flickr photo of the day : coffee.

"where the names were not burned along the wall" by shades of mediocrity.

for the salt fiend...

...like myself, a potato chip necklace. I must say, it looks good enough to eat. ($25)

thought of the day : my sunshine.

"You make me happy when skies are grey," another fabulous print from ReStyle. I am really loving her work lately.

springtime ensembles : yellow & pink.

Ah, my two favorite colors of the season. Spring... I am mighty glad you have arrived.

Yellows: 1. Yellow Heart Confetti Crook Handle Umbrella ($30), 2. KIT Gloves in Chartreuse ($34.99), 3. Silk Linen Drape Neck Dress ($535), 4. Yellow Hunter Women's Short Boot (£56), 5. Boo and Scout Tee ($45), 6. Steven Alan Erin Short ($158), 7. Tipsy ($198), 8. Roar Badge (au$10), and 9. Gracie Bag (£59)

Pinks: 1. Tom Ford Plastic Glasses ($363), 2. Petite Light Pink Tiered Peter Pan Collar Blouse ($66), 3. Kathy the Redwood Pin ($18), 4. Coral Battenburg Shorts (£28), 5. Eyes of Mars Sandal ($94.99), 6. Date Night Ring ($55), 7. Pink Tulip Pattern Fifties Dress ($100), 8. shady side magazine tote ($255), and 9. MONK Pink Soft Lace Up Shoes ($60)


flickr photo of the day : potted.

Untitled by Belle Fleur de Lis. (See also: blog)

loving the colors...

...of this flea market scarf from Madewell. They almost look like they were painted directly on the fabric with a paintbrush. ($45)

thought of the day : apology.

"Sorry," one of the many beautiful works by Sara Wood, design & illustration extraordinaire. (See also: blog + tumblr)


i'd rather dance than talk to you.

More Monday feel-good stuff (other than cake, of course)? This video from Kings of Convenience. It really makes me smile. (found via various sources)

ten images of inspiration : let them eat cake.

I really don't like Mondays. Lately I have really been enjoying my weekends and Monday just means it's back to reality. But what better way to deal with a blah day than with pictures of cake? In my opinion, it's an instant cheer-up.

Sources (from top to bottom): What Katie Ate, Amy Atlas, forty-sixth at grace, Flickr: Supercapacity, Tara Donne, honey & jam, Flickr: sara + h, perfectbound, Johnny Miller, and Orangette.


flickr photo of the day : curtain.

"Stop. Start Over." by notcatherinezeta. (See also: portfolio)

oh, lovely sky blue dress...

...why must you be so far out of my price range? I'd love to wear you this spring, I would. ($360)


thought of the day : intensely.

"i miss you most intensely," a flowery papercut piece by Ellie. I really, really adore her work.



flickr photo of the day : marble.

"夫妻臉" by in Belle.

in paris.

Right now: completely and madly loving the recent Paris homes as photographed by Rachael Smith. They're so stylish and romantic, I wish I could move in immediately.

Also, did you all have a grand weekend? I sure hope so.


thought of the day : easy.

"keep it easy," a 5x7" print by Laura George. I would like to look at this every single day. ($15)


ten images of inspiration : green.

I don't have much to say this evening, but I'd like to wish you all a Happy St. Patrick's Day! I hope you are all drinking some good beer and enjoying a meal with plenty of potatoes (which is how I am spending my evening.)

"Green are the hills of Ireland and green they will always stay. Warm are the blessings wished for you and they’ll always be that way.

Sources (from top to bottom): Olena Vorontsova, Abby Powell, The Heads of State, Pia Ulin, Honeytree, Maria Alexandra Vettese, Elizabeth Weinberg, Creature Comforts, Flickr: pricklypearbloom.
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