flickr photo of the day : on a sunday.

"a sneak peek" by nikoleherriott.

apparel collection : feeling bookish.

I blame the rainy weather...

1. lute satchel (£495), 2. Shrunken Blazer ($90), 3. tuxedo bib polo ($28), 4. librarian pin ($10), 5. Rachel Comey Secretariat Clog ($308), 6. Random Pleat Raphael Skirt (£149), 7. Cozy Wool Vest ($151), and 8. Dewey Decimal Dress ($88.99, currently out of stock)

this morning i am inspired by...

the flickr photostream of nikolinelr. Such beautiful self portraiture by a seventeen-year-old girl from Norway. (Psst, the link is fixed now- sorry!)


thought of the day : awesomeness.

"Today Is Awesome," a brand new print by Sarah Neuburger ($20). And just so you know, today is awesome, being spent with my dear cousin from out-of-town, so I apologize for the lack of posts. Things shall resume as normal tomorrow!


collections : autumny inspiration.

Oh Autumn, I am quite happy you're here (in case you haven't noticed...).

1. Autumn Storm - watercolor painting ($54), 2. Apple Cushion (£179), 3. 6 needle felted wool acorns - Gray days of winter ($12), 4. notNeutral Season Leaf Shallow Bowl ($81), 5. Crayon Forest Print Big Zip Wallet ($161), 6. Guardian of the Forest ($60), 7. Metalsmith Necklace ($21.99), and 8. gifting squirrels ($2.50)

flickr photo of the day : a seat.

Untitled by feaverish.

interior inspiration : displaying posters.

I just bought my first band poster in years, a lovely black & white Smiths one that I had my eye out for awhile. Sure, the idea of posters can bring to mind thoughts of adolescent bedrooms and college dorms, but I think they can add quite a nice touch to a home when done well.

Sources (from top to bottom): Apartment Therapy: My Funny Eye, Patric Johansson, Flickr: fine little day, Design*Sponge: Jamie Gray, The Selby: Aaron Rose, Flickr: Camilla Engman, Design*Sponge: Darling Clementine, Lucas Allen, Flickr: Buttons Magee, Johnny Miller, and Design*Sponge: Matte Stephens.


thought of the day : here.

"Be Here Now," from the ever-fabulous Sarah Gardner's Lettering set.

flickr photo of the day : rainboots.

"ready." by little birds.

apparel collection : hello, fall!

Even though it hit a whopping 95 degrees here in Portland today, it's official: summer is over. Autumn is my favorite time of the year and I am so ready for crisp weather and golden colors.

1. Kensington Shirt ($154), 2. autumn check tunic (£75), 3. Scarlet Blaze Shirtdress ($148), 4. cropped plaid wool menswear vest ($26.99), 5. Frill Neck Justine Top (£135), 6. Fine Long Cardigan (£64.80), 7. shetland neat cardigan (£89), and 8. Rusted Plaid Two Tone Raglan Dress ($270)

ten images of inspiration : in days of old.

Today I am thinking about planning a vintage-esque photoshoot and breaking out some black and white film. I truly adore old photographs and new ones with antique styling...

Sources (from top to bottom): Flickr: Very Good With Computers, Rodney Smith, Katya de Grunwald, Edda Gudmun, abby try again, Flickr: 16 sparrows, Laurie Frankel, Lauren Dukoff, Jen Zahigian, and Anna Wolf.


yellow invitations.

These are surely some of the prettiest invitations I have seen. There are few things that I like more than bright colors, bunting, and sweet handwriting. Sometimes old-fashioned simplicity is really the best. (Via Oh So Beautiful Paper)

thought of the day : oh yes it does.

"Feels Good To Get Some Stuff Done," from Mary Kate McDevitt's shop. ($5)

collections : it's raining...

...cats and dogs!

1. Cats ($200), 2. Donna Wilson Beryl Dog ($84), 3. valerie makeup bag, maureen (£18), 4. Knitted Long Cat Jumper ($100), 5. jezebel cat pillow ($32.50), 6. My Dog Loves Me Print ($40), 7. ClearFile(single)_terrier (189YEN), and 8. lush life cat with bird print ($35)

more interior eye candy...

this time from Australian photographer Anson Smart.
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