oh, paris!

A quick little weekend update: I just saw that Jennifer Causey added prints from her recent trip to Paris to her shop. If you're a Francophile like myself, I am sure you would love having these displayed in your home. I cannot wait to get my own.


etsy finds of the week.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

1. Mini Goals Chalkboard - Today from Mary Kate McDevitt ($25), 2. Strawberry Ice Cream Cone Trinket Box from Fruit Fly Pie ($24), and 3. chiffon white dot from bowbowbow ($28)

4. Cafe De Guatemala Organic Coffee Shoulder Bag from Wren ($54), 5. Large 1950s orange canister from Pardon My Vintage ($42), and 6. Album/Journal with Original Art Cover on Spruce Wood Boards - Jimmy's First Day of School from Sleeping Forest Studio ($165)

7. Give Pause from For Me, For You ($15), 8. Organic Cotton Poplin Dress from Dear Pony ($120), and 9. small cottage vase from Pretty Random Objects ($38)

thought of the day : a simple request.

"Love Me," by Lisa of Lou Lou & Oscar (found via her photostream.)

portland local : noun (a person's place for things).

paper letter tiles in a beautiful copper bowl.
gorgeous ceramic bowls and cake stand.
owl plates & gold fig vessels.
bowl of army men & tiny toy piano.
cake stands in the sunlight.
vocabulary cards.

Due to all the great response I got from this post (thanks everyone!), I have decided to continue posting more of my 35mm shots from my favorite local Portland shops. This week I would like to show you these pictures from Noun, a little place I always seem to be wandering around. Not only does it share a space with the southeast saint cupcake (which I will say, as a snobby baker, makes the best cupcakes in town), but it also a perfect spot on its own. It is a small space with tiny trinkets filling vintage bowls and beautifully crafted vessels, tables covered in old typewriters and local paper goods/art prints, and cupboards stacked with some of the prettiest tableware I have ever seen. Also, their little front room contains gorgeous jewelry and accessories and the workers are always the sweetest. So if you're in Portland, go ahead- stop in, eat a red velvet cupcake, and buy something pretty.

Note: Noun is located at 3300 southeast Belmont. They also have an online shop right here. Oh yes, and more photographs can be found in this set.

flickr friday : warmth.

We are having unusually beautiful warm sunny days here. I am absolutely loving it.

flickr friday : warmth.

1. Untitled, 2. ear to ear, 3. {film.210}, 4. A garden party, 5. wings and prayers, 6. yellow, 4, 7. a little sunshine, 8. Untitled, 9. 3/365 1.3.09, 10. little beauties, 11. yellow tuesday (1), 12. of gaieties and pleasure, 13. love, 14. Eden, 15. kumquats, 16. after that and ever after

art collection : ready for summertime.

1. Strawberries- Original Illustration by Jamie Shelman ($110), 2. Present print by Blanca Gómez ($30), 3. Shine - Hand Printed Gocco Print by Dee Beale ($20), 4. The Landing by Binth ($36), 5. Earthly Delights by Wayne Pate ($35), 6. Kite March Print by Jennifer Eng ($20), 7. Hello, Sun 5x7 print horizontal by Ward Jenkins ($12), 8. #1050 by Old School Stationers (price unknown), 9. Girl in the Yellow Suit by Lisa Golightly ($20), and 10. Dive-In Detox by Aimee Sicuro ($24)


let's get out into this sunshine.

I must admit, I am feeling rather uninspired today, so I think I am going to take a random one-day break to catch up on some things and spend the day out in the sunshine. See you all tomorrow (or later tonight)!

Image above by Gemma Booth.


thought of the day : mustaches.

"mustaches on strings are the finest of things," by the great Marc Johns. I always love his work. Always.

flickr photo of the day : summer florals.

Untitled by marybeth coghill.

interior inspiration : there's no place like home.

This post is dedicated to the types of places that make you want to put your feet up, drink some coffee, read a good book, and fall fast asleep. The places that aren't stark white and minimal or filled with overly modern furniture, with vintage collections, old stoves, filled pantries, and cozy little nooks. You know, the kind of place that feels like home (and totally looks good doing so.)

Sources (from top to bottom): Annika Vannerus, Apartment Therapy: AB Chao, Design*Sponge: Olga Naiman, Andrea Jenkins, Purple Area, Design*Sponge: Rebecca Wood, Stephanie Congdon Barnes, Apartment Therapy: Diana Fayt, The Selby, Rachel Whiting, Alicia Paulson, and Lucas Allen.


fabulous shop update : hula seventy.

One of my favorite Portland photographers/bloggers, the ever-so lovely Andrea of Hula Seventy just went and did a major update to her Etsy shoppe, including some of her stunning Polaroid art prints. She always manages to capture pretty moments and corners with her photography that makes me fall in love with every single one of her images.

apparel & accessories collection : primary colors.

I have a feeling this is going to be a summer of color...

1. Gathered Silk Round Neck Cardigan ($380), 2. Lantern Two Tone Dress (£45), 3. Dido ($59.99), 4. Boxy Skyline Tank ($78), 5. Jumper Dress ($220), 6. Sea Drift Dress ($138), 7. Spotty Bandana (£4.95), and 8. Woven Tenjiku Camisole ($232)

thought of the day : fun, fun, fun.

"If You Could..." from the portfolio of Brooklyn illustrator/art direction Rachel Domm.

ten images of inspiration : in the kitchen.

Because it is truly the best place to be.

Sources (from top to bottom): Jennifer Causey, Polly Wreford, France Ruffenach, Jody Rogac, Matt Sundin, Tara Donne, Erica Shires, Roland Bello, Debi Treloar, and Paul Costello.

flickr photo of the day : springtime soiree.

Untitled by abbytrysagain.

I hope you all had a fabulous, sun-filled Memorial Day weekend! The above photograph is a polaroid that my friend Abby took of me and my sister-in-law at the springtime party I threw on Sunday. It was a beautiful day with fresh farmers market food, sweet sun tea, quilts spread out on the grass, bunches of flowers in old bottles all over the place, petal-studded carrot cake and strawberry pie, and wonderful people. I really had an amazing time and it made me feel like this is going to be a truly lovely summer.


etsy finds of the week.

1. Ice Cream Drip (print) from Rebecca Rebouche ($100), 2. Travel Paris Illust Linen Fabric 7 Cut from giftbox4you ($11.99), and 3. your new boyfriend handmade sticker set - special sailor edition from Nowvember ($7)

4. Baby Toes Succulent in Cute Little Forest Pot from Monkeys Always Look ($22), 5. You Send Me, Single Card from Two Trick Pony ($4.50), and 6. Reef Ring - Ready to Ship from Brooke Modlin ($20)

7. Bespoke Leaf Silhouette Portrait from Jenny Lee Fowler ($65), 8. Oh, Orange 8x8 Signed Print from Tina Crespo ($15), and 9. Doli little light bulb. Doli bombillita. from Misako Mimoko ($80)

I'm off until Tuesday- I hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

flickr friday : a visit to the flower shoppe.

It is really where I love spending time these days...

flickr friday : a visit to the flower shoppe.

1. flowers at merci, 2. Untitled, 3. tulips, 4. Bouquet, 5. :: abundance :: € 10 ::, 6. 57. cassia, 7. flowersinmarais, 8. against the wall, 9. butter cups, 10. Untitled, 11. Untitled, 12. Scholls Oregon, 13. romanticism, 14. marigold, 15. from the market, 16. flower creations

thought : i laugh anyway.

"I Don't Understand Half of the Things You Say..." from the portfolio of LA artist
Ashkahn Shahparnia.
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