quite lust-worthy.

Yes, quite lust-worthy indeed. I am completely enamored with every item from the shop of my favorite design duo, FriedaMaria. Not only is each piece unique and handmade, but oh, the styling and photographs are just gorgeous.

(Model: Silke at MTQ)

who knew...

that legal/paperwork envelopes could be so lovely? I think POSTALCO just opened up my eyes.


flickr photo of the day : spoons.

"Spoons | Lepels" by souvenirs du passé récent.

ten images of inspiration : springtime parties.

It's that time of year again, when plans are in the making to throw another springtime soirée. Daydreams of jars of flowers, pale-colored bunting, delicate sweets, and rosy drinks are piling up in my head. And all of the above images just make me even more excited and inspired.

Sources (from top to bottom): Randi Brookman Harris, Project Wedding, Joy Thigpen, Once Wed, Michelle Rago, Project Wedding, Amy Atlas, Sunday Suppers, Once Wed, and Lobster and Swan.

thought of the day : stardust.

"We Are All Part Stardust," a beautiful illustration by the ever-talented Christopher David Ryan.

apparel & accessories collection : vertically striped.

While flipping through Japanese fashion magazines at a friend's house the other night, I fell in love with the reoccurring trend of vertical stripes. Not only do they look stylish, but they have the amazing ability to make anyone look slimmer and taller (unlike horizontal stripes, which, even though I dearly love them, tend to shorten and widen one's appearance.) Viva la stripes!

1. Agnes Stripe Blouse ($158), 2. Rois Tunic ($119, currently sold out), 3. Vertical Striped Thigh Highs ($12.50), 4. 'Transparent Stripe' Blouse (£175), 5. Blue White Striped Blazer (€55), 6. Gathered Skirt - Gray Stripe ($135), 7. cimarosa stripe ($188), and 8. Patriots Stripe Dress ($275)


flickr photo of the day : unmade bed.

"I wake up and i feel alone." by emmalynsullivan.

aging beauties.

I must admit, I am completely madly in love with every single piece of furniture from Factory 20. Old medicine cabinets, laboratory tables, school desks- there is nothing quite like a classic piece of furniture. Can you hear me swooning from here?

monday morning music : hands in pocket.

Good morning! I hope everyone had a splendid weekend. I cannot say mine was fun-filled since I spent the majority of the time doing heavy duty cleaning, but I feel like I got a lot accomplished (although still much more to go!) What did you do the past couple of days?

After a spurt of truly beautiful weather, Portland is back to being terribly dark and rainy. So, I am currently drinking my coffee with a blanket over me, listening to some "rainy morning music," which to me is somewhat sad and beautiful. One singer that I cannot seem to get enough of on days like this is local artist Laura Gibson. Her sweet voice and songwriting gives me goosebumps and manages to bring a calm over me. Enjoy this beautiful NPR performance!


thought of the day : relax.

"Take It Easy," a print from Brainstorm. ($25)

Have a lovely weekend everyone. Wish me luck on my days of intense spring cleaning!

interior inspiration : stylish image displays.

While looking up ideas for rearranging all of our art/photographs at home, I came across all these beauties (as well as plenty more.) I think the hearts just might be my favorites...

Sources (from top to bottom): Design*Sponge: Helen Palmer, Warren Heath, LivingEtc, Design*Sponge: Fiyel Levent, Christine Rudolph, Flickr: Smile and Wave, LivingEtc, Design*Sponge: Caroline Gomez, Magnus Anesund, LivingEtc, and Cookie.

good lines and shapes...

in this dress ($230) and this bag ($480 CAD). I am coveting them both.

flickr friday : spring cleaning.

flickr friday : spring cleaning.

This is how my weekend is going to be spent. Anyone care to join?

1. morning after, 2. spring cleaning., 3. Untitled, 4. cleaning up, 5. the girls' room, 6. things at a cafe, 7. {film.203}, 8. laundry, 9. making life easier, 10. laundry day, 11. the smell of laundry in the attic, 12. Untitled, 13. unprinted, 14. sink, 15. clean...for a second, 16. dirty dishes

you've gotta have heart.

This morning I am feeling quite inspired by the artists of Heart Agency. There is just so much talent in one place, it is almost overwhelming. (Via Sandra Juto)

Artists shown above: Laura Carlin, Marion Deuchars, Aude Van Ryn, and Roderick Mills.


getting work done.

Really loving these office spaces from Denmark's Rum Magazine. They make me think I might have to give my own work area a little makeover. (Via Aubrey Road)

thought of the day : happiness.

"i'm so happy today," an ink drawing by England-based illustrator Natsuki Otani (found via her photostream.)

perfectly springtime looks...

from Victoria Albert Museum's Horrockses Collection, based on one of the most respected ready-to-wear labels of the late 1940s and 1950s.

flickr photo of the day : colored buildings.

"San Juan" by youaremyfave (of this lovely blog.)


ten images of inspiration : vintage paperie.

Some time ago, I discovered the Flickr photostream of pilllpat, found through the wonderful Elisabeth of fine little day. I was absolutely awestruck by how many gorgeous and amusing vintage items she has scanned in over time. It is now a source of daily inspiration for me and I just had to share a few of my favorites (believe me, it was terribly hard to narrow them down to ten.)

(All images above from Flickr user Pilllpat.)
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