collections : cocktail hour.

It is probably due to all of the old movies and Mad Men I have been watching lately, but I am voting for cocktail hour to make a comeback. Who agrees?

1. Test Tube Shot Set ($14), 2. Drinks tray (£12), 3. Celebrity 7-pc. Satin Bar Set ($19.99), 4. How To Mix Drinks ($19.95), 5. Drinking Glasses (£15), 6. Matsuri Saki Set ($48.99), 7. Heather Lins Home Numbered Edition Coasters ($66-$110), and 8. Rocking Whiskey Glasses ($29.95)

flickr photo of the day : stripes.

"Mr.Tongari / とんがり君" by bamsesayaka.


a victorian-style brooch...

...from Design is Mine sponsor Julianna Swaney of Oh My Cavalier. The brooch features one of Julianna's own drawings and hangs from a pretty French-made velvet bow, all packaged up in a box with a black ribbon. Isn't it just beautiful? ($25)

thought of the day : golden.

"Stay Golden," another beauty by the great Lisa Congdon.


ten images of inspiration : the golden age of advertising.

Ever since I can remember, I have been infatuated with advertising from the fifties and sixties. I love the illustrations, photography, type, cheekiness, and all-over design (and yes, even the gender stereotypes that seem so prevalent of the era.) And now with finally watching every season of Mad Men, my obsession has been in full-effect. You can't argue- it was a darn good time for advertising.

(Images above gathered from AdClassix, Vintage Advertising, and Well Medicated.)

flickr photo of the day : denmark.

Untitled by nikolinelr.

apparel & accessories collection : black & white...

...with pretty lacy details. Such a sexy and romantic look for the fall.

1. MOSSY Crochet Lace Up Shoes ($55), 2. Black Lace Victoriana Top (£30), 3. Zucca Accordion Pleat Lace Detail Dress ($323.70), 4. mrs marshall weekend bag, loop the loop charcoal (£64), 5. Lace Embellished Bib ($70), 6. Romper Romance ($84.99), 7. sweet secrets lace dress ($38.99), and 8. Tennessee Walk Pumps ($148)


cheers to the weekend.

Happy weekend, friends. Go take a walk, drink some wine, and enjoy life. See you on Monday!

(artwork above by Lulu Wolf)

five senses friday.

This week, I have decided to play along with my friend Abby on her weekly "Five Senses Friday" posts (originally created by Shari Altman.) If you also contribute, let me know in the comments.


Popsicles. The ice cream man is still coming around and parks right outside our house- I just can't resist buying dollar popsicles every day. (photo by smallvilleshop)


Morning light every day, more often than I'm used to. I'm becoming less of a grump in the early hours of the day. (photo by danske)


The songs of The Smiths, Billie Holiday, and Patsy Cline on my new record player. (photo by lorna • jayne)


The warmth in my hands from cup after cup of tea and coffee. I can't get enough sometimes. (photo by famapa)


Clean laundry. I think I have finally almost caught up with all the piles that had gathered. (photo by bamsesayaka)

painted geometric shapes...

...inspired by toy blocks and kaleidoscopes by Rachel Caunt of Paper Covers Rock. So perfectly simple.


thought of the day : good.

"The Today Poster," from the fabulous Swedish shop And I Love You She Said. I am going to keep telling myself this today, since I am in the midst of a cold, very little sleep, and a whole lot to get done. ($39)


interior inspiration : the colors of fall.

Might I say that I am terribly excited that autumn is here? As much as I love the summer, fall is by far my favorite season. It just shines here in Portland- I'm counting the days until the leaves change and the breezes kick in. I adore the colors of this time of year...

Sources (from top to bottom): Dwell, Inspace, Anson Smart, Tim Evan-Cook, Frederik Vercruysse, Hus & Hem, Lucas Allen, Melissa Kaseman, David Giles, Daniel Farmer, and The Selby: Sean MacPherson.

flickr photo of the day : pure style.

"Velvet Jacket, Velvet Shoes" by tompalumbo.

collections : foreign language.

I admit, I'm having quite a bit of wanderlust these days. I've been daydreaming of wandering the streets of someplace where I don't speak the language. And so, a collection of foreign tongue...

1. Travel Bingo Game (£15), 2. Bag Collection (£2.00-£2.45), 3. "Sakura" Japanese Print (€20), 4. Eglise Du Dome Butter Dish ($18), 5. German Dial Plate ($60), 6. Sailor and Pekka, trilogy by Jockum Nordström ($36), 7. Hallo mein Liebling Print ($15), and 8. Lolita Bag II - GREEN ($35)


thought of the day : this path.

"Vast and amazing," an illustration by London-based artist Freya.


ready for take-off.

How cute and stylish is this children's aviator hood from quirky collective? It just makes me smile. (Designed by Wovenplay, £45)


Untitled by stefanyalves.

ten images of inspiration : in their sketchbooks.

Good morning! I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. Other than doing some housework and seeing friends, I spent a lot of time looking through artists' websites for inspiration (I want to start drawing again.) In doing this, I rediscovered my love of seeing the pages of other people's sketchbooks- it's just so inspiring to see the creative process and the rawness of pen & pencil. If you have a sketchbook online, please share... I'd love to see!

Artists (from top to bottom): Shen Plum, Mike Lowery, Karl Hebert, Clare Owen, Ward Jenkins, Camilla Engman, Gemma Correll, Krisatomic, Sarah Gardner, and Samantha Hahn.
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