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I am off for the weekend. This week has been rather wretched, mainly due to the overwhelming heat, so I am welcoming the (slightly cooler) weekend with open arms. Have fun everyone!

(Above photograph by Cig Harvey)

etsy finds of the week.

1. a bear-like object. from every eskimo ($24), 2. Cosmic cutting board and trivet from Wook Wordworking ($27), and 3. Filming Ferns from Jeremy Miranda ($30)

4. Ribcage with Heart from xlessthan3 ($9), 5. mama - apron portrait - original painting from black fence ($275), and 6. Superb tea ACEO from Tabitha Emma ($4.50)

7. STATES UNITED from Beauchamping ($75), 8. Letters to you - matchbox art from paperiaarre ($23), and 9. Adriatic Sea Wood Brooch/Pin from 60s UK Puzzle from ME2 Designs ($20)

flickr friday : keeping cool.

flickr friday : keeping cool.

Because it's what this whole week has been about...

1. blue, 2. Untitled, 3. water, 4. wind, 5. aug1107 008, 6. We are one with the sea., 7. stupid ice tricks, 8. Polaroids+ Cannon Beach = Magic, 9. soda, 10. Untitled, 11. Iced Coffee on a Very Hot Day, 12. strawberry ice cream 2237.jpg, 13. Untitled, 14. Untitled, 15. english summer, 16. flight of freshness

the online summer social sale.

So, remember that summertime sale I was a part of last weekend? Well, today at 10 am PST, Abby is opening an online version of the sale right here! The shop features the work from all the sale's vendors, including some brand new prints by me, and of course a whole lot of gorgeous handmade items. Make sure to check back in in a couple of hours when all the items will officially be on sale!


thought of the day : true happiness.

"True Happiness Lies Within You," a polaroid from my dear friend, the ever-inspiring Cori Kindred.

art collection : jolies filles.

1. Two of a Kind Print by Emily Martin ($18), 2. We Grew Together Print 12x15 by Angela Stasio ($32), 3. Niaidia Limited Edition Print by Bec Winnel ($30), 4. Girl Holding Horse Head Print by ALyson Fox ($50), 5. It's All Right by Ashley Goldberg ($42), 6. Tangled 5 by Samantha Hahn ($20), 7. Late Bloomer by Aimee Sicuro ($20), 8. librarian bookended BIG print from Brigette B. ($25), 9. alone at the dance, 6x8 inch print by Caitlin Shearer ($9), and 10. Know By Heart - Print by Catherine Campbell ($15)

completely breathtaking...

is how I would describe the work of Rhode Island artist Alli Coate. I am in love with the way she mixes paper, fabric, thread, and paint- just gorgeous.


flickr photo of the day : book lover.

"small" by jelens. (Oh, how I would love a teeny shelf filled with these tiny little books...)

apparel collection : buttons and bows.

1. Raven Dress ($57.99), 2. pepinnery bib denim shirtdress ($58.99), 3. Cotton pencil dress (£760), 4. Gathered Silk Round Neck Cardigan ($190), 5. Scarf-Tied Oxfords ($128), 6. Dot Sleeveless Blouse ($79), 7. Jewel Button Silk Shirt ($24.80), and 8. fontainebleau tie skirt ($40)

thought of the day : i know for sure.

"The only thing I know is that while I am looking for you, you are looking for me," a beautiful project found on olivelife's photostream.

interior inspiration : cool blues.

We're in the midst of a bad heat wave here, which is pretty rare for Portland. All I can think of is cold water and beaches- these cool blues help with my daydreaming.

Sources (from top to bottom): Christine Rudolph, Design*Sponge: Nicolette Camille, http://sarahkaye.com/photographers/chris-everard" target="blank">Chris Everard, Design*Sponge: Michelle Smith, LivingEtc, desire to inspire, Hulya Kolabas, Martin Morrell, Lucas Allen, and Johnny Miller.


ten images of inspiration : colorful summer.

I can't even believe that we're almost to the end of July. This summer is going by quickly (as summers tend to do.) I need to keep sucking it up for all it's worth.

Sources (from top to bottom): Abby Powell Thompson, Rachel McGinn, Jane Roarty, Annika Vannerus, Paul Costello, Jacqueline Veissid, Feaverish Photography, Emma Freemantle, Anna Kern, and Amanda Friedman.

apparel collection : blue & white.

There is always something so calming and classic about the combination...

1. Boatneck Eyelet Minidress ($180), 2. Navy Pier Dress ($49.99), 3. Lulu striped cardigan (£192.50), 4. Antique Floral Top ($12.80), 5. ruffled Kerri mini dress ($48), 6. Lace Front Blouse (£32), 7. Frill Bottom Stripe Top (£43), and 8. Teal the Show Dress ($74.99)


thought of the day : the good times.

"Good Times" screenprint from Etsy seller linocutboy. "...a roundabout way of saying enjoy yourself!" ($12)

flickr photo of the day : hot air balloons.

Untitled by bloom-grow-love.

big collections : 50 art objects and curiosities.

1. Porcelain Key ($8), 2. Girard Doll No. 11 ($160), 3. branch scupture - black ($38), 4. Owl Nodder ($9.50), 5. Owl Lamp: Porcelain Table Lamp Light ($130), 6. PHRENOLOGY HEAD ($48), 7. Teakwood Chedi Sculpture ($475), 8. Harry Allen Brush Vase ($75-$125), 9. Light Blue Lily Canopy ($55), 10. Ceramic Camera ($55), 11. miniature marshmallow sofa ($670), 12. Wolf with Gold Tooth ($500), and 13. Pierres Graphiques 2009 ($100)

14. Large Papier-Mâché Bird ($46), 15. Rollerstop Bookend/Doorstop ($95), 16. Egg Banks ($95), 17. Sansaku Sekiguchi Warm & Fuzzy Shochan Kokeshi Doll ($87), 18. Standing Magnifying Glass ($68-$128), 19. Wonderland Piglet Bottle (€119), 20. Bear by Kay Bojesen ($149), 21. Eames House Bird ($210), 22. Toikka Little Barn Owl ($140), 23. ceramic pinecones ($75), 24. Daishi Decorative Ball - Large ($5.99), and 25. Pipe Candlestick ($84)

26. Clive & Sunshine Animals: Anteater ($120), 27. roost carved wooden mushrooms #1 ($36), 28. kopje kopje (€38), 29. Large Resin Cameo Vase ($25), 30. Gnome Bank ($40), 31. Gladiator Bird, Finch With Key ($298), 32. porcelain pear vase ($12), 33. Ursa the Bear ($132), 34. rimini blue owl ($84), 35. Apple Bramley, white (€44), 36. Ball Fish ($151-$166), and 37. Porzellan Manufaktur Nymphenburg Hare Figure ($1,898)

38. city sculptures ($38), 39. Grazing Sheep, White ($448), 40. Carpenter Wood Letters & Numbers ($8), 41. ENOKI Mini Vases ($9.99), 42. Felt Pebbles ($14-$92), 44. Friend in a nut (€22), 45. Oiseaux de la France - Petite Crème ($100), 46. Sparrow Salt and Pepper Shakers ($15), 47. blank matryoshka russia ($21), 48. Vintage Antlers on Reconditioned Mounts ($34), 49. Eames Elephant (£136), and 50. Pink Mix Mobile ($100)

the summer social.

Sorry that it has been a little quieter than usual here this week. In case you are wondering, I have been getting things together for this...

The Summer Social is an event that Abby Powell Thompson is putting on this Saturday here in Portland. There will be a number of creative people selling their artwork, along with good food and vintage beauties. I feel quite lucky to be a part of the whole thing and seriously cannot wait for the weekend. More information about the event can be found on the Summer Social blog. If you live in Portland or will be visiting this Saturday, please stop by and say hi (and maybe even buy a slice of homemade pie from me!)
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