flickr friday : meal time.

flickr friday : meal time.

Pictures of food just never seem to get old to me...

1. inspired breakfast, 2. A Breakfast in SoHo, 3. Biscuits & Cheese Breakfast, 4. glasgow, i miss you, 5. Untitled, 6. Untitled, 7. proper weekend breakfast, 8. yeah..., 9. breakfast!, 10. lørdag , 11. sunday morning, 12. Treat, 13. Untitled, 14. sunday, 15. Untitled, 16. simply breakfast

abby's aunt's house.

I have recently decided that if my friend Abby Powell's aunt wanted to adopt me for a period of time, I might just jump at the chance. Whenever Abby visits back home in central California, she photographs pieces of her aunt's house, which can be seen right here. Her home looks like a mixture of a fairy tale set and the inside of Anthropologie. I absolutely adore all of the old collections, artwork, greenery, and just the personality that seems to seep throughout every corner. (I must add, it also helps that Abby certainly has a way with that old camera of hers.)

apparel & accessories collection : (arsenic and) old lace.

It must be all the valentines that I have been seeing this past month, because I am suddenly rather obsessed with doily-like lace...

1. butter pecan lace dress ($72.99), 2. lace Charlemagne dress ($60), 3. Lace Shift ($110), 4. Ruffle Go Round Top ($59.99), 5. Gathered Lace Blouse ($298), 6. Silk-satin babydoll and briefs set ($88), 7. Black Lace Clutch (£22), and 8. Pretty Lace Mini Skirt ($65)


flickr photo of the day : cat love.

Untitled by nobutyes.

thought of the day : together.

"Grow Old With Me," another gorgeous new print by Lisa Congdon. Wouldn't this make a perfect Valentine's Day gift? ($25)

ten images of inspiration : sunday suppers.

There are few sites that manage to inspire me as much as Sunday Suppers does. From the stunning photography (by Karen Mordechai) to the styling ideas to the truly delicious sounding recipes, it's a food and design lover's dream. And bluntly put, it helps get my ass back in the kitchen.

a beautiful loft.

I have spotted this house tour on a few sites this week and had to share. It is the home of photographer Anita Calero as featured on LoftLife Magazine's blog. It's such a lovely space filled with unique objects and vintage furniture- love it!


some more sunshine...

this time from Swedish photographer Anna Aden. (Check out her Flickr here.)

It is suddenly what appears to be a beautiful day here in Portland- high 40's and quite sunny with bright blue skies. I have decided to take time away from the computer for the day so I can go out and enjoy it (or just fall asleep on the floor in a sunbeam, like a cat.) See you all tomorrow!


flickr photo of the day : feeling sleepy.

Untitled by hola manola. Yep, that's how I am feeling right about now.

thought of the day : imagination > knowledge.

"Imagination Poster," available right here from Alyson Graves of Unruly Things. ($25)

Also, today just happens to be Alyson's birthday- Happy Birthday, talented lady!

interior inspiration : words & writing.

I know I have done collections similar to this one (signage, large letters, etc.), but I can't seem to ever get enough of lettering/type in interior design...

Sources (from top to bottom): Design*Sponge: Halligan Norris and Adam Smith, The Selby: Elli Rose and Gui, Ace Hotel, Design*Sponge: Linea Carta, Anna Kern, Design*Sponge: Sophie Blackall, Wendell T. Webber, Inspace Locations, Ideal Home, Tim Evan-Cook, and James Merrell.

truly unique legwear...

from Les Queues de Sardines. I am totally crushing over their last collection.

(Via all the mountains...)


flickr photo of the day : bundled mittens.

Untitled by bonjour celine! (who runs this very lovely blog.)

collections : j'aime des lapins!

This collection goes out to one of my dearest of friends, who appreciates bunnies more than anyone I have known. And I just can't disagree on their cuteness...

1. Gift Print ($40), 2. Bunny Tea Set for Two by Shinzi Katoh ($39.99, currently sold out), 3. Bunny Hop Necklace ($34.99), 4. Grand Game Wallpaper ($88), 5. rabbit lamp ($486), 6. Fifi Lapin Raglan Tee ($18.90), 7. Bunny Love Clutch (Storybook Tales) (SGD$68), and 8. Hank And the Hare Print ($16)

thought of the day : asleep.

""Art Installations Of You And me," a project by Chrissie White. (I am always a sucker for art featuring Smiths lyrics.)

macarons are fabulous...

as shown by Stockholm-based photographer Carl Kleiner (who has an amazing portfolio, by the way.)

send it out to sea.

How sweet is this message in a bottle kit from sponsor Paper Pastries? Such a perfect valentine. ($11)

monday morning music : thirteen.

Good morning! Did any of you happen to get some sun over the weekend? Portland was terribly dreary and rainy as per usual this time of year, which means I wasn't in the best of moods. Today, though, there is a bit of sun shining through the clouds and I got a whole lot of sleep, so let's hope for a good start of the week.

Whenever winter hits full-force, all happy/uplifting music seems to get ignored by me and I tend to stick with beautiful, yet rather sad songs on repeat. And really, who does it better than Elliott Smith (whose early death magnified just how sad his songs were)? I remember watching this performance, a cover of the song "Thirteen" by Big Star, on a videotape many years ago and found it so very beautiful and almost haunting- I just have to share (plus, it includes snippets of rainy Portland, which just seems fitting.)


these will be posted all over by monday...

so I am posting them today. A new collection from Rifle Paper Company, this time featuring lovely hand-designed valentines. Cute as a damn button. ($4-$16)


thought of the day : it's where the heart is.

"HOME SWEET HOME," a hand-printed vintage handkerchief from Bird and Banner. ($20)
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