flickr photo of the day : pretty bird.

"my love" by astulabee.

interior inspiration : holiday decorating (part two.)

It is now official: the holiday season is among us, which means it is no longer considered too early to break out the lights and decorations. We put up our big pink Christmas tree and the majority of our decorations the day after Thanksgiving, although I am still thinking of buying/making some more- I am a total sucker for the holidays.

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monday morning music : smiths.

Phew, what a weekend. So much family and so much food- it was great, but I am ready for a more restful week. Did everyone, especially folks in the states, enjoy their weekend/holiday? I hope so...

Anyways, I am starting out this week with the oh-so wonderful music of one of my all-time favorite bands, The Smiths. Because, really, there are few better ways to start a Monday.


thought of the day : thank you.

"Newsprint Thank You Cards" from The Regional Assembly of Text. ($26 for 12 cards)

I apologize for the lack of posts today- my whole day was spent cleaning, putting away food, and getting ready for family. Anyways, I hope all you fellow Americans have a wonderful Thanksgiving. You know what I'm thankful for? My readers. Really, you people rock.


if i had an extra $65 to spend...

I would be buying these shoes from sponsor Dear Golden instantly. As much as I adore pretty heels, these are the kinds of shoes I dream of.

kirra jamison.

I am completely blown away by the work of Australian artist Kirra Jamison (spotted over on all the mountains.) Her portfolio is completely breathtaking.

flickr photo of the day : at the window.

"Midcentury waiting" by kristi.nicole.

rifle paper company.

I know that it has been posted all over the blogosphere already, but really, it is too exciting not to mention: the unbelievably talented Anna Bond has now opened one of the prettiest online shops I have seen. It is filled to the brim with her gorgeous and sugar-sweet designs in the forms of prints, greeting cards, wrapping paper, and other misc. paper goods. I want one of each, please.

interior inspiration : living in france.

It is no secret that I am a Francophile at heart. I absolutely adore French films, pastries, style, music, and of course, interiors. I don't strive to be filthy rich, but I won't lie- having a little vacation home in France someday would make me really happy.

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blue & white.

These photographs from Swedish creative designer Anna Lilja just put me in a good mood. Aren't they adorable? The blue and white color scheme is so perfect.

flickr friday : handmade with love.

flickr friday : handmade with love.

1. Untitled, 2. Untitled, 3. cocon branche, 4. {color drops}, 5. sofa city, 6. Homage to Jean-Claude, 7. ..., 8. striped cones, 9. made some boxes, 10. _MG_7052, 11. Untitled, 12. Untitled, 13. pine cones!, 14. New plate design, 15. project wedding2, 16. jacquard


thought of the day : oui.

"Je t'aime," a fabulous 17 x 11" poster from Jack & Jules of Orignaux Moose. Because really, as they say, no one does it better than the French. ($29)

interior inspiration : snow whites.

Yes, I have done it before and I am doing it again. It seems that whenever it gets close to winter, I start thinking about bright whites in the home again.

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flickr photo of the day : scissors & twine.

"snip" by Creature Comforts (of one of my favorite blogs.)
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