flickr photo of the day : photobooths.

"I wanted to cry" by girlhula.

things i'm loving : monday evening edition.

I apologize for the delay- it is quite hot here and I have been trying to keep out of this muggy house. I hope you all had a great weekend!

1. Sian Keegan Scallion ($13), 2. Happy Toaster Pastry Necklace ($10), and 3. Matte Stephens Weather Vivian - Print ($60)

4. oval platter ($75), 5. Bird Plates ($96, set of 4), and 6. benheim apricot jam ($10)

7. Zihotch Retro Phone Watch ($79.99), 8. French Glass 'Milk' Bottle (£6.00), and 9. Bank Book Holder (Price unknown)


flickr friday : travel.

Because summertime is here and travel plans are in the air.

flickr friday : travel.

1. wish i was there, 2. La Tour Eiffel, 3. All packed!, 4. The Lore of Ships - Image III, 5. cute bakery, 6. Untitled, 7. every song i sing, i'll sing for you, 8. Disabled in love, Paris 06.jpg, 9. This is how it works in Amsterdam !, 10. the south pole as it should be, 11. Macarons Gregory Renard à la Tour Eiffel, 12. houses by the sea, 13. you can't teach an old dog new tricks, 14. cinque fishing village, 15. Untitled, 16. Cheese Shop

chalk board wall decals.

I love this idea- Chalk Board Wall Decals. They seem like they would be great for people living in apartments, since they just stick and peel off without leaving any damage. So great for to-do lists or calenders. ($58 from See Jane Work)

etsy finds of the week.

1. The Four Seasons Wall Plates from Bailey Doesn't Bark ($200), 2. Chocolate Cake Tonight on Butter Colored Tile from maizie jane ($20), and 3. words on your wrist- wooden bangle bracelet with stamped text from paloma's nest ($18)

4. Bird Nest Tea Bowl from peppa studio ($32), 5. French Clouds (Black) - Japanese Linen Blend from good-ness ($8.50), and 6. The Three Grannies. apple plush bowl fillers from La Pomme ($28.50)

7. Twill Bird Bag from oelle m. ($216), 8. Cute Original Collage - girl and bird from cabin + cub ($25), and 9. Feel Stickers from feel design ($3)

flickr photo of the day : a collection.

"Laces" by fine little day.


pattern spotting.

I have been seeing quite a few beautiful patterns around lately on all sorts of objects, linens, and artwork. I always admire a good pattern.

allyson mellberg : illustration.

I am quite sure I have seen Allyson Melberg's soft sculptures at some point, but I have only recently seen her eye-catching illustrations, found on her flickr photostream. I love the simple neutral colors and the poses of her figures.


new paper goods.

1. Sprout Boxed Notes ($12 for six), 2. Owl To-Do List ($8), 3. Chase Boys ($3.50), 4. Congratulations ($3), 5. Pan of Brownies ($5.50), 6. Jill Bliss Flower Sticky Notes ($8.95), 7. Shit, when did we get so old? ($4.25), 8. Leafy Cocoa ($14), and 9. Vera Wang Parasol Notebox ($38 for ten)

crochet pendant lamps.

Love these unique Crochet Pendant Lamps from Roost. They are beautifully designed and actually completely hand-woven. ($119 from Velocity Art & Design)

flickr photo of the day : the book.

"ode to growing older" by jamiekarosesdesign.


beautiful chocolate design.

Because, really, few things compare to really good (and beautiful) chocolates.

1. Vosges Haut-Chocolat, 2. Mast Brothers Chocolate, and 3. Alice Swiss Chocolate

4. Nendo, 5. Recchiuti Confections, and 6. Dylan's Candy Bar

7. 100% Chocolate Cafe, 8. Chocolat Moderne, and 9. chocolates from Williams Sonoma

victoria pearson.

I really like the bright and fresh images of photographer Victoria Pearson. I especially love that all her photographs are categorized by color, which I always adore.

1925 coffee & tea service.

If I were to dream up the perfect tea set, I think it would come pretty close to the "1925" coffee/tea service from Artedona. These pieces were originally designed by Christofle back in 1925 and feature stunning geometric shapes and art deco style. They are quite pricey, but so very gorgeous. ($616-$1,497 each)


flickr photo of the day : paris.

"myheartwanderedtoparis" by danske.


The fabulous Sion of Ubiki has recently added some simple, modern, and quite adorable artwork to his Etsy shop. So very, very nice. ($10-$25)

work hard.

Love this limited-edition poster designed by Anthony Burrill.

"Anthony tells us that he once heard a young boy ask his grandmother for advice on how to enjoy a long and happy life. The answer? Work hard and be nice to people."

Available at Pedlars (£145.00)

the sartorialist : summertime fashion.

Inspiring summertime fashion as seen on The Sartorialist.


beth galton.

A quick post before the weekend- I just found photographer Beth Galton and I am just so enamored with her fresh and stunning food/still life photography.

Have a great weekend everyone!

summertime artwork.

So, it's offical: today is the longest day of the year and finally the first day of summer! I must say, I am quite excited about it- it's been a long winter. So in celebration, here is some lovely summer-esque artwork.

1. Strawberry by Christina Lyon ($9), 2. Lunastrella Tricycle by John W. Golden ($30), 3. Mr Armadale by tsk tsk (AU$15.00), 4. happy sun gocco print by Matte Stevens ($22), 5. Home Sweet Home by Rosie Music ($30), 6. Yellow Lawn Chair by Danna Ray ($20), 7. the native woodland rose flower poster by Jill Bliss ($14), and 8. Sun Rays by Dora Drimalas ($40)


flickr photo of the day : paper cranes.

"WHAT'S IMPORTANT TO ME" by Snorkisnorkl.

virtual party.

Yet another adorable idea from Ez: A Virtual Party. She has asked her readers to post what they would wear and/or bring to her fabulous soiree. So sweet- I can't wait to see what people come up with!

1. Temperley London Cecily Mini Tunic ($895), 2. Leafy Barrettes ($15), 3. Bubble Clutch ($105), 4. Cappuccino French Lace Ballet Pumps (£45.00), 5. Abigail Texture Tights ($6.80), and 6. Macaron Ring (€40.00)

Oh yes, and I would definitely bring some of my cupcakes:


lara robby.

I am madly in love with these interior shots by Brooklyn photographer Lara Robby (And if you are looking to make your mouth water, take a peek at her food photography portfolio).


flickr photo of the day : quiet.

"0179" by emiliebjork.

It is going to be quieter on here this week. I am behind on way too much and have some major organization/planning to get done. Things should be back in motion soon.

things i love : monday morning edition.

1. travel pouch, kvitt ($28), 2. Lucky You! Box ($20), 3. Cup & Coaster (£25.00), 4. Macaron Necklace (€45.00), 5. Metropolitan Bistro Table ($229.99- $449.99), 6. Sweet Dream 3 Recycled Tote ($29), 7. Holly Ballerina ($390), and 8. French Heart-Shaped Sugar ($29.95)


weekend inspiration.

Her style is early summertime perfection. I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend!


flickr friday : in the kitchen.

Because it is my favorite place to spend my time.

flickr friday : in the kitchen.
1. Treat, 2. Home in the kitchen, 3. 068: 4.9.07, 4. the best kitchen colors ever, 5. 1., 6. drying the doilies, 7. my kitchen, 8. still, 1, 9. Untitled, 10. saturday fika, 11. afternoon (de)light, 12. My kitchen, 13. Untitled, 14. Kitchen Corner, 15. 51/366: Sometimes a little black board..., 16. kitchen

etsy finds of the week.

So many pretty handmade and found goodies this week!

1. sunrise-sunset soft yellow spring cocktail earrings from sprout studio ($26), 2. Notes to Grow On Set from Lizard Press ($25), and 3. French Love and L'Alcool from Cubist Literature ($23)

4. 1950s Our Hearts Beat As One Necklace from Picky Picky Designs ($15), 5. Yum Recipe Cards - Set of Twelve from Lemon Loves Paper ($7), and 6. pillow wrap - buds from yorktown road ($26)

7. High waist shorts from Little Houses ($90), 8. Eyelet lace letterpress card set from Pistachio Press ($12), and 9. the cutest teapot/ tea kettle with trees, leaves and butterflies from Modish Vintage ($29)


the art of sarah mcneil.

Lovely illustrations and handmade bird brooches by Australian artist Sarah McNeil. More from Sarah: her flickr photostream and her Etsy shop.

(Via My Folk Lover)
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