summer colors week : greens.

I must say, joining in on Jan's Summer Colors Week has gotten me so completely excited and hopeful for the next couple of months. The greens have me thinking about camping and spending days at the park, which I can't wait for.

Sources (from top to bottom): Anni Leppälä, Cori Kindred, Betsy Walton, Erica Shires, and Denise Grünstein.

i am a sucker for a good ampersand...

so I am pretty smitten with this post from Friends of Type, one of the most inspiring graphic design blogs I know. So darn pretty.

flickr photo of the day : let's play.

"Campground" by Lissy Elle.


summer colors week : yellows.

Ah, yellow- the most summery of colors, in my opinion, so it's perfect for the second day of Jan's Summer Colors Week. The color of sun and sand and lemonade.

Sources (from top to bottom): Kelly Burgess, Brigitte Sire, Lisa Congdon, Amanda Friedman, and Anna Wolf.

thought of the day : sing.

"Sing Out Loud Every Day," an archival print by Jen Renninger of Please Be Still. ($25)

collections : rather knotty.

It's no secret that I am crazy about nautical-inspired items, and lately it seems to be knots that I am really loving. And this, spotted a couple of days ago, only fueled the fire.

1. Small Rope Magnifier ($16), 2. forget me knot ring ($54), 3. Sailor's Knot Coasters ($16), 4. "anchor home!" woven bag in green ($33.99), 5. Knot Door Stop ($35), 6. Unification Necklace - 2 cord ($120), 7. Overhand Knot Necklace ($69.95), and 8. Printed Ropes Tote ($5.80)


summer colors week : pinks.

Ahh, I am happy to be getting this in before midnight- I feel so terribly untimely lately. Here is my contribution to today's edition (and first day) of Jan's Summer Colours Week. It is always fun to play along- you should join in the fun! (See also: my Spring Color Week posts.)

Sources (from top to bottom): Nicole Hill Gerulat, Grady Mcferrin, Janne Peters, Abby Powell, and Con Poulos.

flickr photo of the day : tattoo.

"Please, Please, Please" by moxiee.

There it is- my new tattoo (number nine). It is in my handwriting and yes, a reference to this song. I'm rather in love with it.

so very excited...

for little winter, a handmade market being held in Portland this November. It is a collaboration between two extremely inspiring women whom I've had the pleasure of knowing personally, Chelsea Fuss and Abby Powell, and features work from a truly impressive group of artists- Shanna Murray, Nikole Herriott, Cori Kindred, just to name a few. If you were ever planning a time to go visit Portland, this would be a great time.

thought of the day : adoration.

"J'adore," a card design, as seen in Clare Owen's Flickr stream.

Oh, what a weekend. We celebrated one of my best friend's birthdays in the best ways- tattoos, a great concert, a trip to the coast with my favorite people, an all-day picnic at one of Portland's best parks, and a slew of photobooth pictures. Let me tell you, it was perfect.

Now onto the week!


ten images of inspiration : summertime blues.

I'm talking about the good kind. Sandy beaches with the bluest of skies and water, blueberries, swimming pools, etc. The kinds of blues you usually only see this time of year.

Sources (from top to bottom): Mary Robinson, Feaverish Photography, Cig Harvey, Sandra Juto, Tamara Muth King, Monica Elena, Melissa Kaseman, Jen Zahigian, Katie Coleslaw, and Jane Heller.

looking dapper.

If one of my boys was still little enough, I would be itching to buy this Swedish tiny suit. Seriously, does it get any cuter? (33 EUR)


thought of the day : life.

"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone," a quotation by Neale Donald Walsch, designed/printed by the folks at Quotable. Quite true indeed.

collections : like candy.

As much as I love them madly in black & white, this summer I think I am going to adopt the colored stripes. Their cheeriness is too hard to resist.

1. Couristan Oasis Rainbow/Multi Color Contemporary Striped Rug ($99-$1,199), 2. Rainbow Striped Jumper (£15), 3. sant elmo stripe large manuela ($135), 4. Cocktail Napkins, Striped Fun ($1.80), 5. Striped Spectrum Journal ($28), 6. Candy Stripe Serving Set ($16), 7. Multi Deckchair Stripe Waisted Dress ($179), and 8. Ipod/Cell Case ($12)


interior inspiration : good lighting.

When my husband and I found our house four years ago, one of the major selling points of it was its great lighting- it sits on a corner, so there is light coming in all over through big old-fashioned windows. Now that it's finally summer again, I cannot wait to let the sunshine in and curl up like a cat in its warm beams.

Sources (from top to bottom): Pia Ulin, Mindre, jj Locations, Johnny Miller, LivingEtc, Design*Sponge: Nina Gotlieb, Atlanta Bartlett, Melissa Kaseman, jj Locations, Adrian Briscoe, and Rachael Smith.

flickr photo of the day : hello, summer.

"happier" by girlhula.

Oh summertime, I am glad you are finally here. Sure, it's still cool and grey here in Portland, but I'm not letting it get me down today. Instead, I am listening to perfect summer music and planning a trip to the coast. Summer, I love you (and it's not just because we share the same name.)


lovely photos & a good weekend.

It is all too late, so I am heading out for the weekend. I hope you all have a grand couple of days. I'm leaving you with more stunning work from one of my favorite recent artists, the seriously talented Anni Leppälä. I just cannot get enough of her lately.

Au Revoir!
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