Good evening! I would like to welcome you to a new series here on Design is Mine. Taking photographs with my film cameras has long been one of my favorite things to do, especially when it comes to visiting beautiful homes and shops (see Andrea & Ward's home and some local shop pictures here). Now that I have a new favorite camera, I plan on doing regular photo tours and interviews with some of my favorite folks around town, as well as (hopefully) in other cities.

First off, I would like to show you a peek inside one of the cutest shops around, Wanderlust. My lovely friend Vanessa owns it- she has an incredible eye, I tell you. Vintage beauties and handmade treasures galore.

Vanessa, tell us a quick background on how you came to own Wanderlust...
I started Wanderlust just over three years ago when I opened the first mobile fashion cart in Portland. I ran my shop out of a small trailer for almost two years until I opened a brick and mortar location in Southeast Portland in July 2012. I come from a family of entrepreneurs so the idea of opening a retail shop never seemed that intimidating to me. Now I can't imagine doing anything else!
Where did your love of vintage come from?
I discovered thrifting when I was 13 years old and quickly started dragging my mom to thrift and vintage stores around Seattle. I've loved dresses since I was a kid but around that time I also discovered style icons like Pattie Boyd and Marilyn Monroe, still two of my favorite stylish ladies. I loved wearing late 60s mod dresses and 70s bohemian (we called it hippie then because it was the 90s) style. When I was young I just liked wearing things no one else had, but as I got older I started to appreciate things with a history. Now my cupboards are filled with old glassware, my windows are covered with barkcloth and vintage has taken over my life.
Where do you look for inspiration?
Heading out on a road trip and discovering a new antique mall or cute vintage shop is really inspiring to me. I also love magazines like Uppercase and Frankie, browsing blogs (like yours!) and checking out Instagram for inspiration. Lately I've been collecting old Montgomery Ward catalogs and yearbooks which really inspires me when I'm out picking clothes for the shop.
How would you describe your personal style?
This is a really tough question! I'm definitely girly and a good floral print dress always has my heart. I also love classic silhouettes and I'm not afraid of color. I like to mix up prints and layers, as the weather is getting colder I'll add a bright geometric print sweater over a striped dress and somehow it works out.
Now give us 10 of your favorite things!
- kittens (duh)
- cuckoo clocks
- Biba
- cava sangria
- rayon jersey dresses
- David Bowie
- lucite purses
- tattoos
- old windows
- Paris (always)

Thank you so much Vanessa! You can visit Wanderlust here in Portland at 2804 Southeast Ankeny.



Have a wonderful rest of the weekend! (above artwork by Martha Rich)



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"Cabin Times" by Kim Smith-Miller. (See also: blog & print shop)


I'm feeling some love for and from Germany today. I received an issue of Freundin Magazine in the mail today featuring an interview with me and this tour of my home. It totally made my day! I have been spending the evening inspired by gorgeous German interiors- so many stylish ones out there. (See also: this post)

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