jin patisserie.

Oh, how I adore beautiful packaging. I just came across the Jin Patisserie Webshop where they feature a number of their eye-catching food products for sale. What makes them even more appealing is how delicious their flavors sound: chocolates in tea, lemongrass, chrysanthemum, sea salt caramel, and cafe rum flavors, to name a few.

Featured above: 5 Piece Wood Box ($18.50), La Tete En L'air ($52), and 1842 Green Tea ($25)

friday flickr : pattern love.

Beauty in lovely patterns!

(Click here to view larger version)

1. Kristina Collantes, 2. maybe, 3. a scattering, 4. notari twigs, 5. weekend creative : punch collage, 6. pojagi, 7. jan 21, 8. fabric, 9. colors and tweets favorites, 10. etsy, 11. Leo Hillier: Mushrooms, 12. Color Me Monday: Grassy Green, 13. 01032008, 14. i heart samples, 15. grass, 16. Spirograph #2 Original Drawing

venucci placemats.

I am loving these beautiful felt placemats from Venucci. So romantic and lovely.


things i love thursdays.

1. Adjustable Apron ($64), 2. Ceramic Hardware (Prices vary), 3. Zaza Plaza Fabric ($7.97), 4. Gothic Tray ($19), 5. American Honey Flight ($72), 6. Apples & Pears Mug (£10,00), and 7. Bag-Kaku, Plain ($255)

etsy : fifteen favorites of the moment.

I have been spending a whole lot of time the past few days browsing through Etsy, something I try to do every month or so, checking out new artists. I thought I should share some of the beautiful handmade items I have recently come across, fifteen to be exact. Please enjoy!

1. Vintage Bobby Pins from Sprout Studio ($14), 2. Braille Silhouette No. 3 from Pen & Paper ($35), and 3. Pair of Cake Stands from Whitney Smith ($135)

4. Jean Cocteau Tribute Bracelet from Si:Ca Design ($70), 5. Cupcake Cards Pack of 4 from Modern Radar ($12), and 6. Friedal in an Egg Cup from Sonja Ahlers ($90)

7. Birdhouse Wall Decal from Holly ($19), 8. April Showers- London from Askey Illustration ($20), and 9. Finn-Juhl Modern Design Deck Series from Still Room Studio ($25)

10. The Mystery of the Missing Sun Paper Wreath from Haru ($80), 11. Hi Mr Giant Sequoia from Hi Tree ($60), and 12. Apple Jacket from Jacqueline Knits ($12)

13. Tree Stump from LaMaga Illustrations ($40), 14. Set of 4 Letterpress Owl Notecards ($10), and 15. Stapled 2 from Light Leaks ($38)


stephanie congon barnes.

How sweet is the handmade lion created by Stephanie Congdon Barnes? Her new collection entitled "in like a lion, out like a lamb" will be available in her shop on March 5th at 11 am PST. Mark that date down if you would like to purchase one of her beautiful creations because they are sure to sell out fast!

this morning...

I am loving these two lovely items from Rose and Radish

jm2 Matriochka Blackboard ($113) and Atelier Lzc Party Napkins ($13)

martha stewart : easter inspiration & knit cupcakes.

More holiday inspiration from marthastewart.com:

Also, it was wonderful to see my favorite food blogger, Lolo of VeganYumYum on the Martha Stewart Show on Monday morning, featuring her oh-so popular Knit Night Cupcakes. If you didn't get a change to see it, footage of her segment can be found here and a link to the tutorials are available here.

design sponge : pr notes.

Last night's Portland Biz Ladies Meetup was fabulous and chocked full of great information. It was wonderful finally getting to meet Grace Bonney and hear her speak. I am excited to say that she has posted her independent design public relations notes online for anyone to download - I highly recommend reading them if you are an artist/designer and want to learn from someone who has been in the PR business.

Thanks Grace!


news : advertisements!

Important news: Advertising space is now available on here! Design is Mine has been running now for eight months and I thought it would finally be a good time to take the step forward.

To become a sponsor here, please email me. Rates for now will be on a sliding scale, so don't let a lack of funds stop you.

By the way, Happy Monday everyone!

for the birds.

1. Ume Willow Embroidered Tote ($29.95), 2. Bird/Unicorn Double-Sided Necklace ($18), 3. Gold Crow Belt + Buckle ($175), 4. Bird Bowl ($385), 5. Sera Birds Pillow ($60), 6. Bird Print Cups, 7. Kristian Vedel Birds ($52), 8. Lovebirds Necklace ($12.50), and 9. City Birds Postcard Set ($3)

spring bike postcards.

Pretty new spring bike postcards available from the talented Jennifer Causey of Simply Photo. The set of five postcards each feature an original photograph on the front with an old fashioned postcard design printed on the back and comes in a cloth bag with a green bike stamp. ($9 for 5)

camper "twins".

I would have to say that these are some of the prettiest shoes I have seen, made by the ever-stylish Camper Shoes. This whole line by them is an extremely sweet idea, with shoes that do not exactly match but compliment one another. "They're twins. Not identical but complimentary. The idea of a pair never made such sense." (Available online for $160)


new pretty things.

I thought I would end this (very slow) week with some new items I have had my eyes on for the past few days. Hopefully next week will be more eventful on here. There are plans to unveil a new feature, so be on the lookout!

Also, if you haven't noticed, I tweaked the layout with a new header. I am much more pleased with this one.

Petite Zine Faces from The Shiny Squirrel ($10), 5 Porcelain Keys from the Curiosity Shoppe ($40), and Large Round Nature Tray from Elsewares ($130)

Airplane Mobile from Design Public ($38), Flower Brooch Spring from Egg Mercantile (€49,00), and Cake Deliciousness Dishtowel from Anthropologie ($18)

flickr friday : tea time!

Because there are fewer things more calming than a nice cup of tea.

(Click here to view larger version)

1. heart shaped teacup, 2. tea & lemon, 3. 30 days :: 19, 4. relax in tea break, 5. Untitled, 6. Tea Forte'-6, 7. good fortune, 8. green tea, 9. Tea was always on my mind, 10. silver lining, 11. feeling sick..., 12. 2233390578_2fc98b4c80_b, 13. Super Tuesday, 14. act. don't react., 15. Holey Teapot!, 16. the breakfast table


etsy : still life photography.

Lately I just adore still life photography. I was browsing Etsy earlier today and came across some lovely images to purchase.

1. Breakfast in Bed Triptych from Phoebec ($22), 2. Eggs from Danielle Anthony ($15), 3. For the Love of Baking from Thea Coughlin Photography ($20), 4. Circles from Simply Photo ($15), 5. Science for Everyday Use from D. Rock Photography ($20), 6. Pink Light from Fieryeyed ($35), and 7. Light Catchers from Unravelling ($35)


paulette macarons.

Joy just posted these and, being the insane macaron lover that I am, I couldn't help but post them over here too. A new macaron bakery called Paulette recently opened in Beverly Hills and everything looks so colorful and scrumptious. Macaron flavors include raspberry rose, caribbean chocolate, almond wedding, violet cassis, and columbian coffee... delicious! Next time I go home for the holidays I will have to make a stop here.

tonight i am loving...

1. Metallic Fleck Jacket ($995- eek!), 2. Alencon Dinnerware ($7.95), 3. Mixing Bowl (£18.00), 4. Yellow Glare Shoe (£90.00), 5. Aviary Cards ($12), 6. Beatrice Chair ($1550), 7. Blue Stripe Ruffled Panty ($38), 8. Donkey 3 ($1000), and 9. Sweet Daisy Barrette ($10)


There is a new look around here, a new color scheme and header. Brought on by my love of the floral patterns. Let me know what you think!


illustration : animal love.

Always one of my favorite illustration subjects:


built by wendy : spring collection.

Just some pretty items from the Built by Wendy Spring 2008 Collection that recently premiered. I love the two-tones and Peter Pan collars. Simplicity at its finest.

more pretty florals.

My intense love of soft and pretty florals is still going very strong. I partly blame Alicia for this since she seems to live in a world of aqua blue and gorgeous florals and it is always so very inspiring. And yes, I am anxious for springtime. Awaiting frequent sunshine and mild days and planting a new garden.

1. Emily Dress ($14.99), 2. Parasol Floral Print Top ($323), 3. Poppy Earrings ($15), 4. Twiggy Flower Sophia Cosmetic Totes - Set of 3 ($39.95), 5. Blue Flora Small Plate ($12), 6. Tall Rainboot ($34), 7. Porcelain Cherry Blossom Vase ($26), 8. Blossom Classic Mug (£7.00), 9. Flat Flower Yello (£3.50), and 10. Beaded-flower Tie Belt ($68)


flickr fridays : florals.

I really am impatiently awaiting the springtime.

(Click here to view larger version)

1. new colors for spring!, 2. Untitled, 3. 355: 1.21.08, 4. crisantemo/chrysanthemum, 5. Picture, 6. still life, 7. Buttons collection, 8. Simplicity, 9. Plate Trivia, 10. divide, 11. Meet Tanya Whelan of Grand Revival Designs, 12. Untitled, 13. Knittin' Kitten Haul, 14. Moonlight, 15. morning dew kusudama, 16. Roses in a can

vintage love.

I am completely in the mood for pretty vintage items today.

1. 1960's Silk Velvet Cocktail Dress ($425), 2. Trinket Tin (£6.00), 3. Cheri Cushion (£20.00), 4. Diner Chair ($179.99), 5. Voyeur Plate ($25), 6. High Back Wing Sofa and Ottoman ($4999), 7. Owl Candle Holder ($15), 8. Gisella Jug (£40.00), 9. Pink Chiffon Prom Dress ($189.99), 10. British Airways Classic Flight Bag (£21.95), and 11. Perfect Autumn Fabric ($25)

bird mobiles.

Beautiful bird mobiles available at Doe. ($65 each)


all you need is love.

Happy Valentine's Day!


one good bumblebee : peek a bird.

I am so very in love with this new, limited-edition print from One Good Bumblebee. It is entitled "Peek A Bird" and is printed on heavyweight archival matte paper. Too cute. ($20)


It is back to being rainy and dreary here in Portland, so I have been thinking of soft pretty greys.

1. Pinspot Dress (£45.00), 2. Julia Rothman Mountain Goat Pillow ($24), 3. Neighborhood Pillow ($116), 4. Marimekko Salava Wall Hanging ($24.95-$119), 5. Humpty Dumpty Salt + Pepper ($30), 6. Mibo Shade ($100), 7. Grey Knit Sweater Mini Dress ($49.95), 8. Marcel Sofa ($1099), 9. Spencer Chair ($1035), and 10. Theme & Variations Wall Plate No.130 ($190)



I just found Bakerella through Hostess with the Mostess. Oh my, what a beautiful food blog! There is so much gorgeous eye candy and creative baking ideas. She makes me impatiently await the day I can take a cake decorating class.

three things.

Three things I am loving this morning:

1. Lace Princess Dress from Elizabeth Charles, 2. Ruffled Umbrella from Bella Umbrella, and 3. Vintage 6-Drawer Console Bookcase from Grange


brocade home : bedding.

Brocade Home just released their Spring 2008 collection of bedding and I really love it all. As always, each item features their well-known purple/silver/white color scheme and beautiful patterns. I always get so inspired with each new thing they add (and might I mention that I would love to live in this room?)

flickr fridays : a valentine.

Since Valentine's Day arrives before next Friday, here is an early valentine for all of you.

(Click here to view larger version)

1. Jelly heart, 2. Lemon cake with pink hearts, 3. I give you my heart - day14/365, 4. heart bouquet, 5. blush heart, 6. 112: Love Hands, 7. Hearts, 8. love bites, 9. Vintage Valentines and Handkerchiefs, 10. a little love, 11. Please Handle with Care!, 12. Hug Me!, 13. Heart-Shapes Pancakes, 14. Valentine Ideas, 15. Breakfast 4.10.07, 16. teacup


things i love thursdays.

Sweet and pretty baking supplies:

1. Nonstick Flower Cake Pan from Sur La Table, 2. A Measuring Gaggle from Anthropologie

Totally cute independently-crafted valentines:

1. Couple in Love from Eggpress, 2. Crafty Birdie from Rock Scissor Paper

Modern leaf prints:

1. Season Rim Bowl Set from Not Neutral, 2. Stilla Fabric from Marimekko

Vulgar, yet feminine embroidered goods:

1. No Time to Fuck, 2. Decorative Love Rag from Double Speak

Breathtaking food photography:

1. Chocolate Cupcake... photo from Cupcake Blog, 2. Dulce de Leche Cheesecake Squares from Smitten Kitchen


1. Solid Color Tights in Violet ($12.50), 2. Reversible Scarf from Oli (£9.00), 3. Crochet Dress ($19.99), 4. Beveled Glass Bottles ($79), 5. Purple Velvet Platforms (£133.00), and 6. Tykho Radio ($57)

martha stewart valentines.

Today I am inspired by:

Beautiful valentines ideas from marthastewart.com.

blue ceramics.

[Pictured from top to bottom: Ceramics by Anne Black from Luxeville (£17.00-£45.00), Chantilly 4 Cup Teapot from Oliver Bonas (£6.00), Beach Bottles from Rosanna ($55), Egg Vase from Rose & Radish ($349), and Blue Pebble Cup from Kim Westad ($22)]

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