best of the week.


freebie of the day : sweet icons.

Today's freebie is for Mac users only (sorry PC folks!): some ultra-cute cupcake and donut icons from Apple.com. I love how these look on my desktop.

etsy finds of the week.

1. delicate heart - jointed paper doll set/print with 11 pewter brads from Wool & Water ($12), 2. Polar Fish Boy from Lou Lou & Oscar ($47), and 3. JivJiv Bird House from Salendro Design ($29.50)

4. birgitta ring from the b-line ($19), 5. Russian House postcards-eco friendly from Oh My Cavalier! ($14), and 6. Garden Tea Dress from Rare Turtle ($109)

7. 48 beardy stickers from i made you a beard ($4), 8. Antoine Tries His Best to Impress Babette original embroidered art from Vivienne ($65), and 9. Mook with Lion Mask from my grey sky ($37)

flickr friday : tweet, tweet.

There is just always something about bird artwork and photographs that I absolutely adore...

flickr friday : tweet, tweet.
1. ursulasbirdie, 2. birds are beautiful, 3. Paris-birds, 4. work..., 5. little bird, 6. bird 03, 7. bird mobile, 8. lululululu, 9. flight, 10. isabelle, 11. winged and stringed, 12. Little tweeters, 13. A little birdie told me, 14. Untitled, 15. A Bad Day for Hair, 16. Untitled


thought of the day : we'll feel better.

thought of the day : text message embroidery.
"i don't deserve the opportunity..." from Ginger Anyhow's Embroidered Text Messages collection.

print collection : in love.

print collection : love.
1. Love by Bold & Noble (£25), 2. I think Im in Love - Wood Paper Print by Rosie Music ($25), 3. Scarf for Two Print by Emily Martin ($18), 4. Be Mine Print 5 in x 5 in with Envelope by John W. Golden ($8.50), 5. My Heart Is Yours by Hadley Hutton ($25), 6. All You Need AP by Douglas Wilson/Keep Calm Gallery (£15), 7. Lovebirds - Silk Screen Print by Naomi Murrell ($55), 8. Anatomical Print - Light Blue by Hybrid-Home ($40), 9. Bear & Owl by Kathleen Lolley ($45), 10. I Love You on cascading diamond pattern background by Samantha Hahn ($25), and 11. Nesting Birds Gocco Print on Balsam Fir Green by Cindy Tomczyk ($12)


freebie of the day : typography desktop wallpaper.

freebie : typography desktop wallpaper.

I know I am not alone in saying that I always appreciate a good font, so I was happy to find these free wallpapers from I Love Typography. There are so many to choose from, all perfect for fontaholics like myself.

flickr photo of the day : travelin' shoes.

"you never traveled" by andrea (scout).

furniture : a big round-up.

While browsing through my past entries, I realized that it has been all too long since I last posted about furniture design (something I used to do a lot around here.) Lately I have been a bit swept up in photography and illustration, but here you go: my favorite furniture pieces of the moment, ones I would dearly love to own.

furniture : one.
1. Crepax Valentino nel Metro cabinet (tall), 2. High-Wire Act Chair, Petal, 3. Danish Modern Storage Side Table, 4. Scoop TV Table, and 5. Pendel 2 Seat Sofa

furniture : two.
6. Orla Kiely Cork Easy Chair Pear Print in Poppy, 7. Perf Boxes 8. French Style Bedside Table, 9. Vintage Oak Post Sorting Table, and 10. Chippendale Dining Chair

furniture : three.
11. channing desk, 12. Mademoiselle rocker, 1956, 13. alchemy stool, 14. Antique Wood Folding Chairs, and 15. Matisse Media Cabinet

furniture : four.
16. Baby Blue Highboy, 17. lampert loveseat, 18. Jamie Dream Velvet Sofa, 19. Ukiyo round table, and 20. The Paris Coffee Table

furniture : five.
21. Crochet table - large, 22. Chair 303, 23. Gus Design Group Acrylic Timber Table, 24. Brigitte Table, 25. Dawning Lark Bed, and 26. Table

love is all we need.

I just received an email from the always-inspiring Samantha Hahn unleashing some exciting news: she has put out a book that has come out perfectly on time for Valentine's Day! The book, entitled "Love," contains the work of 25 artists who each contributed their own interpretation of the title subject.

The contributing artists include some of my favorites: Lisa Congdon, Kelly Lynn Jones, Maditi, Holly Becker, and Ez Pudewa, just to name a few. For more information and a sneak peek, check out Samantha's post about it right here.


thought of the day : green.

"Think Green," from the portfolio of hand-lettering master Darren Booth.

freebie of the day : two more for v-day.

I have been finding sweet Valentine's Day freebies all over the place, so I'll keep them coming. Here are two lovelies for the day...

Ez always comes up with such creative ideas and these are no exceptions: free romantic wrappers + tea tags. I think I am going to whip some of these up to mail with this year's valentines.

Another super-sweet print-out, this time from little brown pen (a blog I only recently discovered): the Be-Mine? Tear-Off Flyer. I like the idea of posting these around town and then checking on which tags have been torn off.

accessories & apparel collection: florals.

Can you tell I am quite eager for Spring to arrive?

collection : florals.
1. English Garden Dress ($283), 2. Cloude Dress ($122), 3. Jolene Watercolor Cardigan ($39.50), 4. The-Mind-Wanders Blouse ($88), 5. Vintage Print Dress (£260.00), 6. Star Roses Bucket Bag (£40.00), 7. Edelweiss Shift Dress ($110), 8. Blowfish Shelly Floral Flat ($59.50), 9. Aisha ($42), and 10. ASOS Border Print Flower Dress (£27.50)

jamie oliver : food line.

jamie oliver's food line.
Oh, Jamie Oliver, how I love thee. Your charming nature, adorable British slang, gorgeous cookbooks, the creative styling of your current show, and now this: your own line of food with homemade-looking labels and sweet packaging. I must say, I'm smitten. (Via frolic!)


flickr photo of the day : cups of tea & good smiles.

"Something Sweet" by [Laurence].

thought of the day : possibility.

"Do something everyday, regardless..." by David Horvitz.

things i'm loving : monday afternoon edition.

I hope you had a grand weekend. I am starting my week off with a heck of a lot of coffee and big to-do list. How about you?

monday : things i'm luvin'.
1. Aquarius Purple ($95), 2. Tokyo Milk - Petit Fours 044 - Bon Bon Lip Balm ($12), 3. Breathless ($60), 4. Battement Necklace ($118), 5. Under New Management! ($22), 6. credo pillow ($21.95), 7. le t-shirt - blue ($69 AUD), 8. Candle #1 ($72), 9. postcard box set ($13), 10. miss harriet vanity bag, terence (£32.00), and 11. Rubans adhésifs (€10.00)


advertise on design is mine!

I have dabbled with going through with this awhile back, but now it is official: Design is Mine is now offering advertisements. Information about becoming a sponsor is available right here.

best of the week.

A whole lot of goodies this week!


etsy finds of the week.

1. 100 percent organic tote- Handpainted from Carry Me Away ($20), 2. Man versus the Kangaroo Print from Michael C Hsiung ($12), and 3. doily drawing 3 from fieldguided ($25)

4. Owl from Three Sisters Ink ($15), 5. small branch handbag from kate durkin ($42), and 6. high waisted pencil skirt.....pure patchwork from Sohomode ($150)

7. Giclee Print (item No. P-2009-9) Sit Eat Enjoy from Jenn Ski ($41), 8. Super Bowl in Outfit pattern, Vapid colorway from Jill Rosenwald ($200), and 9. Little Red - Print from fall down tree ($15)

thought of the day : words of wisdom.

"Live What You Love," from Hijirik Studio ($12.50, found via black. white. bliss.)

freebie of the day : blackpio 2009 calendar.

Today's freebie: A totally cute foldable 2009 calendar from Valentina at Blackpio, which you can download right here. (Also, she just posted a free Valentine's box, if you're interested!)

brigitte sire.

Somehow I bookmarked Brigitte Sire's website a long time ago but I have no recollection of looking through her stunning portfolio until now. Brigitte is an extremely talented photographer who has worked with such greats magazines as W, Nylon, Bon Appetit, and Wallpaper, to name a few. Lovely, lovely work.


flickr photo of the day : beautiful art.

"yellow" by Camilla Engman.

valentines : part one.

1. upside down possum from Broadway Paper ($3.50), 2. Warthog from La Familia Green ($6), 3. Because Your Kiss Is On My List from Sidepony ($4), 4. Tattoo Man from rock scissor paper ($2.75), 5. cupcakes from Seltzer ($3.25), 6. I Heart You (+Pin) from Pink Loves Brown ($15), and 7. owl love you forever from Night Owl Paper Goods ($6)

8. heart beats from Art School Girl ($5), 9. You Rock from Zeichen Press ($4), 10. love from Binth ($4.25), 11. Good Catch from Egg Press ($4.50), 12. hands card from Bella Muse ($3.50), 13. Don't Forget Elephant from Hello Lucky! ($4.50), 14. apple of my eye from Saturate Design ($4.20), and 15. Amore No. 114 from Pancake & Franks ($6)


I do not usually post many food-related items on here, but I couldn't resist linking to Aran's recipe and gorgeous photographs for strawberry and vanilla bean macarons. If I haven't mentioned it by now, macarons are by far one of my favorite things.

freebie of the day : nate williams' wallpaper.

Super-fabulous desktop wallpapers right here by the very talented illustrator and designer Nate Williams.


thought of the day : stay away!

"Stay away from my children," by Sa'd Khorsid (found in his Flickr photostream.)

back to basics.

I used to be a much flashier dresser (and every once in awhile, I still love throwing on something more unique and bright), but lately I much prefer the look and comfort of comfy basic clothing. My current favorite look is an oversized t-shirt (I admittedly love these), jeans or black leggings, ballet-esque shoes, and a blazer or over-sized cardigan. Plus, it makes it extra easy to mix-and-match and be completely comfortable running around frantically with the kids.

back to basics.
1. Oversize Stripe Scoop Neck Tee (£22.00), 2. Molly Flat ($158), 3. H81 Judith 3Q Swing Top ($11.92), 4. Boy Tank ($15.50), 5. Lantern Skirt (£32.00), 6. Slim Straight Leg Trousers (£185.00), 7. Avondale Tote ($188), 8. Coleen Thick Striped Shirt (£107.00), 9. Eliza Sweater Cardigan ($17.80). and 10. BB Classic Flat ($220)


flickr photo of the day : strings attached.

Untitled by lobster and swan.

freebie of the day : valentine's day goodies.

I have two freebies to share today, both of which are Valentine's Day themed. Call me a sucker, but I have a major soft spot for this over-commercialized holiday. You can blame it on my love of red and pink.

The first one comes from the Martha Stewart website and was spotted just a little while ago on S.HOPtalk. All you have to do is click here to download an adorable valentine wheel game (instructions included.) I love this idea.

I love everything that Emily Martin does, so it's no surprise that I am rather smitten with her free valentine print-outs. I am definitely going to be sending these out this year. (On a side note, Emily just did some new classic-styled valentine designs that will be up in her shoppe very soon.)

thought of the day : today.

"WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER. THANK YOU." from the wonderful thankyoutoo.org.

a tour of my home.

I am so excited to announce that CafeMom's Home & Garden Buzz blog just posted an interview with me and a tour of my home right here! It was lovely to work with Sheri and share some of my thoughts on home decor.

For the original photos, along with a few more, check out my House Tour Flickr set.

inspirational posters.

In honor of the positive feeling in the air today, I have decided to do a round-up of inspirational prints. Let me just tell you, finding well-designed motivational prints is tough, so I was quite happy to come across these beauties.

motivational posters.
1. Voice by Nikki McClure ($8.50), 2. SMS: Make It Work For You print ($30), 3. BREAK THE ROUTINE ($18), 4. GROW ($14.95), 5. We Are All Connected-LARGE Print ($39.99), 6. Believe AP (£45.00), 7. This Is My Year ($10.99), and 8. Random Acts of Kindness - 4x6 Illustration Print ($8)


style rookie.

the most stylish 12 year old ever?
My friend Alice just pointed me over to this fashion website: Style Rookie. I am completely in awe of how incredibly fashionable this 12-year-old is. When I was her age, I was in combat boots, stretch pants, and oversized environmentalist shirts. Can I adopt her?
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