ten images of inspiration : good on paper.

Some people just know how to make paper look mighty good. Have a fabulous weekend, you fine folks.

Sources (from top to bottom): Anne Benjamin, Mr. Boddington's Studio, pikku, Perch Paper Co., elsita, Just Vandy, Ink + Wit, bookhou, Sycamore Street Press, and Essimar.

flickr photo of the day : canon.

"At Last," by Capt. Mouffette. (See also: portfolio & blog)


Um, yes. I want. I want it bad. (£125)

thought of the day : moment.

"Opportunity," another piece of wisdom from the great Keri Smith. (See also: shop & photostream)


collections : pieces of autumn.

Just some things that make me think of autumn, my favorite season of the year. Which is now officially here!

1. Candlelit Study Dress ($87.99), 2. Brown Butterfly Tray ($198), 3. Glandore Socks (£20), 4. Repurposed Frame, Large ($28), 5. Gingham Harvest Plate ($9), 6. Twig Colored Pencil Set ($15), 7. Velvet Tub Chair ($620.93), 8. Velvet Pumpkin ($35), 9. New Color -Origami Hana Rope Necklace - Cinnamon ($43), 10. photographic print, fog 2, 6x8" ($10), 11. fall festival necklace ($45), and 12. Hand Crochet Throw (£175)


flickr photo of the day : classic.

"LIEVE" by Simon Pais.

it's true...

...I am a tad bit obsessed with the work of London-based ulala. I've noticed I post an awful lot of their products on here, but oh well- they're just too lovely. Like these collars. I want a different one for every one of my outfits. ($27)

interior inspiration : living rooms.

After finding a gorgeous antique couch alongside a busy street for free (and convincing a friend of a friend to help me get it home), I have had to move some furniture around in my living room. Once, this began, I have started trying to come up with a new look for the room itself, which means browsing through some favorite sites for inspiration. Here are eleven of my faves- let the redecorating begin!

Sources (from top to bottom): Lonny, Flickr: h4ndz, rue, Jonathan Adler, Design*Sponge: Lena Corwin, The Selby: Jamie & Anthony, Sasa Antic, Design*Sponge: Karen & James, Freunde von Freunden, The Selby: Abigail Ahern, and Design*Sponge: Hollister & Porter Hovey.


thought of the day : pjs.

"The Cat's Pajamas," one of Emily Martin's new hand-lettered typography prints. This one seriously makes me happy. ($16)


five lovely images...

...to inspire you over the weekend. I must apologize for a rather slow week here. With the transition of seasons, I am seeking new inspiration and undiscovered finds. If you have some links to share, now would be the time. Have an absolutely splendid weekend!

Above photographers/artists (from top to bottom): Anna Moller, Michelle Armas, Chris Craymer, Carl Kleiner, and Irene Suchocki.


flickr photo of the day : dahlias.

"The swerve and the static" by *Cinnamon. (See also: portfolio)

collections : ten for ten dollars.

I am not a big spender. I have kids, plenty of bills, and a deep love of thrift store finds. But $10? That I will usually do. And that's exactly how much each of the lovely items above cost.

1. Black Bear print 5x7, 2. Don't Give Up the Ship Print, 3. Vintage DECORATIVE Tin Pan, 4. Boulder Mug, 5. Crayon in Rock Chick, 6. Lady Talk, Lady Sing Paper Puppet, 7. Sweet Lime Soap, 8. RIDLEYS PIN HOLE CAMERA, 9. Wood Pen, and 10. The photographer Print 5 x 7


thought of the day : gotta let it out.

"I Can't Keep It In," a hand screen-printed notecard from Seattle's Slide Sideways. ($4.50)

ten images of inspiration : stylish men (in the streets.)

Let me tell you something: I love a dapper gentleman. In today's day and age, I find that they are few and far between, so when I spot one with an eye for style, I swoon a bit. I truly appreciate a man who will take time with his appearance and let a bit of his personality show through his style choices. Thank goodness for street style websites for giving us all a peek at these men around the world.

Sources/photos above from: Citizen Couture, The Sartorialist, Hel Looks, The Locals, Backyard Bill, Urban Weeds, and The Urban Gentleman.


why hello, weekend.

Oh, how I am glad the weekend is here. It's been a rough and tiring week. I'm looking forward to a wedding, picture-taking, my weekly work here, and a barbeque with good people. I wish you all a good one!

(above artwork by Mary Emma Hawthorne)

four new home peeks..

...that I am all over: Cynthia Lawrence-John, Hollister & Porter Hovey, Erin of Design Crisis, and Abigail Ahern. I'm ready to move in, folks!
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