stunning photographs...

...by Toronto-based graphic designer and photographer Cristian Ordóñez. Complete beauty.

thought of the day : simple motivation.

"Write!", a screen-printed pencil case from Sam Made. ($14)

ten holiday cards...

...to send to your loved ones. There are so many lovely ones out there right now, but these are my picks of the moment.

Shanna Murray : $16 for six.

Oh My Cavalier : $6.50 for five postcards.

Darling Clementine : $21 for six.

The Black Apple : $12 for ten.

Morris + Essex : $18 for five.

Essimar : $36 for four.

Kate Spade : $30 for ten.

Egg Press : $16 for six.

Duet Letterpress : $35 for ten.

Mary Kate McDevitt : $15 for five.


collections : snow white.

With December a mere two days away, I am yearning to see Portland covered in a blanket of snow. Crossing my fingers for a very white winter...

1. Cream Beaded Cape (£32), 2. Menagerie Prowling Cat in White by Jonathan Adler ($135), 3. Holga Bent Corners 35mm Camera ($48), 4. Dreams' Projections ($90), 5. k studio Round Face Male Pillow - White ($124), 6. Dobby Pintuck Nightshirt (£59), 7. Clear Bubble Umbrella - White ($18), and 8. Antique White Trim Tree ($30)

flickr photo of the day : color blocks.

Untitled by anja mulder. (See also: blog)

I hope all of you had an amazing and long weekend. Now comes the chaos of the winter holiday season!


giving thanks.

Happy Thanksgiving, friends! I just wanted to pop in and wish all of you (even the ones not in the states) a fabulous day. Thank you for being a truly amazing group of readers and for all the continuous support. Now go eat until your stomach explodes!

(above screenshot from Miracle on 34th Street)


thought of the day : vivid.

"Be Vivid," a fabric print inspired by a vanity license plate by annilygreen. ($15)

in berlin.

Help me- I have fallen madly in love with the apartment of Sarah Illenberger. Located in Berlin, her home is filled with so many little treasures and bits of clutter, yet is still so chic and stylish. Can I move in now, please?

it's that time...

...for holiday advertising! If you're interested in getting a spot, just email me and I will send you stats/prices for the season.


bonjour, weekend.

I am going to cut my work short today and start my weekend with a nice nap (it's a wet and gloomy day here in Portland.) I hope you all thoroughly enjoy the next couple of days- see you on Monday!

(Amelie-inspired photograph by Cecilia Austin.)

a timeless look.

Really loving this look from La Garçonne. I must say, it is very much my style- a fashion I have recently named "sexy librarian chic." And that redheaded model? A beauty.


flickr photo of the day : taking flight.

"La chute" by ludwigwest.

collections : (inspired by) the dreamers.

I ended up seeing The Dreamers accidentally in the theater back in 2003, after sneaking out of a film I just couldn't get into. I immediately fell in love with its style, music, old film clips, and abundant sexuality (and be forewarned, it deals with incest.) Director Bernardo Bertolucci did a truly beautiful job with the entire look of it- plus, it takes place in Paris in the sixties, which can be a major weakness of mine. And it should be mentioned, the three film-obsessed stars are absolutely gorgeous.

1. Bow Beret ($16), 2. Unknown Band of Outsiders Poster - 11 x 17 ($25), 3. Marabou Boa Pillow ($88), 4. Tan Striped ($88, currently sold out), 5. 1960 CROWN 8 EZS 2X8mm Reflex Zoom Cine Camera with Handle ($79.99), 6. World Imports Elizabethan Classics Grand Slipper Cast Iron Clawfoot Tub ($2,980), 7. Dark Green Velvet Dress (€86), and 8. Antique Scaferlati Levant Tobacco Tin. Regie Francaise des Tabacs ($19)

ten images of inspiration : i love paris in the winter, when it drizzles.

Since I spent the majority of the day listening to Edith Piaf while snacking on pastries and enjoying the sound of the pounding rain, I feel like a French-related post is in order. Yes, the Francophile inside of me has struck again...

Sources (from top to bottom): Flickr: emilie79, Audrey Hepburn, Garance Dore, Flickr: Jasperdo, Serge Gainsbourg & Jane Birkin, Johnny Santo Domingo, Stle.com: Chanel, The Cherry Blossom Girl, Blanca Gomez, and Flickr: .Page.


a perfect muse.

Really, how lovely is my friend Ashley? At ages sixteen and eighteen, her and I formed a great bond as young personal bloggers, and have been friends and pen-pals since. Now she runs Fancy Fine, a sweet blog that documents her daily life and truly stunning fashion choices in San Francisco. Go visit and I promise, you will be smitten.


interior inspiration : a fine romance.

I thought I'd share some inspiring photographs of romantic and feminine interiors. I think if I lived alone, my whole apartment would be filled with velvet and lace, chandeliers, ornate mirrors, soft colors, and tiny white lights. And of course, a big cozy bed.

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!

Sources (from top to bottom): Pia Ulin, Leesa O'Reilly, ink on my fingers, Marie Claire Maison, Tobias Harvey, Twig Hutchinson, LivingEtc, Lonny, Paul Raeside, Mindre, and Barbara Davis.
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