sylvia ji.

My good friend (and co-blogger) just introduced me to the stunning artwork of Sylvia Ji. Her illustrations are extremely beautiful and perfect for this time of year, with Dia De Los Muertos right around the corner.

flickr photo of the day : tiny pumpkins.

"Les potirons. by Au fil de...

thought of the day : beautiful.

"You Are Beautiful" from PANOS 2013: FAKE STEETSIGNS.

vintage home.

Since I am a complete sucker for vintage household items, it is no wonder that I fallen head over heels for H is for Home, an online shoppe for handmade and vintage items.


flickr photo of the day : strain.

"Moderate feeling of strain" by 14'STANDARD.

thought of the day : misery.

"To Ensure Misery Strive To Achieve Perfection In All That You Do" by London illustrator Jody Barton.

things i'm loving : monday evening edition.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Mine wasn't the best (hospital visits with an injured toddler), but I am happy it's a new week and things are much calmer. Anyways, Happy Monday to all of you! Here are some things that I find to be quite lovely.

Above: 1. letter ring ($18), 2. Blaue Blume ($30), and 3. Shen Plum Print ($18)
Below: 4. Yum Brella Bowls (£49.00), 5. 2009 fabric calendar ($28), and 6. owl salt & pepper shakers ($26)

recipe reviews.

I find these to be utterly fabulous (Sarah Neuburger, I adore you).


best of the week.

flickr friday : the colors of fall.

Oh, these colors are everywhere now and I just love it.

flickr friday : the colors of fall.
1. oh so orange, 2. Orange from the Farmer's Market, 3. BEFORE THREE, 4. 10.06.08 {signs of the times}, 5. Untitled, 6. 17 december., 7. simple packaging, 8. Brown Sugar and Peach Muffins, 9. The red one, 10. spring red, 11. red things, 12. Mail on red, 13. yellow tuesday (1), 14. honeyed yellow, 15. Socks for Veronik, 16. Lemon drops

thought of the day : the chicken or the egg.

"what came first?", an illustration by Debbie Hill.

etsy finds of the week.

1. little pumpkinhead from littlebighead ($12), 2. Waldorf inspired Scandinavian Babushka Art Doll - Laila from Ravenhill ($21), and 3. Day Dreaming Beauty Lace Pottery Large Bowl ($125)

4. silver-lined cloud hand/dish/tea towel from chez sucre chez ($15), 5. antique keys tote from Common Decency ($18), and 6. Hand-embroidered greeting card from jodii ($15)

7. moss martini pouch from drikab ($25), 8. Smile glass with bottom of three colors from Smile Tumblers ($37), and 9. Tall Trees Shoes from enamor ($45)

sandra juto : new.

I am loving these new prints by Sandra Juto. Her work is inspiring beyond words. (set of 2 prints, $29)


etsy finds of the week.

1. Rain - Limited Edition Gocco Print from JuliaBe ($20), 2. Lacy Turtle from alli coate ($95), and 3. nest collage from Cosas Minimas ($35)

4. heart frame purse from emedemarta ($46.90), 5. Cuckoo clock. M8N4 necklace. Black acrylic. Laser cut. from Marmod8 ($30), and 6. Cashmere Legwarmers from The Adventures of Jessica Rose ($75)

7. yeti from ittichips ($29), 8. Ruffle Apron WOMEN in Yellow from MyModern ($28), and 9. gladys - original oil painting from this is all i know ($95)

a list.

Notes from a Friday night...

1. I apologize for being terribly behind in my emails. I plan to take a day very soon to go through them all and reply.
2. I am making a vow to not bake for two whole days. I am not sure if I can make it.
3. In conflict with the above statement, I cannot stop thinking about making this. It is way too beautiful for words- I will just have to wait until sometime next week.
4. I am rather obsessed with Lookbook. I always appreciate great style from all over the world.
5. There will be no Best of the week post this week. With a broken computer charger all week, I am way behind on my Google Reader. Next week!
6. This time of year is by far my favorite. Portland is absolutely gorgeous, the weather is amazing, and the produce at the farmers market is the best. Few things satisfy me more than a cool Autumn breeze coming through my back door in the morning while I am drinking tea and/or baking bread.
7. Sometimes white can be perfect.
8. My blue hair is fading and I haven't plucked my eyebrows in over a month. I need to freshen up.
9. I have many plans for this site. Someday soon I will sit down and write it all out and really get going with it all.
10. You all inspire me. You really do.


flickr friday : polaroids.

This one was terribly difficult to choose photos for, since I have way too many beautiful ones saved in my flickr favorites. These ones just seemed to suit each other nicely.

flickr friday : polaroids.
1. Untitled, 2. Ruby Reds + Birdies, 3. polaroid 455., 4. lunch time at good time, 5. dreamy girl, 6. imperial_red, 7. Untitled, 8. i'm not wasting film., 9. Untitled, 10. Holga Girl, 11. red tights, 12. Untitled, 13. wishful thinking, 14. a little break, 15. road tripping2, 16. FEELS SO GOOD.

thought of the day : it will.

"Everything Will Be Okay" from bread + butter shop. ($4)

tea forte.

I really love the product design of Tea Forte. So simple and appealing, a look I always navigate to.

martha stewart : halloween pom-poms.

It is no secret that I am madly in love with everything that comes out of Martha Stewart Crafts, so I just had to post her new edition of tissue pom-poms made especially for Halloween: the Black & Silver Kit. Each kit comes with everything you need to make 2 large ones or 3 medium-size ones. Oh, how I want to make these for our Halloween gathering. ($14.99)

cori kindred.

These photography prints by Cori Kindred are completely perfect in every way; they're exactly the kind of thing I yearn for during this time of year. The colors are gorgeous, and the subjects are soft and unique. I would love to have a wall covered in every single one of them.


thought of the day : thinking of you.

"Please Don't Break My Heart", from Scottish artist Sandy Smith.

eden & eden.

Thanks to Grace, I came across this absolutely wonderful shop called Eden & Eden. It is filled with so many unique household items and beautiful personal accessories, most of which I have never seen before. I highly recommend stopping by the shop, just try not to drool too much.


halloween candle ideas.

How fabulous are these candles from Uma? Each of them melts to produce eerie effects, perfect for a Halloween gathering. (Mortimer Bust Candle $32, Bleeding Tapers $9.50)


flickr photo of the day : locks of hair.

Untitled by tania le.


And so, another laptop charger has bit the dust. I don't know whether to blame it on the manufacturer or our old house wiring, but here I am with a dead computer, impatiently awaiting the arrival of a new charger in the mail. Until then, I will be trying to update as much as I can from our upstairs computer (with a terribly old version of Photoshop). So please, bare with me.

Anyways, here are some random lovely items that I found myself swooning over during the weekend...

1. Etc. Desk Sign ($50), 2. 2009 Calendar Postcard ($12), 3. Decorative Shelf (£120.00), 4. Riddle TableCloth (£29.95), 5. Eskimo Coin Wallet ($44), 6. Versailles Alarm Clock (£12.75), 7. calendar 2009 ($25), and 8. Bird House Mobile (£45.00)

thought of the day : love is.

"FIGHT FOR IT" by studio mela. ($18)


best of the week.

A whole lot of goodies this week!

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