collections : getting in the spirit...

...with oranges and blacks for Halloween. They look pretty stylin' together.

1. ATB Tourist bicycle: Holiday ($3200), 2. Piccolo Pieni Kukkaro ($16), 3. Eames House Bird ($210), 4. Tokyo Bay Picadilly Orange Watch ($65.99), 5. Cast Iron Owl Bottle Opener ($15), 6. Meg Plate by Donna Wilson ($34), 7. Pantone Orange 021 Small Notebook (£8.50), 8. dot punch orange runner ($19.95), 9. Ampersand Giclee Print ($15), 10. Bellocq Earl Grey Tea ($36), 11. Le Creuset 1.8-Quart Whistling Teakettle in Flame ($74.95), and 12. Egg Egg Eggcup ($13)

thought of the day : it's here!

"Happy Halloween," a handmade holiday banner from Katherine Kiyoko. Ah, my favorite holiday has arrived! ($5, on sale)


flickr photo of the day : bow ties.

"forage bow tie display" by paper pastries. (See also: blog, shop & Forage)

it's a fact..

...that I really want this antique wall chart hanging in my home. Such a masterful falcon- too bad it's completely out of my budget. Sorry, beautiful. ($295)

ten images of inspiration : feeling celestial.

Inspired by: rewatching A Trip to the Moon and various astronomy video clips. I'm rather enamored with all things celestial right now.

Sources (from top to bottom): Sweet Thing, Hubble, Shanna Murray, Brandi Strickland, Unknown, Sim dersin, little bright studio, chris grohusko, Tim Green, and Double Merrick.


thought of the day : chance.

"Welcome To Today," an inspiring limited-edition print from the folks at workisnotajob. It speaks the truth. ($32)

it's that time...

...for November and December holiday advertising. Email me for special rates!

collections : grocery shopping.

Oh food, I love thee. Especially when you're colorful, packaged beautifully, and terribly delicious.

1. Tipu's Original Slow-Brew Chai ($7.50), 2. Stroopwafel ($10), 3. Extra virgin olive oil in hand–painted bottle (£29.99), 4. montmorency cherry blenheim apricot jam ($10), 5. Leche Skull Lollipop ($3), 6. Dylan's Candy Bar Mega Candy Buttons ($5), 7. Raahat rose and almond coconut (£9.99), 8. Sweet Potato Biscuit Mix ($10.95), 9. Ginger Syrup ($13), and 10. Garlic Dill Pickles ($14)


flickr photo of the day : beach bike.

Untitled by valerie chiang. (See also: portfolio)

interior inspiration : vintage feminine.

Good evening, lovelies! I must first apologize for the couple days of quiet (and no more Autumn Colors week posts.) Family arrived in town and I ended up being a busier bee than I thought I would be. I hope you all enjoyed the weekend as much as I did... Anyways, here are some inspiring interior images of my favorite style- vintage and feminine. In my opinion, it's the most comforting style of them all. Here's to a new week!

Sources (from top to bottom): Design*Sponge: Elisabeth Dunker, The Selby: Jamie & Anthony, Lyla Blue, rue magazine, Better Homes & Gardens, Lonny Magazine, Design*Sponge: Jutta Rikola, decor8, and unknown.


thought of the day : a simple advice.

"do good," an original watercolor painting from Twamies. ($25)

autumn colors week : orange.

Not much to say this evening (I happen to be coughing up a storm over here), but here are some pretty oranges to go along with today's portion of Autumn Colors Week. Enjoy!

Sources (from top to bottom): Beulah Anne, Anna Miller, Mads Perch, Alice B. Gardens, and Elizabeth Weinberg.

flickr photo of the day : dreamy heels.

Untitled by fieldguided. (See also: blog & shop)

where i pin.

The past weekend I have gotten quite a few comments and emails asking me the location of my pinboards on Pinterest. Well folks, I am right here- go ahead and follow if you'd like! Where do you pin?


autumn colors week : yellow.

Why, good evening. It's day number two of Autumn Colors Week and beautiful yellows are appearing all over. Here are my picks for today- check out the pool for some colorful inspiration.

Sources (from top to bottom): Flickr: imaginary animal, Annette Pehrsson, Elle Moss, Kris Atomic, and Philip Harvey.

simply pretty..

...this skirt is. It's rather springy, but I think it could be lovely in fall with a blazer, soft-colored scarf, and vintage boots. ($31)

thought of the day : luck.

"The Luckier I Get," a letterpress poster of a Samuel Goldwyn quotation by Lilco. ($60)


autumn colors week : red.

Today was the official start of this year's Autumn Colors Week, and I am getting my first post right in before midnight (it has been a long day.) Red- always a favorite color of mine. You can play along with Jan on your own blog or right here.

Above sources (from top to bottom): James Moes, The Makers, The Black Apple, Mariam Sitchinava, and little brown pen.

collections : sick days.

It's that time of year- the time when all over the country, everyone seems to be getting sick with colds and flus and bugs. I myself am battling a month-long virus, which has very recently turned into pneumonia, and my whole household is run-down. All I want is hot tea, soft blankets, pajamas, baths, and a whole lot of rest. Here's hoping you are doing better than I am...

1. Rosette Herbal Wrap ($32), 2. F1 CHECK-IN EYE MASK ($22), 3. Jonathan Adler Pill Carafe ($44.99), 4. The Deansgate Blanket (£129), 5. Bellocq Majorelle Mint Tea ($36), 6. Isa's Restoratives Sleep Well Tincture ($14), 7. DOUBLE SIDED FLANNEL DJELLABA (£89), 8. Navy Two Tone Hot Water Bottle (£50), 9. Lavender Sea Salt Soak ($24), and 10. Hinoki Tissue Box ($35)


ten images of inspiration : color crushing on pinterest.

Yes, I am obsessed with Pinterest... I just can't seem to keep myself away from it. And so, another Pinboard-acquired inspiration to share late tonight. Next week is Autumn Colours Week, so I've got colors on the mind. I hope your weekend is full of color, warmth, and a little adventure. Enjoy!

Pinboards (from top to bottom, click to view sources): Missy Kulik, Ez Pudewa, Nicole Balch, Mary Kate McDevitt, Joy Cho, Andrea Jenkins, Amy Nieto, Lovely Clusters, Poppytalk, and Tina Fussell.
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