane, and Rachel Whiting.


cinderella & sickness.

I hate to say this, but I am still quite sick, most likely with this. So that means that I am going to take another day to just rest in bed (if only I still had a working laptop, I would probably still be posting.)

On a better note, photographs are now coming in from the photo adventure I was a part of over the weekend and can be viewed here. My favorite one posted so far is the image shown above of me surrounded by huge pumpkins, taken by the wonderful Abby. Isn't it dreamy? (It's funny, because my favorite picture I took happens to also be of her lower half, seen here.)

Cross your fingers that I'll be back to posting tomorrow!



I am taking a sick day. Darn this early cold/flu season. See you tomorrow!

(photograph by Chris Craymer.)


flickr friday : no theme.

Because sometimes I just want to share a mix of lovely photographs. Have a lovely weekend everyone!

flickr friday : no theme.

1. Untitled, 2. i love you, fall, 3. Untitled, 4. 1, 5. Untitled, 6. snowy lake, 7. 4/5, 8. pescara, fin, 9. Untitled, 10. x-pleat, 11. 180/365 Tries to keep it all inside, 12. Untitled, 13. Party7, 14. a tiny succulent, 15. seed preservation, 16. little stars

two things to wear...

that I wish I owned right now: the Bicycle Locket from sponsor Makool Loves You ($52) and the Natalia Top from Candystore Collective ($148).

ten images of inspiration : airstreams.

Do you ever dream of driving an old Airstream trailer across the country? I do constantly, especially around this time of year when the weather is crisp and the states are filled with the colors of fall. Perhaps someday...

Sources (from top to bottom): Abby Powell Thompson, Atlanta Bartlett, Hilary Hitchcock, John Kernick, Anna Wolf, {frolic!}, Richard Powers, David Tsay, Jo Barnes, and Fututowoman.

thought of the day : lineage.

"HOMESTEAD," a xylene transfer print from beauchamping. ($75)


thought of the day : please.

"please please please..." from the chez-sucre-chez shop. Oh, how I love The Smiths. ($64)

collections : 2010 calendars (partie trois.)

There are just too many beautiful ones this year to choose from...

1. Kate Spade ($20), 2. seesaw ($28), 3. yaelfran ($9), 4. Cavallini & Co. ($12.95), 5. Night Owl Paper Goods ($24), 6. Egg Press ($16), 7. Postal Press ($38), and 8. Claudia Pearson ($24)

interior inspiration : pops of color.

I really love how dramatic and stylish small pops of color in neutral spaces can be sometimes...

Sources (from top to bottom): Anna Kern, Ideal Home, Design*Sponge: Darling Clementine, Airspace, Per Ranung, Patric Johansson, Wayne Vincent, Annika Vannerus, Rachel Whiting, and Design*Sponge: Jill Crawford.


pretty please...

May I have everything from the new Mieke Willems' webshop? (Psst, do you follow their blog? It's one of my favorites.)

flickr photo of the day : these apples.

"apple in hand" by no penny for them.

collections : 2010 calendars (partie deux.)

There are plenty more where these came from...

1. CATS LET NOTHING DARKEN THEIR ROAR (not yet available), 2. A Little Hut ($26), 3. Blanca Gomez ($25), 4. Nicole J. Georges ($12), 5. Linda & Harriett ($30), 6. Anthropologie ($24), 7. Chronicle Books ($15.99), and 8. sweetbeets ($6)

thought of the day : absense.

"Miss You," a hand-embroidered phrase from Doublespeak's shop. ($39.50)
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